February 1, 2016~Year 9, No. 25


This year’s annual Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo has begun, and it will continue through the rest of the week with various animal shows and activities each day.

Seventh grader Brett Young and his younger brother Will Young competed with their heifers in the cattle show last week. Brett placed 2nd with his chi heifer and 4th with his heifer. Will placed 5th with his shorthorn plus heifer. Hallie Kleman and Emma Kleman also showed their lambs on Sunday.

Congratulations to these competitors and good luck to the rest of the show team.


Brett Young


Will Young



11 seventh and eighth grade Swiftettes competed in the Panhandle junior high tournament on Saturday, January 28. The team defeated Canadian in their first game to advance to the championship. The Swiftettes lost a tough battle to Panhandle to earn second.

Congratulations to all of these girls!


Junior High Swiftettes



Nazareth ISD reached the 100th day of school for the 2016-2017 school year last Friday, January 27.

The class of 2017 seniors spent the day with the class of 2029 kindergarteners. Each senior had a kindergarten partner whom they did activities with throughout the day.

The first grade class had a breakfast celebration for the special day. Teacher Heather Birkenfeld served a sausage link with two pancakes to the students and their parents to represent the number 100.


Seniors and Kindergarteners



Cracked Cisterns

by Fr. Jim Schmitmeyer

Back in the Midwest, in the early 1800’s, a system of canals was constructed to provide transportation and trade to the settlers west of the Alleghany Mountains. I grew up hearing stories from my grandmother about the Miami-Erie Canal which connected Cincinnati, on the Ohio River, to Toledo on Lake Erie. This canal brought German farmers to clear the forests and establish the communities where most of my family continues to live to this day.

My grandmother remembered the day that the great bells of St. Michael’s Church arrived on a canal boat. She also remembered an abandoned hotel that stood along the canal’s tow path, miles from the closest road.

One day, I saddled up my horse and went looking for the ruins of this old hotel. It took some time, but eventually, I located a stone foundation wall beneath a thicket of brambles and mulberry trees. Not far away, I discovered a well. It no longer held any water, but the circular wall of chiseled stone still stood straight as a plumb line.

I can’t help but think of that stone well whenever I read the passage about cisterns built by God’s people in the days of the Prophet Jeremiah. Those cisterns, built at a time when Israel and her leaders dismissed the Law of the Lord and worshipped false gods, had all cracked and held no water. When vanquished by their enemies and forced into exile, the prophet used those dry cisterns to symbolize what happens when God’s people put more faith in their own technology in place of His holiness and wisdom.

Fortunately, the settlers who arrived on the canal boats built other fonts beside wells like the one I discovered next to the ruins of an old hotel. They also built churches. And inside their beautiful churches are fountains of life-giving water that continue to flow to this day: baptismal fonts that renew the Church in each generation, bringing the Word and Wisdom of God into a world that thirsts for truth, justice and peace.

But, like the people of Israel, the allure of idolatry also remains. We might not worship false gods in temples of stone, but the temptation to center one’s life on something other than the one, true God is strong in today’s society.

The next time you bless yourself with holy water at the door of your parish church or within the walls of your own home, keep in mind that some cisterns end up getting cracked, but the water that flows from the font of Baptism never runs dry.



The Nazareth Senior Citizens would like to invite all Widows and Widowers to their annual Valentine’s Day Dinner on February 12 2017 at 6:30 PM.  Come by and enjoy a great dinner and fellowship.



Nazareth German Heritage Museum is selling raffle tickets to raise money to build a new museum, scheduled to start construction January 2020. In order to get funding for our project, we have to show proof that the community will also be involved. Having this raffle to help raise the money for matching funds is necessary. Please come help this project which will help our communities survival into the future by showing the past.

If you or your family have articles to donate to the museum to show the past, please inform the museum committee so we can build to suit all the articles.

Come by the Yellow Rose Inn after masses Saturday nights and Sunday mornings every week until March 26th to but raffle tickets. Tickets are $20 and they are also available at Intersection Sales and Service, MO Supply, Swift Café, Peoples Bank, or from any museum member. On March 26th, we will be having a Branding Iron Benefit at the Yellow Rose Inn for those of you who want to brand our wooden fence. The raffle prizes will be given away at that time.

1st Prize: Texas Rangers Baseball Game Package

2nd Prize: $1,000 Visa Card from People’s Bank

3rd Prize: $500 Gift Card to United

We are also selling memorial bricks to pave the way to our new museum.




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