June 20, 2018 ~ Year 10, No. 41

Boy’s State

From June 10th – 15th, Bryson High and Tristan Nelson attended Boys State in Austin, Texas. There they expanded their knowledge about the government process. Participants were shown the duties and responsibilities of a franchised citizen. They also ran for positions in city, county, and state governments that were elected by the students. As they tried to run for some of these positions, they learned that it was not as easy as it seemed to campaign. It matters on how you present yourself to those voting. “It was a lot of early mornings and late nights but I learned a lot to help me later in life,” High said.
A Trip to Washington D.

This past week Emily Heitschmidt and Blakely Gerber travelled to Washington D.C. in the NCREA Youth Tour. June 6th and 7th were spent in Austin and from the 8th through the 14th they were in Washington D.C. They were able to visit many places such as the Capitol, the Washington Monument, the Smithsonian, and the White House. Throughout the entire week they walked a total of 80 miles. “My favorite place we got to visit was the Newseum because they had an FBI exhibit there and we got to read about the investigations that went on after 9/11,” Gerber said.

Salutatorian Speech: Garrison Kleman

Before I begin, I would like to make a few thank you’s. That way I can dramatically walk off at the end of this speech. First I would like to thank the faculty and staff of Nazareth ISD. It has truly been a long 12 years, and I’m sure they’ve not been the easiest. Next I want to thank everyone in the community who has kept a careful eye on us growing up. Nazareth is a special place where that kind of action is an everyday occurrence and has truly helped develope us into who we are. Finally, I thank our families and especially our parents. Without you we are nothing. Now I congratulate all of my classmates on making it to this point. We thought this day would never come and now it’s here. Through year after year of growing together we have learned a lot, I know I certainly have. Looking back now, I can remember three very distinct lessons I have picked up over the years that I would like to share today.

First, “just keep swimming.” I remember the first time I ever watched “Finding Nemo.” The entire adventure of Marlin finding his son was an epic tale that is absolutely iconic. However, there is one part of the movie in particular that has never really carried any weight until I was older. Marlin and Dory just barely make it out alive from being chased down by Bruce the behemoth of a Great White, whenever Dory drops the only thing tying them to Nemo’s known location, a pair of swimming goggles. As they drop down into the darkest part of a ravine, Marlin hurries after them only to swim back up out of fear moments later. In a very nonchalant manner, Dory makes her way down into the abyss. She stops at Marlin and offers him the simple advice to just keep swimming. You see, Marlin’s fear of the unknown depths very quickly made him lose sight of something incredibly important to him, his son. It seemed trivial in this animated film, but we do the exact same thing every single day. We fear what we don’t know so much that we allow it to dictate our actions to the point where we simply alter the course of our entire lives to remain in what is comfortable. We become so fixated on the negative aspects of “What if?” that we fail to realize just how much better our lives might become if we press on. Fear can be a powerful tool that either sharpens our senses or stops us completely, but ultimately we have the final decision in how we allow that fear to work in our lives. I’m not saying we should all go careening into every major decision that comes into our lives without regard for the actual consequences, but what I am saying is that we shouldn’t allow worry to distort our perception of risk and reward. Instead we must look on with clear eyes to better understand the path that has been laid out before us.

My second source of inspiration comes from Bruce Lee. In an interview he gave, he told the interviewer that he believes one should be like water. He said water is formless, it can fill anything you place it in perfectly. It has the ability to be gentle and flowing, or it can crash. According to Lee, water is a force of a different kind. Now I’m not saying that you need to be like water. If you want to, go for it, but I’m pretty sure he was talking about karate or something. However, it is absolutely imperative that you decide to be like something.  In our modern day world, the tides of change are constantly shifting and if you stand for nothing then there is no telling what you’ll fall for. For those of you wondering, well how do I decide what to be? It is the simplest thing in the world. Be you. Have you ever looked up some of the pictures that the Hubble Space Telescope has taken? While some of them look like vast expanses of black sprinkled with bright pinpoints of light, the most breathtaking images in our galaxy can be found by this single piece of equipment. Looking upon fields of pinks, purples, reds, greens, and oranges, we begin to understand the complex beauty of what makes up our universe. In the thick of these clouds I imagine it is impossible to fully see everything that is there, but from our unique perspective hundreds of light years away we can take in every inch of it for all that it is worth. In the same way, each and every person on this planet is constructed. Made up of billions and trillions of tiny cells we are wonders of creation. While we exist within our own bodies it can be difficult to fully grasp that idea but from the outside looking in it is entirely evident to those willing to see it. When you find those people willing to see who you are, hold them close because they will help carry you for the rest of your life, but until you do, be you because in every situation you find yourself in that is one principle that matters to nobody else. If you choose to sit and wait for someone else to recognize the greatness in you then you’ll end up unhappy and with nothing but wasted time to show for it. Take your situation by the reins and make the most of it by being the most authentic version of yourself. Never let those around you dictate what you should do or shame you into changing who you are, be you.

