July 19, 2017~Year 9, No. 49

Change in School Calendar

This year, a few of the mandatory state-wide STAAR tests are scheduled for May 14-17. On the previously adopted schedule, May 14-18 was the last week of school. In order to avoid having students testing on the last week of school, the school year has been moved back a week. The first day of school will be August 23, and the last day will be May 25.

We will get out early on December 22 to start Christmas break and return January 8. Another change from last year is that all home football games will be on Thursdays instead of Fridays. Homecoming is September 7, and the homecoming pep rally will be on Wednesday. That week, CCD classes will be on Tuesday, September 5.


23 Attend State Convention

On July 8, twenty-three high schoolers from the Nazareth FFA chapter traveled to Corpus Christi to attend the State FFA Convention. The convention was filled with awards, music, dancing and service.

Aside from the regular meetings and activities, the convention held many opportunities for the teens. Monday, July 10, the chapter earned community service hours by helping to clean the beach. They enjoyed an Aaron Watson concert on Tuesday and a dance on Thursday night with over 7,000 FFA members.

On Wednesday, twelve from Nazareth received their Lone Star Degree. The Lone Star Degree is the highest award at the state level. To earn this degree, applicants must follow a set of guidelines, such as be an active member for two years, have twenty-five community service hours and invest money and time into an FFA activity, among other requirements. Recipients from Nazareth were Riley Durbin, Hydie Dyer, Anna Huseman, Faithe Huseman, Caitlin Kleman, Garrison Kleman, Ellen Schilderink, Tate Schulte and Eric Heitschmidt. Three others who earned their degrees but were absent include Alee Christian, Shelby Espenson, and Mike Schilderink.


Emily Heitschmidt and Aaron Watson


The Nazareth Chapter



Lone Star Degree Recipients


Community Announcements

Canned Food Drive

Starting July 22, the We Care Food Pantry will be having a canned food drive. The food drive will go on for three weeks, July 22, July 29 and August 2. Throughout these weeks, we ask for canned foods and also peanut butter jars. There will be boxes in the back of church to place the items in. After the three weeks are over, the cans and jars will be brought to the food pantry to be distributed there. Thanks in advance!

Faith Formation Conference

The annual faith formation conference will be held August 5. The deadline to sign up is July 20. All catechists and church leaders are urged to attend this informative and spiritual meeting on discipleship following Christ. Please call Gladys at (806) 945-2519 to get registered.


Summer Band Schedule

Summer band will begin August 1. Please note the practice times below that will affect you.

August 1, 2, 3

Marching                                               8:30-10:00 a.m.

Full Rehearsal                                      10:30-11:30 a.m.

Sectionals              Low Brass                                             11:30-12:00

Saxophone/French Horn                   12:00-12:30

Trumpet                                                12:30-1:00

Percussion                                             1:00-1:30

Clarinet                                                  1:30-2:00

Flutes                                                      2:00-2:30


August 8, 9, 10

Sectionals              Low Brass                                             11:30-12:00

Saxophone/French Horn                    12:00-12:30

Trumpet                                                 12:30-1:00

Percussion                                             1:00-1:30

Clarinet                                                  1:30-2:00

Flutes                                                     2:00-2:30

Full Rehearsal/Marching                                                   2:30-4:00


August 17, 18

Full Rehearsal/Marching                    1:00-3:00


August 21

Meet the Swifts (Performance)         8:00 p.m.


New T-ball Field

This summer, a new t-ball field was built for the summer league baseball players. Pre-kindergarteners through first graders use the t-ball field.

The land was donated by the estate of Leroy and Dorothy Pohlmeier and fencing materials were donated by People’s Bank. There was enough land to build a t-ball field and a little league field in the future. The park was built by members of the ball park committee and community members: John and Vanessa Welps, Marcus and Celina Brockman, Shane and Tanya Ethridge, Kit and Kira Schulte, and Mitchell and Lindsey Brockman.


Children on the new t-ball field

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