About Swift Kicks of Nazareth, Texas

         As the “busiest little village in Texas”, Nazareth is hard-pressed at spreading news to our folks regarding current and coming events. Our Post Office bulletin board and convenience store front-door are checked often, while the Holy Family Church’s Sunday bulletin (The Parish Builder) and Castro County News share news weekly.  Also, Nazareth High School students have periodically published school news but the life of a budding student-journalist is short.

         At the Greater Nazareth Community Forum conducted in January, 2005, having a community newspaper was one of the top ten priorities. This same need surfaced in the 2007 Swisher County Forum, and they responded by setting up an electronic newsletter — Swisher Currents

         This paved the way for Nazareth to gather the resources of the City, School, Church, and Peoples Bank, to follow Swisher County’s example, and Fr. Ken suggested our new e-letter be named for the School’s mascot – the swift fox.  Because the news needed the real punch of timeliness and briefness, he added a pun to the title: Swift Kicks.

          The first edition appeared with the help of our Community Intern, Allyson Hochstein, in Aug. 2008.

         Snooping-out Naz news, followed by articles, photos, and lay-out, is done with the support of the Nazareth Community Intern “du jour” and volunteers.  Mindful of those residents who are not well versed in accessing blog-sites on computers, 80 or so hard copy editions are distributed weekly at the Post Office, Peoples Bank, and Naz Stop. 


Swift Fox Photo is by Travis Olsen. 


2 Responses to About

  1. Melinda Britton says:

    Can you please add me to the weekly blog?

    • myotis9 says:

      Melinda –

      I hope you have been added to the blog. If not – you can directly subscribe to the blog through the Subscribe button on the right side of the blog.

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