The final piece of inspiration comes from an unlikely place considering how I absolutely loathe poetry in its entirety. A poem written by Dylan Thomas piqued my interest the Friday night after our homecoming football game. I was sitting in bed watching my favorite movie, Interstellar, whenever one of the characters, Dr. Brand, starts to speak. He recites lines from this poem that read, “Do not go gentle into that goodnight / Old age should burn and rage at the close of day; / Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” If I had heard it at any other time my next thought probably would’ve never come to mind, but fresh off the field I couldn’t help but wonder. Our homecoming game against Ropes was a long drawn out struggle for victory. At one point, Coach Stanaland called us together and gave us an adrenaline inducing speech. In it he told us that by the end of the game we should be leaving in exhaustion otherwise we failed to do our jobs properly. Remembering this I applied that logic to this poem. If good ‘ole Mr. Thomas had done his job properly then truthfully he should not have had enough energy at the close of day to rage, rage against the dying of the light. The same can be thought of in our lives. It’s often been said that those on their death beds only regret the things they didn’t do. The time they didn’t spend pursuing their passion, the opportunities they failed to take out of fear, and most importantly their overlooking of time they could have spent with the ones they love. All of these and more tend to rush past us because our perceived invincibility in the moment and the routine belief that tomorrow will bring a fresh opportunity, another chance, and the continued ticking of the clock towards that close of day. We place too much trust in the hope that goodnight comes after a long life of trials and tribulations, but all too often we are shown the stark reality that goodnight is unpredictable. So I challenged myself. What if right now I recognize the dying of the light and instead of living in a paralyzed fear of that, I choose to confront it head on by living every second I am given on God’s green earth to the fullest. With this in mind I look to the future not with uncertainty but with a plan. While I cannot possibly know exactly what the future holds, I do know for a fact that I will take on whatever is given to me with a vigor never before seen, simply because of my decision to recognize the dying of the light not as something to be chased after when it is too late but rather as a challenge today to see just how fully I can live my life. That way I can rest easy knowing I left nothing up to chance.

I apologize if the words I have said today leave a sobering impact on you. I realize that graduation speeches are meant to be filled with fond memories of the past and a shining outlook on the future, but after heavy thinking, I realized I just could not do that. My final words today I direct towards my classmates, but I hope every person here takes something from them. I hope that every day from here on out you choose to just keep swimming and that you never let the fear of the unknown stop you, I pray that you choose to be something, be good, be kind, be courageous, and be you, and I trust that you will not go gentle into that goodnight but rage, rage against the dying of the light.

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June 13, 2018 ~ Year 10, No. 40

Island Adventure:

This year Vacation Bible School took place from Sunday the 10th through Wednesday the 13th. It began every evening at 5:45 and lasted until 8:45. A total of 97 incoming Pre-K through 6th grade kids attended this year’s VBS. Each day the kids went through 5 different stations that included bible story, creation station, snack station, games, and music. This year’s theme was Shipwrecked: Jesus Rescues. During the week, kids were reminded that no matter the situation, Jesus is there to rescue them. Each day the kids would create crafts such as picture frames and sail boats, learn new songs and dance moves, play water games, and listen to stories about Jesus and his life on Earth. At the end of the week, the kids performed the song they were assigned and enjoyed delicious hamburgers at the community hall.

Baccalaureate Speech: Leilanni Cordova

I would like to start out by congratulating the 8th graders. I am excited to watch each and every one of you excel in high school. Throughout these next four years you will make memories that will last a lifetime. Do not be afraid to be yourself. Being in high school means that you have the opportunity to learn who you are and what you are meant to be. Take chances and try new things. Find your real friends and keep them close because they are going to help you get through the tough times but also be there when life is going great.

