March 9, 2016~Year 7, No. 118

Alas, Beauty Awaits Frost?

These beautiful blossoms of Nazareth trees and bushes are great for the cameras and the visuals, but the weather bureaus in both Amarillo and Lubbock, as well as the Farmers Almanac, say most probably any fruit is still in danger.

The record for the last freeze in our area was April 13 and the bureaus are predicting Lubbock’s last frost between April 1-10 and Amarillo’s last cold spell between April 11-20.

Although we in the area are known for our hot summers, yet oddly, the truth is that the normal daily minimum temperatures are at or below freezing for nearly one third of the year around the Panhandle. First freeze may happen in mid-October and last freezes normally occur in mid-April.

Picture1This beauty south of NISD in front of Rusty Schacher home

Picture2Bush color points to owners: Naz Fire Dept


Reaching My Goal

by Lars Schilderink

For the final steps in becoming an Eagle Scout, the Boy Scouts of America requires the scout to submit an application including references from multiple sources explaining their thoughts on why the scout would be an excellent candidate for the Eagle Scout rank. After submitting the application, the local district in Plainview contacted me to set up a time for a Board of Review. This Board is made up of at least three qualified members that will review the scout to determine the final decision if the scout should be eligible to become an Eagle Scout. They review the scout on his merit badges completed, his Eagle Project, his understanding of the Scout Oath and Law, and if he lives his life in the Scout spirit. The members of the board during my review included a woman and two men who were both Eagle Scouts. On February 21, 2016, I appeared in Plainview in front of the Board for a thirty minute interview, and they determined that I was indeed qualified to become an Eagle Scout, commenting that I had “a very impressive interview.” I have come a long way to be where I am now, an Eagle Scout, the highest rank in the Boy Scouts and an honor to carry throughout my life.

Picture3 Lars Schilderink stands on the right side of his Scout Master Bruce Schulte, along with three members of the Eagle Scout Review Team for Haynes District of the Boy Scouts of America.


Swiftettes Finish In Second

Last Weekend the Nazareth Swiftettes took on their last two games of the season in the State Tournament in San Antonio.

Their first game against  Chireno was early Thursday morning, and the Swiftettes came out with a victory of 52-29 to advance to the State Championship where they would meet Lipan for the third year in a row in the tournament.

After a rough start, the team was able to fight back and keep the score within a few points taking the lead at some points, however, the Lady Indians did not back down leading to a loss of 42-53. The Swiftettes earned second in the state in classification 1A to end their successful season.

Coach Eric Schilling on the game and season, “Not sure where to start (or end) when it comes to this group of girls. I am incredibly blessed for whatever reason to be where I am. Even after the season ending the way it did I can’t help but think about how LUCKY I am. I get to do what I love with players and coaches that have the same passion as I do which stretches far beyond the game of basketball. For me, there’s no better feeling than knowing these girls will be more than ok when their days of high school basketball are behind them. They’ve learned how to work with others, overcome adversity, be coachable and to handle failures. All of these things will stay with them the rest of their life and will help them in aspects of their life that are far greater than the game of basketball. I, along with my wife and kids, am extremely thankful for each of these girls that choose to be a part of this program! Thanks to everyone for the support! It makes days like these a lot easier when you have the support that Naz provides.”

Picture4 Swiftettes after receiving their medals

Picture5 The team was welcomed home by a celebration with family and fans


Knights of Columbus Offer Appreciation

The monthly meeting of the Knights of Columbus on Monday, March 7, was well attended as nine new members joined the ranks of this benevolent society that has been active in Nazareth since 1927.

Reports on their winter activities included renewed improvements at the Nazareth Ball Park, the Tatum Schulte Benefit Fund-raiser, hosting suppers for the WTAMU Catholic Student Center in Canyon, donations for medical expenses of members and families, and the Annual Farm Sale Auction.

The K of C expressed their appreciation to all who helped with and all who contributed to both the Tatum Team Benefit and the Farm Auction since they were very successful and may have set records for their fund-raising charity.


The St. Paddy’s Celebration at Home Merc has been moved to Sunday, March 20th from 4-6pm. TTU Set Dancers and the Caprock Ceili Band will be performing, and beef and Irish stew will be served at intermission.  Everyone is invited to come and enjoy Irish and Celtic music and traditional dancing!


ALARMS RE-SET  –  Remember time change this Sunday morning at 2 a.m. – Spring Forward

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