March 29, 2016~Year 9, No. 33


At the Amarillo Relays last weekend at Dick Bivins Stadium, the mile relay placed 2nd. Team members pictured above include senior Shania Schacher, senior Abby Schmucker, sophomore Blakely Gerber, and freshman April Schmucker. Shania also placed 3rd in the 400.


During the barrow show of the Houston Stock Show, Luke Schulte won his class with his York Barrow. Several other students placed and made the sale including Tucker Huseman, Jett Ramekers, Kari Schulte, Chandler Schulte, Hydie Dyer, and Derek Dyer.



Members from the community enjoyed coffee and donuts on Sunday March 26th  as the Hall Committee members unveiled the finished product of the kitchen remodel. The project started in November with the demolition, and the hall has been closed throughout the process. It will be used for the first time on Friday, April 7, for the Holy Family Youth Group fish fry fundraiser.



  1. Katherine E. Brady Fund – $25,000

(Amarillo Area Foundation)

  1. Mary E. Bivins Foundation – $20,000
  2. CHS Foundation – $15,000
  3. Wilbur Ellis – $10,000
  4. Future of Nazareth – $5,000

TOTAL received in grant funding = $75,000

Without their financial assistance, the kitchen remodel would not have been possible.

The Nazareth Hall Committee is pleased to announce that no debt has been accrued!!



NAZARETH—1st Place (669 points)



2nd Place Team

Tobie Peterson – 3rd

Lexis Nieves – 4th

Leilanni Cordova – 5th


Calculator Applications

1st Place Team

Katherine Fulkerson – 1st

Garrison Kleman – 3rd

Lexis Nieves – 5th

Blakely Gerber


Computer Applications

Hunter Corrales – 2nd


Computer Science

Katherine Fulkerson – 1st

Tristan Nelson – 3rd


Current Issues

1st Place Team

Carlie Heiman – 1st

Laci Backus – 5th

Natalie Schulte

Kamryn Schulte


Editorial Writing

April Schmucker – 1st

Abby Schmucker – 2nd

Cambrie Heiman – 3rd


Feature Writing

Paige Gerber – 1st

Emily Dyer – 2nd

Christen Damron – 3rd


Headline Writing

Paige Gerber – 1st

Allie Schulte – 2nd

Carlie Heiman – 3rd


Informative Speaking

Carlie Heiman – 1st

Maddie Smith – 2nd

Dylan Howell – 3rd


Literary Criticism

1st Place Team

April Schmucker – 2nd

Faithe Huseman – 3rd

Kamryn Schulte

Leilanni Cordova



2nd Place

Garrison Kleman – 2nd

Leilanni Cordova

Garrett Annen



Abby Schmucker – 1st

Laci Backus – 2nd

Allie Schulte – 3rd


Number Sense

1st Place Team

Garrison Kleman – 1st

Leilanni Cordova – 3rd

Hunter Corrales – 4th tie

Tristan Nelson – 4th tie


Persuasive Speaking

Garrison Kleman – 1st

Tarah Hill – 2nd

McKenna Sanders – 6th


Poetry Interpretation

Bree Cornett – 1st

Tobie Peterson – 2nd

Dylan Howell – 3rd


Prose Interpretation

Tarah Hill – 1st

Teri Burnett – 2nd

Kinzi Cleavinger – 3rd


Ready Writing

Emily Heitschmidt – 1st

Emily Dyer – 2nd

Faithe Huseman – 3rd



2nd Place Team

Tate Schulte – 2nd

Garrett Annen

Hunter Corrales

Tate Schulte-1st Chemistry


Social Studies

2nd Place Team

Eric Hill – 5th

Brayden Dyer – 6th

Jake Waldo

Hunter Corrales


Spelling & Vocabulary

1st Place Team

Katherine Fulkerson – 1st

Kristi McAlister – 2nd

Makkie Gfeller – 5th

Amy Schilderink – 6th


Speech Team – 1st


Journalism Team – 1st


Congratulations to these students and good luck to them as they compete at Regional UIL on April 7 in Levelland at South Plains College.



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