February 19th~Year 6, No.21

Swift Kicks: GET IT, GOT IT, GOOD!

     Your electronic newsletter for Greater Nazareth, Swift Kicks, is at a highpoint in its 8-year life.  Week after week, news briefs and photos are published on Wednesdays.  We know that more than 100 people pick-up or read on a bulletin board, the hard copies of Swift Kicks at the Post Office, Holy Family Church, Naz Stop, Peoples Bank, or Nazareth Schools.  We try our best to serve you who do not have internet connections.

However, for you with computers, look for our new Swift Kicks blog.  To do so, just paste this URL into your Internet brower:  https://nazarethswiftkicks.wordpress.com/

So far we’ve gotten 738 views, with a high on Feb. 5 of 111 views.  “But I always forget to go look at the blog,” you might say. However, there is an easy remedy.  Send your email address (or any friend or relative’s) to Darcy Schulte at one of these addresses: darcyschulte@gmail.com or nazarethswiftkicks@gmail.com  She will add you to the list with almost 200 email addresses.  Each week, Darcy sends out a short email about the newly published Swift Kicks blog, along with a link.  When it appears in your inbox, you have your weekly reminder to do is click on the link.  No matter where you are or where you live, keep up with news “kicks” about Nazareth.

K of C Farm Auction

Farm sale“The turnout was as good as the weather,” reported Alan Birkenfeld,   organizer for the February 16th Farm Auction held by the Knights of Columbus.  This auction benefits the club’s assistance to local  needs. Organizers contracted with 5-Star Auctioneers to handle the selling, while the Knights sold refreshments of German Sausage wraps. The group had to  restock twice the refreshment tent and the auctioneers had finally to call the sale when sunset occurred.

Exact numbers of participants and profits have not been calculated yet, but Birkenfeld indicated that it was similar to past Benefit Auctions in the neighborhood of $10,00-12,000.  More items were up for sale this year but not as many high-priced ticket items.

The Knights of Columbus thank all who participated and bought items, as well as all the community members who donated farm sale equipment.


           Stock Show winners from the Nazareth FFA program under Mr. Austin Heck made sale and celebrated with their families the highpoint of this year’s Stock Show in Ft. Worth, February 4-8th.  Anna Huseman had 8th Place, Caitlin Kleman a 9th Place, Kaci Kleman also 9th Place, Lexie Huseman a 4th Place, Kade Kleman being the big winner from Nazareth with Breed Champion, and Kaden Hatla with a 4th Place.  More results and photos will follow in coming days as other Texas Stock Shows announce winners throughout the state.

ft worth winners

Certainly, Congratulations go out though to Kade Kleman & family for the champion shorthorn at Ft. Worth 2014 – winner sold with Adam Potts.

News Flash: SWIFTS 54-41 and SWIFTETTES:76-60

swiftettes.jpg trophy Swifts Bi-district Champs


ryan kyle

Nazareth alumni do all kinds of activities when they go off to college, some to carry on with sports or hobbies they began as youngsters.  Ryan Birkenfeld has been a member of the Texas A&M Stock Horse Team since he enrolled in 2011.  Ryan’s brother, Kyle, was also a member of the Stock Horse Team before he graduated in December, and their sister, Haley, has recently been announced as a member of the 2014 team.  The Department of Animal Science at Texas A&M University began the program in 2006 to focus on the ever-growing segment of the horse industry known as the stock horses or ranch horses. The program is designed to teach students the principles of training and showing horses in stock horse competitions. with the emphasis always on learning and improving the student’s riding and training skills.

Also, Congratulations to Terrell Heard for placing 10th high individual in the carload judging contest. His Blinn Livestock Judging Team won both the livestock judging contest and carload contest. He is the son  Ashley Heard and Jaime Heard.



Glen Waldo, superintendent of Sunray ISD, has been named as the lone finalist to become superintendent of Nazareth ISD. The board of trustees will officially hire Mr. Waldo after the required 21 day waiting period. He will most likely be on duty here March 17.


A Health Clinic that will check your Blood Pressure is scheduled for each Wednesday, starting Feb. 26th, at 10 a.m. in the Senior Citizens.  Angela Lucero, R.N., of Odyssey Health Care will help you.  Call Jan at 681-5646 for information.

 The Nazareth Ballpark Committee is replacing all the outfield advertising signs.  There are still several that need to be sold.  If you or your business would like to purchase a sign, please contact Vanessa Welps at 627-4412.  The cost is $300 for a three year period.  We also have less expensive options, and will gladly accept any donations to help toward improvements.

NISD student, David Rodriguez, won a competition at Tulsa Welding School whose representative stands at left.  David will be attending TWS in July.

David Rodriguez

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2 Responses to February 19th~Year 6, No.21

  1. Robert & Katherine Fisher says:

    I do not know how to contact you any other way but through this.

    Why are we time after time being dropped from circulation of Nazareth Swift Kicks?? Where is the 11/19/14 edition?

    In the past, we have been dropped, BY NO fault of ours, at least 3 times. One time recently, we had one edition and then we were dropped. Is there something wrong with your software? Please see to it that we are not dropped in the future!

    Thank You and God Bless.


    Bob & Katherine Fisher

    • myotis9 says:

      Robert and Katherine – Thank you for contacting us. There should be nothing wrong with the WordPress software. The young ladies who post the blog every week have taken some time off during this year. Hopefully, you will start receiving the blog updates on a more regular basis from here on. If you continue to experience problems please contact us again or let Father Ken know directly. We always want to ensure you and everyone else receives the Swiftkicks editions!

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