Now to the class of 2018, life can go by in a blink of an eye and we can easily forget about the blessings life has given us. As you go into the next chapter in your life, remember who you are, where you came from, and who was with you along the way. I am sad that I am here saying goodbye to you today, but I am proud of all of you for chasing your dreams. But always remember what Tim McGraw said, “when you get where you’re going, don’t forget to turn back around.”

Summer Reading Program:

It is not too late to take your children to the annual summer reading program. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. the library is open to the kids who enjoy reading and making fun activities. Their most recent book was Little Fox’s Surprise and to go along with the story they made paper plate foxes. The program ends August 2nd. For more information contact Hallie Kleman.

Adventures Outside of Texas:

This past week a few students from Nazareth went on the Washington D.C. and New York trip. They spent three days in Washington D.C. and two days in New York. While in the D.C. area they visited the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Arlington National Cemetery, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Mount Vernon, and the Capitol Building. During the second part of the trip, they went to New York. There they visited the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, the Statue of Liberty, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Ellis Island, and watched Aladdin the Broadway show.

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May 30, 2018~Year 10, No. 38

Class of 2018

Friday, May 25, the class of 2018 from Nazareth High School walked the stage and received their diploma. The twenty-five students started the ceremony with the Salutatorian address by Garrison Kleman and the Valedictorian address by Laci Backus. Nikki Wethington gave the commencement speech and presented scholarships.

Congratulations to these students and good luck in the future!

Garrett Annen                                  Garrison Kleman

Laci Backus                                          Traytan McLain

Kinzi Cleavinger                                Tristan McLain

Christen Damron                              Tristan McLaurin

Riley Durbin                                        Jake Nelson

Hydie Dyer                                          Hattie Robb

Shelby Espenson                              Landon Robb

Katherine Fulkerson                       Mike Schilderink

Slade Gerber                                     Kamryn Schulte

Eric Heitschmidt                                Natalie Schulte

Anna Huseman                                 Tate Schulte

Faithe Huseman                               Shailee Wilhelm

Caitlin Kleman


Memorial Day

On Monday, May 28, members of the community gathered for the annual Memorial Day mass and blessing of soldiers’ graves.

The celebration included the twenty-one gun salute, taps, and a meal for veterans and their families at the American Legion building.


Joe Venhaus

Joe Venhaus, 75, of Nazareth, Texas passed away on Tuesday, May 22, 2018 in Dimmitt, Texas. Mass of Christian Burial was held on Saturday, May 26, 2018 at 10:00AM in the Holy Family Catholic Church in Nazareth with Rev. Bhaskar Adusupalli and Deacon Bob Birkenfeld as co-celebrant.

Joe Venhaus was born on June 12, 1942 in Happy, Texas, to Paul Venhaus and Lillian (Birkenfeld) Venhaus. Joe was a lifetime resident of Nazareth. He was a farmer and a rancher in Nazareth for many years. Joe was a lifelong member of Holy Family Catholic Church and a member of Knights of Columbus. Earlier in life he served his country while serving in the United States Army. Joe enjoyed attending baseball games and watching horse racing, two of his greatest hobbies.

Joe Venhaus is survived by 2 brothers, Greg Venhaus and wife Mary Lou of Amarillo and Harold Venhaus and wife Kay of Nazareth, 3 sisters, Eileen Gerber of Lubbock, Nelita Wilson and husband Robert of Farmington, New Mexico, and Analeen Lane and husband Smitty of Shallowater along with numerous nieces and nephews.

Joe was preceded in death by his parents and 1 sister, Janelle Hutson.


State Competitions

The last weeks of school were busy for those who advanced to the state tennis meet and state speaking events.

Doubles partners Jake Gerber and Slade Gerber, and Kamryn Schulte and April Schmucker, were state champions in the boys’ and girls’ doubles. Partners Christen Damron and Traytan McLain, and Cambrie Heiman and Tristan McLain, earned third place in the mixed doubles competition.

Maggie Nelson competed in informative speaking, Dylan Howell and Ryan Heitschmidt competed in Prose, and Bree Cornett competed in Poetry. Cornett placed fifth at the state meet.

Congratulations on all these achievements!

Community Announcements

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School will be held on June 10-14. Please register your children before then. Gladys Fortenberry will have a Safe Environment training for all adult volunteers on Wednesday, May 30, at 6:30 at the CCD building.

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May 23, 2018~Year 10, No. 37

2018 Baccalaureate Mass

The 2018 Baccalaureate mass was held on Sunday, May 20, at Holy Family Parish. The thirteen eighth graders and twenty-five seniors celebrated the event with their families and the community.

