January 25, 2016~Year 9, No. 24


Nazareth results:

Supreme Heifer – Daniel Schacher

Reserve Heifer – Brett Young

Grand Steer – Caitlin Kleman

Reserve Steer – Riley Durbin

Cattle showmanship Junior – Dayson Schacher

Cattle Showmanship Senior – Molly Johnson

Grand Goat – Alee Christian

Reserve Goat – Sterl Welps

Jr Goat Showmanship – Jack Welps

Sr Goat Showmanship – Maddie Smith

Grand Lamb – Hallie Kleman

Reserve Lamb – Emma Kleman

Jr Lamb Showmanship – Jayden High

Sr Lamb Showmanship – Molly Johnson

Grand Barrow – Tucker Huseman

Reserve Barrow – Faithe Huseman

Jr Barrow Showmanship – Landry Kleman

Sr Barrow Showmanship – Brianna Huseman

County Results:                      

Supreme Heifer – Dayson Schacher

Reserve Steer – Anna Huseman

Jr Cattle Showmanship – Dayson Schacher

Grand Lamb – Hallie Kleman

Reserve Lamb – Hallie Kleman

Jr Lamb Showmanship – Emma Kleman

Sr Lamb Showmanship – Hallie Kleman

Grand Barrow – Kari Schulte

Reserve Barrow – Chandler Schulte

Jr Barrow Showmanship – Landry Kleman

Sr Barrow Showmanship – Brianna Huseman


Caitlin Kleman and Riley Dutbin


Luke, Tate, and Kari Schulte


Emma and Hallie Kleman



On Saturday January 21, the Kwahadi Indian Dancers began the 52nd year of winter shows with a special show for parents and friends.

This is winter marks Katherine’s fifth winter season, and her younger sister Samantha’s fourth. Katherine is a junior and Samantha is in fifth grade.

Their younger brothers Michael and Benjamin participated in their first show on Saturday evening. Michael played the drums with the Hopi clan, while the others danced. Benjamin may be the youngest Kit-fox dancer ever at Kwahadis since he is not quite 2 years old.

The winter shows are held every Friday and Saturday nights at 7:00 pm until February 18. To reserve seats, contact the museum at (806) 335-3175.


Fulkerson Family



by: Christena Stephens

The Home Mercantile, the oldest general store in Nazareth, Texas, served the community for 90 years in two different locations.

The first store was erected in 1905. After it was dismantled in 1928, Ed Kern and Conrad Schulte built a new Home Mercantile Co. store less than a half block away from the original site. This was the first brick and concrete building in Castro County.

At the Home Mercantile store– open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.–  farm families purchased staples such as basic groceries, bulk flour, notions, threads, sewing materials, bulk cookies, candies, liquor, and oysters, a popular favorite in the heavily German community. Every other morning, a delivery of fresh vegetables and produce were delivered from Amarillo and dropped off at the front door. Eggs, cream, and milk were all locally produced and bought by the store to resell.

About a quarter of the back northwest portion of the store was taken up by a cold storage locker. People rented storage boxes for their meats because they had no big freezers at home. There was also a storage room where locals would hang their locally butchered beef for the eight to 10 day curing process. The store butchered, wrapped, and packaged the meat.

The main suppliers of dry goods for the store were Amarillo Paper and Thomas Hardware. Bolts of materials, ribbons, and laces were displayed in glass showcases. Local resident Loretta Warren sold her Texas Star quilts and crocheted baby caps and sweaters in the store in order to pay for her funeral. Although the entire Castro County region around Nazareth was dry, when Precinct 4 voted to become wet in 1959, Home Mercantile sold liquor and beer in the back of the store until closing time. The side south door had a partition with a little gate separating the liquor store from the rest of the store.

The store was always a gathering place for Nazareth. Community members sat on a long window ledge at the front of the store to talk and watch life go by. On Thursday nights, the store stayed open until 10 p.m. for poker games, with the poker players often buying sandwiches. Some of the most interesting evening social events were the boxing matches held in the middle of the store. The store also opened up on Sunday mornings after Mass so people could get the paper and anything else they needed.

From 1937 to 1980, Home Mercantile also housed Nazareth’s post office. The store’s owner, Rose Kern Warren, was the town’s longest-serving postmaster. Mail was delivered around 6:30 or 7 a.m., and if customer packages were not wrapped properly, Rose would rewrap them.

In 1980, the post office moved from the store to a new home on St. Joseph Street. In 1985, Rose Warren wrote a transaction on the back of a brown paper bag and sold Home Mercantile to Duane and Nan Davis who operated the store with a lunch counter selling hamburgers.

Nazareth’s iconic Home Mercantile store closed its doors for the last time in 1995.


The first Home Mercantile, circa 1910.


The second Home Mercantile , circa 1930.


The current Home Mercantile



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