November 2, 2016~Year 9, No. 14

Both of Nazareth’s varsity cross country teams competed at the regional meet on Saturday afternoon, October 29. After a great day competing, both the Swifts and the Swiftettes qualified for the state meet in Round Rock on Saturday, November 12 where they will compete for a shot to win a state title. The results are below:

Girls – Regional Champions (1st place team)
Caitlin Kleman – 3rd
Shania Schacher – 12th
April Schmucker – 15th
Laci Backus – 24th
Blakely Gerber – 26th
Amy Schilderink – 28th
Bree Cornett – 42nd

Boys – 4th Place Team
Brady Robb – 11th
Sade Gerber – 25th
Tristan McLain – 34th
Tristan Nelson – 49th
Brayden Dyer – 57th
Tate Schulte – 85th
Mike Schilderink – 112th

Congratulations to all of these runners and good luck to them as they continue to prepare for their competition at state.

The Youth Group is partnering with several other groups on November 6th in Lubbock for Operations Christmas Child. We are needing donations for items that will be put in boxes for the kids. School supplies, (pencils, pens crayons ,etc.) non-liquid hygiene items, (toothbrushes, bar soap, washcloths, combs, etc.) are types of items needed. Donations can be dropped off at the office or at Derwin & Vera Huseman’s house. Thank you in advance.


November, with its feasts of All Saints and All Souls, on November 1-2, we remember the loved ones who died in the past year. May they rest in peace.

Tanya Schulte – November 1, 2015 (Wife of Bruce Schulte)
Betty Jean King – November 16, 2015 (Mother of Matt King)
Grace Jensen – November 18, 2015 (Daughter of Cherise & Travis Jensen & Granddaughter of Larry & Tammy Ramaekers)
Isaac Dutchover – December 4, 2015 (Son of Josh & Karen Dutchover)
Tom Brockman – Dec 11, 2015 (Brother of Jerome & Cyril Brockman & Irene Wilhelm)
Ernest Heitschmidt – December 14, 2015 (Father of Roy Heitschmidt)
Charlie Heck – Jan 01, 2016 (Father of Tammy Black & Grandfather of Marsha Pohlmeier)
Rodney Green – Jan 31, 2016 (Husband of Elizabeth Hanson Green)
Doug McLain – February 23, 2016 (Son of Gladys McLain)
Jerry Lange – February 27, 2016 (Husband of Judy Lange)
Jouke (Joe) Van Dijk – March 09, 2016 (Husband of Appie Van Dijk)
Jim Ball – March 11, 2016 (Brother of Mary Kleman & Fred Ball)
Deacon Bob Keller – March 26, 2016 (Brother of Father Ken Keller)
Belinda Heck – April 08, 2016 (Sister to Tammy Black)
Margaret Bertovich – April 21, 2016 (Sister of Ronnie Wilhelm)
Kylar Clark – May 07, 2016 (Son of Dennis & Kayla Birkenfeld)
Kenny Wagner – July 30, 2016 (Son of the late Lawrence & Winifred Wagner)
Gerald McCormick – Aug 12, 2016 (Brother-in-law of Georgianne Kleman McCormick)
Irene Kleman – September 21, 2016 (Sister-in-law of Carl Kleman & Leola Ramaekers)
Irene King – October 11, 2016 (Sister of Julius Birkenfeld)
Lester Backus – October 13, 2016 (Son of Hubert & Joan Backus Father of Brandon & Blake Backus)
Nadine Kleman Sellers – Oct 15, 2016 (Niece of Denny Heiman & Julene Gerber)
Patrick Wethington – October 19, 2016 (Son of Brian & Lessie Wethington & Grandson of Herbie & Joyce Wethington)
Gabe Van Dijk – October 19, 2016 (Father- in-law of Appie Van Dijk)
All Deceased Veterans


After the Nazareth Swifts defeated the Whiteface Antelopes 68-23, the 15 members of the senior class of 2017 walked the field as an end to the last home football game. Members of the class include Ellen Schilderink, Teri Burnett, Isaiah Flores, Daniil Sirenko, Allie Schulte, Jake Waldo, Abby Schmucker, Tucker Huseman, Paige Gerber, Lexy Ethridge, Tarah Hill, Carlie Heiman, Shania Schacher, Alee Christian, and Waylon Leavitt.

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