Congratulations to the seniors and good luck to the eighth grade!

Eighth Grade Class

Bliss Betzen (daughter of Cameron & Emily Betzen)

Makenzy Corrales (daughter of Efrain & Marisol Corrales)

Michael Crank (son of Brian & Amy Conyers)

Addie Dyer (daughter of Scott & Kara Dyer)

Trent Gerber (son of Norman & Stacy Gerber)

Boston Jones (granddaughter of Roger & Sherry Jones)

Isamar Juarez (daughter of Roel Guerrero & Antonia Chagoya)

Landry Kleman (son of Brad & Ashley Kleman)

Tagan Ramsey (son of Bryan & Tracy Ramsey)

Cesario Rodriguez (son of Francisco & Veronica Rodriguez)

Alexis Schacher (daughter of Joey Schacher & Dene Morgan)

Dayson Schacher (son of Derrick & Tausha Schacher)

Brett Young (son of Steve & Wendy Young)

Seniors of 2018

Garrett Annen– football helmet (son of Mac & Lesly Annen)

Laci Backus– journalism plaque (daughter of Ricky & Crystal Backus)

Kinzi Cleavinger– basketball state plaque (daughter of Cody & Cassie Cleavinger)

Christen Damron– pom-pom (daughter of Shane & Sheryl Damron)

Riley Durbin– San Antonio banner (daughter of Curtis & Leigh Durbin)

Hydie Dyer– Houston trophy (daughter of Dustin & Latrice Dyer)

Shelby Espenson– rodeo back number (daughter of Kirt & Jodi Espenson)

Katherine Fulkerson– dictionary (daughter of John & Angela Fulkerson)

Slade Gerber– tennis medal (son of K’Lynn Gerber)

Eric Heitschmidt– tambourine (son of Roy & Diane Heitschmidt)

Anna Huseman– steer halter (daughter of Paul & Edith Huseman)

Faithe Huseman– track spikes (daughter of Scott & Cindy Huseman)

Caitlin Kleman– cross country plaque (daughter of Joe & Dana Kleman)

Garrison Kleman– FFA jacket (son of Brad & Ashley Kleman)

Traytan McLain– football (son of Benny & Patti McLain)

Tristan McLain– golf club (son of Benny & Patti McLain)

Tristan McLaurin– senior plaque (son of Lisa McLaurin & Shawn Foxworth)

Jake Nelson– Houston trophy (son of Justin & Tami Nelson)

Hattie Robb– horse judging banner (daughter of Lonnie & Tracie Robb)

Landon Robb– duck decoy (son of Larry & Cyrrila Robb)

Mike Schilderink– welding helmet (son of Laurens & Ilona Schilderink)

Kamryn Schulte– tennis racket (daughter of Doyle & LaDawn Schulte)

Natalie Schulte– UIL plaque (daughter of Stan & Shelley Schulte)

Tate Schulte– baseball glove (son of Heath & Nicole Schulte)

Shailee Wilhelm– agronomy plaque (daughter of Cassidy Wilhelm & Austin Dunn)


Kevin Lilley

Kevin Klaas Lilley, 26, of Nazareth, passed away on Tuesday, May 15, 2018.

Kevin was born on April 17, 1992 in Dimmitt to Johnny and Swany Lilley. He graduated from Nazareth High School in May of 2011. After graduation he went to Tulsa Welding School and received his welding certification. He worked at the Top of Texas Cotton Gin. Kevin enjoyed shooting his guns, horseback riding in the mountains, playing canasta and dominoes. He was always good to people and had a friendly heart.

He is preceded in death by his brother: Keean Lee Lilley.

He is survived by his wife; Sadie Lilley of Nazareth, his baby girl on the way, his father and step-mother; Johnny and Melody Lilley, his mother and step-father; Swany and Rod Hales and his sisters; Jennifer Medrano and Charlene Cappadona.


Community Announcements

Band Concert

The end-of-year band concert will be held on Thursday, May 24, at 6:00.

Early Release

Nazareth ISD will not have school Monday, May 21, and will release at 2:00 on May 24-25.

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May 16, 2018~Year 10, No. 36

Students Participate in Science Fair

On Monday, May 14, the sixth and seventh grade students from Nazareth High School hosted a science fair in the cafeteria. Each student picked a topic to conduct an experiment about. They created a hypothesis, conducted the experiment and collected and interpreted the data. They also researched other scientists and displayed the topics they had studied in class.

