May 10, 2017~Year 9, No. 39

Seventy-three Year Tradition Continues

Every year, a senior girl is elected by her peers to be May Queen and crown Mary with a wreath of flowers to honor her purpose and faith in the gospel.  This year’s May Queen was Abby Schmucker, daughter of Gwen and Marvin Schmucker.

Her court included Paige Gerber with Ian Birkenfeld and Jack Wanjura; Allie Schulte with Oren and Sy Welps; and Ellen Schilderink with Cooper Schulte and Rhett Ethridge. Abby’s pages were Jaxton Schilling and Barrett Brockman. Jett McLarty carried her train. Braeli Fuller carried the flower crown, and Brynli Schilling presented the rosary.

There have been seventy-two past queens, and many of them attended to share the special day with Abby. The tradition was started in 1942 during World War II to help the community to keep hope through the difficult times.

Picture1May Queen Abby Schmucker

Run for the Roses

On Saturday, May 6, the Nazareth High School cafeteria was filled with formal dresses and tuxes. The juniors, seniors and their dates attended the 2017 prom.

The junior class was in charge of decorating for the night. The class decided on a Kentucky Derby themed prom because the race was the same weekend. The cafeteria was transformed into a white tent filled with roses, toy horses and candles. The entrance was marked by a giant horseshoe arch covered in tissue paper roses.

The freshman served steaks, salad and potatoes to the guests. After the meal, the attendees enjoyed cupcakes and cookies decorated with horseshoes made of frosting. The students took pictures in the photo booth and danced to their favorite songs.

Picture2Senior Waylon Leavitt and Sophomore Bree Cornett

Baseball Season Ends

The Swift baseball team ended a great season last Thursday after their loss to Booker. The final score was nine to four.

The team had a season record of seven to six and were pleased with the overall season.

“I was proud of our season,” junior Tristan McLain said. “However, we could still be playing if we had hit better.”

Congratulations on an excellent season!

Picture3Junior Traytan McLain

Students Display Musical Talent

Children performed at the Home Mercantile on Sunday, May 7. They played many instruments including guitar, piano and violin. There were over ten musicians that played pieces they prepared. Carolyn Evers hosted the event with the help of parents.

The fifth, sixth and High School bands held a concert on Monday, May 8 to display the results of a year of hard work. The fifth grade students learned how to read music, play instruments and various songs starting at the beginning of this year. Members of the community attended both events to support the young musicians.

Visitors to the Playa Lake

As part of a special 8-week learning unit on water conservation, 60 Freshman students from New Deal H.S. (TX) attended a morning tour at Ogallala Commons Playa Classroom in Nazareth to learn more about how playas recharge the Ogallala Aquifer and serve as a keystone ecosystem in the High Plains.

The students enjoyed being outdoors, learning about rainwater harvesting, home-based food production, and actions they can implement to create a sustainable future.

Picture4New Deal students

Car Seat Checkup

When: Thursday, May 25, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Where: Dimmitt fire department; 100 E. Bedford

Bring your child and know his height and weight

For more information, call Felice Acker; Castro County

Extension: (806) 647-4115

8th Grade Parent Meeting

The eighth grade parent meeting will be May 16 at 5:45 p.m. in the cafeteria. The meeting will discuss High School endorsements.

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