June 28, 2017~Year 9, No. 46

2017 German Fest and Suds & Sounds

This year, German Fest will be held on July 8. The festival starts at 9:00 with a playa tour and continues to 5:00. Activities include an arts a crafts show, children’s games, a flag retirement ceremony, a German sausage dinner, wine tasting and a car show. Plates for the sausage dinner are $8 for children and $12 for adults. The meal will include sausage, German potatoes, sauerkraut, green beans, fresh fruit and German chocolate cake.

The live music at the Biergarten will begin at 1:30 p.m., and will include performances from C.R. Beedy, Logan Robb, Steven Birkenfeld and Tom Kern and family. Barbeque sandwiches will be served at 5:30 and will benefit the Future of Nazareth fund.

Suds & Sounds will be held at the Nazareth Ballpark, and the gates open at 5:00. Entrance fees are $30 per person. There will be live bands and a 2400 square foot wooden dance floor. The two headliner bands are Shane Smith & The Saints and Flatland Cavalry. Other bands performing include Nazareth’s own Mason Kleman & The Ace of Spades Band, Drake Hayes and the Tommy Gallagher Band.

The music will start at 6:00, and trailers and campers are welcome. However, the ballpark needs to be cleared by 8:00 a.m. the next morning for cleanup. There will be a 3:00 a.m. in-vehicle curfew enforced.

Lodging in the area for visitors include the Yellow Rose Inn in Nazareth, the Executive Inn in Tulia and the Executive Inn in Dimmitt.


Shane Smith & The Saints


Flatland Cavalry


Swiftettes Start the Summer Strong

On June 22-24, the 2017-2018 junior varsity and varisty Swiftette teams attended a basketball tournament at Lubbock Christian Univeristy. They played six games on Thursday and Friday. The varsity and junior varsity teams both went undefeated into the overtime tournament.

The junior varisty advanced to the second round in the overtime tournament before losing and being eliminated. The varsity lost in the first overtime round.

On Saturday, the teams competed in another tournament against teams in the division. The junior varsity defeated Lubbock High but lost to Friendship in the semifinals. The varsity played against the TCA Titans and Seminole and won the championship game against Roosevelt.

Picture3Members of the Swiftette team

Summer Reading

Every Monday and Wednesday during the summer, students can listen to a story and complete an activity. The program starts at 9:00 and goes to 11:30. The meetings will continue until the end of July.

This year, Abby Schmucker is in charge of the library reading program. Volunteers read to the students and Abby creates activities that correspond with the books.

On June 26, students read the books “What Do You Do With a Problem?” and “My Name is Not Alexander”.  They then used their problem solving skills to find the best way to blow up giant balloons with one breath.

When students complete the necessary steps, such as book reports, they receive an ice cream sundae.



Summer Basketball Camp

Coach Eric Schilling will be hosting a small group basketball camp for 2nd-7th graders on July 17-20. Forms can be found on the Nazareth Athletics facebook page, and are due by July 14th. Everyone in these grades are encouraged to attend.


Celebrating Years of Service

Dora Espinosa, Banking Officer and Teller Supervisor at Nazareth, has been an employee of People’s Bank for eleven years. This week marks her anniversary of joining the company.

Congratulations and thank you for your dedication to serving our community.


Nazareth’s Little League Baseball

The start of June marked the start of the summer baseball league for students going into pre-kindergarten to sixth grades.  There are three different leagues, t-ball, coach pitch, and kid pitch. The t-ball teams include pre-k to first graders. Coach pitch is second to third grades, and kid pitch is fourth through sixth grades.

Sponsors for the teams include various businesses in the area, and the coaches are volunteers from around Castro County.

There are games every Tuesday and will continue until July 3.

This year, the program built a new t-ball field for the players. People’s Bank donated the fencing for the new field, and the donations to the program will be used to pay for the dirt, bases and equipment for the new field as well as paying for the new lights that surround the baseball field.


Tanner Wethington

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