Baseball Season Comes to a Close

The 2018 Swift Baseball season ended with a three game series against New Home on May 10-11. The Swifts won the first game, 6-5, but lost the last two, 0-10 and 11-3.

Congratulations on a great season!!



Kaden Cleavinger


Luke Betzen


Traytan McLain


Tate Schulte

Student Runs at State Track

Sophomore Eric Hill advanced to the State track meet held on Saturday, May 12. Hill competed in the 400 meter dash. He placed fifth with a time of 52.34 seconds.

Congratulations on this achievement!


FFA Students Compete at Area Speaking

The students at Nazareth ISD competed at the Area FFA speaking contest. They won single teacher speaking sweepstakes from 1A-6A. Congratulations on a great Area competition!!

Extemperous speaking – 

Garrison Kleman first ( state qualifier)

Senior prep.

Plant science – Maggie Nelson first ( state qualifier)

Natural Resources –

Garrison Kleman first ( state qualifier)

Molly Johnson 3rd

Animal science –

Kari Schulte 3rd

Grace Huseman 8th

Ag policy-

Chandler Schulte 6th

Agribusiness –

Emily Heitschmidt 3rd

Ag technology and Communication-

Bryson High 9th

Soils Stewardship –

Emily Heitschmidt 8th

Junior Prep-

Kari Schulte 3rd

Community Announcements

2018 Baccalaureate

The 2018 baccalaureate mass will be on Sunday, May 20, at 9:15. Everyone is invited to attend.

Elementary Track Meet

The elementary track meet will be Friday, May 18, at 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Band Concert

The end-of-year band concert will be held on Thursday, May 24, at 6:00.

Early Release

Nazareth ISD will not have school Monday, May 21, and will release at 2:00 on May 24-25.

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May 9, 2018~Year 10, No. 35

2018 May Crowning

On Sunday, May 6, Holy Family Catholic Church hosted the 74th annual May Crowning. This year’s May Queen was Laci Backus. Her pages were Kin Welps and Crew McLarty, and Drew Bennet carried her train. Gemma Pohlmeier was the crown bearer; Kambyl McLarty was the rosary bearer.

Katherine Fulkerson, Caitlin Kleman, and Hydie Dyer were the maids of honor. Their pages were Barrett Brockman, Benjamin Fulkerson, Cooper Schulte, Rhett Ethridge, Oren Welps and Sy Welps.

Attendants included Anna Huseman, escorted by Landon Robb, Faithe Huseman, escorted by Garrison Kleman, and Kamryn Schulte, escorted by Slade Gerber.

The court also included candle bearer Hallie Kleman, rose bearer Amy Schilderink, and bible bearer Tobie Peterson.


Kylar Clark Memorial

On Monday, May 7, the junior class at Nazareth High School dedicated a section by the cafeteria as the Humble and Kind Pocket Park in memory of Kylar Clark. Monday marked two years since Kylar’s death.

Senior Mike Schilderink took on the project of building the pocket park as his Eagle Boy Scout Project.


Students Win National Music Competition

On Friday, May 4, Alexis Foxworth, a seventh grader, and Ainsley Shultz, a sixth grader, competed at the Greater Southwest Music Festival held in Amarillo at the Civic Center. Foxworth sang “Walkin’ After Midnight” by Patsy Cline, and Shultz played “Come Thou Fount.” They competed against students from various schools, including some from Washington D.C. and New York. Foxworth and Shultz both placed first in their solo divisions.

Congratulations to Alexis and Ainsley on their fantastic performances!


Ainsley Shultz


Alexis Foxworth

State UIL Competitors

Last weekend, seven Nazareth High School students traveled to Austin to compete at the State level in the UIL academic competitions. Emily Heitschmidt competed in News and Ready Writing, Emily Dyer competed in Feature and Ready Writing and Laci Backus competed in News Writing. Katherine Fulkerson, Ryan Heitschmidt, Kristi McAlister, and Maddie Gfeller competed in spelling. Emily Heitschmidt placed fifth in News, and Emily Dyer placed second in Ready Writing.

Congratulations on all your hard work!


Boy Scouts Enjoy Activities

Nazareth Cub Scout Pack #265 recently went on a two night camping trip to Caprock Canyon State Park.  The boys learned to prepare meals with minimal inputs, especially water, over a charcoal fired grill.  While there, they went hiking, swimming, fishing, and paddle boating. The boys were able to discover the diverse ecosystem that the Park has to offer.  The Pack plans on making the trip an annual occasion the first weekend in May and hopes to encourage other young boys to join the Scouts for fun educational adventures.

Earlier this month, they launched rockets that each Scout had received at the beginning of the year as part of the enrollment process.  Six rockets were launched with an average height of 800-1000 feet. Of those six, the Scouts were able to recover five with a couple not being found until the next day.  The rockets were constructed from a kit and Rowan Shultz provided the launch pad and ignitor.




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May 2, 2018~Year 10, No. 34

Youth Concert

On Sunday, April 29, twenty young musicians displayed their talent in the community recital. The students played a range of instruments, from piano to flute to guitar to violin. Good job on your hard work and fantastic performances!

Daniel Schacher– Ode to Joy, Forrest Drums

Ainsley Shultz– Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing, Minute

Cassidy Beck– Grand Central Station, Chason, The Rainbow Connection, Wedding Tarantella

Copper Farris- Mary Had a Little Lamb, Amazing Grace

Kate Brockman- Persian Market, The Animal Band

Madison Brockman- Waltzing Elephants, Gather Your People

Jentri Birkenfield- Long, Long Ago, Chant Arabe, Go Tell Aunt Rhody

Chloe Birkenfeld- Minuet, Gabotte

Chambre Clawson –Tomorrow, Dragon Hunt

Samantha Fulkerson- Auld Lang Syne, ?????

Harley Gerber –Ave Maria, Theme from Swan Lake

Rowan Shultz- Elgar’s Find, Trumpet Voluntary

Sara Prins- Spring, Rain Dance

Anna Prins-Your Friend

Jessi Acker -Almost Like A Dream

Dayson Schacher- Silent Night, Guitars of Seville

Brynli Schilling- Pop Goes the Weasel, Rusty Old Bike

Tanner Wethington; Dayson Schacher

Brett Heitschmidt; Lydia Schacher:

Amazing Love; Hold Us Together, Holiness; Other Selections

Kate; Madison Brockman- Rain, Rain

Jessi Acker; Carolyn Evers- Old Castles

Tanner Wethington Steel Guitar Rag

Cassidy Beck; Carolyn Evers- My Heart Will Go On, Edelweliss

Garrison Kleman– Perfect/Pachelbel’s Canon


Chloe Birkenfeld on violin


Dayson Schacher on piano


Anna Prins on piano


Brett Heitschmidt, Dayson schacher, Lydia Schacher, and Tanner Wethington on guitar


Samantha Fulkerson on flute

Nazareth Athletics

The last week has been busy for the students in Nazareth athletics. The Swifts faced the Kress Kangaroos in the last district baseball game of the season. The Swifts won, 18-7, and their first bi-district games will be against Shamrock at Dumas on Friday, May 4.

The track teams competed at the Regional meet last Friday and Saturday. Eric Hill has advanced to the state meet in the 400 meter dash held on May 12.

Tuesday, April 24, the golf teams competed at the Regional meet. The boys’ team finished 5th place and barely missed a place at state by nine strokes. Traytan McLain placed 7th, Tristan McLain placed 17th, Tristan Nelson and Aidan Moore tied for 38th, and Brayden Dyer placed 76th. Emily Dyer placed 20th in the girls’ individuals.

Congratulations to all athletes for their work and good luck to the baseball team!

Nazareth FFA

The dairy cattle judging team competed at the State event held Thursday, April 26. They placed fifteenth as a team. Junior Brady Robb placed twelfth  as an individual. The team also included Senior Mike Schilderink, Junior Dylan Howell, Sophomore Amy Schilderink, Freshman Ryan Heitschmidt and Sophomore Ozzy Mansanales. Congratulations on your hard work and an amazing year!

Community Announcements

74th May Crowning

The 74th May Crowning mass will be Sunday, May 6, at 3:00. Everyone is invited to attend.

Youth Job Opportunity

The Holy Family Parish is taking applications for an internship for the “Paw Prints” newspaper. We need a dedicated student to apply for editor. You must have good writing skills, be able to interview others, have excellent computer skills and be able to handle your time efficiently. Come by the Rectory Office to pick up an application. Salary will be discussed at the interview. Only one intern will be chosen.

Youth Gathering

The last youth gathering for the 2017-18 school year will be Sunday, May 6, after the May Crowning mass.

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