September 14, 2016 ~ Year 9, No. 7


            Thirteen Nazareth runners competed in the annual cross country meet at Thompson Park on Saturday, September 10, and three finished with medals.

            The jv girls started the meet with Cambrie Heiman as the only Swiftette runner, and the varsity girls followed close behind with a team of seven consisting of senior Shania Schacher,  juniors Caitlin Kleman and Laci Backus, sophomores Hallie Kleman, Blakely Gerber, and Bree Cornett, and freshman Amy Schilderink. The team placed 8th overall with Caitlin in 8th and Shania in 18th.

            Nazareth had five boy competitors in the varsity division. The runners include juniors Slade Gerber and Tate Schulte, Sophomores Brady Robb and Tristan Nelson, and freshman Brayden Dyer. Brady Robb placed 8th as an individual for the Swifts.

            Congratulations to these runners on a great meet and good luck to them as they compete again in Amarillo at John Stiff Park in the Tascosa Rebel Run on Saturday.

picture1The varsity Swifts after their run

picture2Brady and Caitlin with their 8th place medals



       Tuesday September 13th, the Nazareth FFA chapter took 8 freshmen to the Nance Ranch in Canyon to participate in Green Hand camp. The camp is open to all students in FFA, but it mainly focuses on allowing newcomers of the FFA to experience it for the first time. Senior Teri Burnett also helped lead the camp as a district officer. The students participated in numerous workshops focusing on teamwork, leadership, and breaking out of their shell, and they rounded out the day with the Ag-lympics. In the games, the students competed in a soapy pool scavenger hunt, hay bail musical chairs, and a hoola hoop race. The students were able to compete with and get to know fellow FFA members from Area 1. In the end, all of the new members had a great time and made many new friends at this beneficial camp. 

picture3Xavier Rice, Ozzy Mansanales, Molly Johnson, Teri Burnett, Amy Schilderink, Maddie Smith, Lupita Gonzales, Briana Huseman, and Makenna Sanders.


Nazareth Education Foundation Fundraiser and Steak Dinner 

Saturday October 8, 2016 – Nazareth Community Hall 

Social Hour: 6:00 p.m. Steak Dinner: 6:30 p.m.—9:30 p.m.

$100 ticket includes: 2 steak dinners and an entry in the reverse raffle drawing 

Top Prize $1,500.00

**Reverse drawing – Cash prizes given for every 25th ticket drawn**

**Silent Auction closes at 9:00 p.m.** 

Steak Dinner only: $20 Adults and $10 children (12yrs & under)


Alive and Thriving – Housing Developments (Article One) by Abby Schmucker

            As a 2017 Nazareth High School graduate, I am often asked where I will be going to college and what I plan to major in, but those questions often lead to another question: “Will you be coming back to Nazareth after college?” Many generations of my family have been residents of this community back to the early 1900s, and many others are choosing to come back to the Nazareth area to develop their career and make it their home.

            As a journalist for Swift Kicks, I agreed to investigate the reality of “coming home” and find out how many new people have settled here, built new homes, and taken up the tasks of employment and family life. In this series that I am entitling “Alive and Thriving”, I have written four summaries on new homes in East Castro County, and four articles featuring families that have decided to plant their lives in this rural community.

            The first of the articles discusses the growth between the years 2006 and 2007 and the ways it affected the community.

            The Eastern edge of Castro County, around the Nazareth-hub, forms a tight-knit community of organizations, businesses, groups, committees, and most importantly, volunteers, who work together to build an improving quality of life despite our small population. People who have never seen this phenomenon of small-town cooperation are amazed at the growth and live-ability of this rural area and town.  It’s far from being a dying town. Many people would be surprised at the way the town has developed in just the last 10 years.

            Starting in 2006, there was a spurt of new houses built for families moving to the town of Nazareth. According to the Castro County Appraisal District there were 5 new completed houses in the Nazareth area at the beginning of 2006 that were not complete the previous year.

One of these new homes was owned by Mat Bradley who lived there for a few years while their children attended school here, and his wife Alicia Bradley taught science at the school. The house is now home to a Nazareth native family, Tucker and Holly Waggoner. Another home was built for the family of Marshall Harrison who was the superintendent and had three kids, two of which were in school. Their house is now owned by Brian and Felicia Hill who recently had all three kids in the Nazareth School System. The next new house was owned by Brian Nelson but is now home to the family of Brady and Ann Nelson, who have three kids in school. Another owner of a newly built home was Keith Venable who had a son in school, but the house is now owned to Leon and Cassie Birkenfeld and their four children.  The last of the new houses is owned by Joseph Schacher, who currently has three children enrolled in Nazareth School System.

            The growth didn’t stop after 2006. In fact, it continued for 2 more years with 7 new houses recorded at the beginning of the 2007.

            One environment friendly house on Highway 168 is owned by Darryl Birkenfeld and Joann Starr, complete with rainwater harvesting equipment and solar panels to generate 1/3 of the household’s electricity needs. Another one down the road was built by Brandi High who has four children in school. One new addition to the houses in town is owned by Edwin and Irene Huseman who moved from Dumas to retire in Nazareth. The next of the newly built houses is owned by Troy and Lori Johnson who currently have two daughters attending school in Nazareth. Coy and Gayla Myrick also built a house within the same year, and his two children also were enrolled in the Nazareth School system. Coy’s parents, J.D. and Freddie Sue Myrick, now live in the house. Another home that was built is home to the family of Marvin and Gwen Schmucker, who brought two daughters into Nazareth ISD. The last of the new houses in 2007 belongs to Roy and Diane Heitschmidt, and they currently have four children in school.

            Overall, the growth of 2006 to 2007 brought more than just houses to Nazareth. It increased the number of children in school while creating a home for many families. These new houses increased the number of citizens, added to the overall economy, and boosted the value on the Nazareth School District. According to the Castro County Appraisal District, the taxable value of residents in Nazareth was increased from $9,001,360 to $11,773,090 during the years these homes were completed, making a total difference of over $2.5 million dollars. Indeed, “alive and thriving” is the new motto for Nazareth and Eastern Castro County.


Sausage For Sale: The Hall Committee has plenty of sausage for sale. $12.00 per package. Contact Marvin Schmucker 240-0513 Bradley Gerber 647-7303 or any Hall Committee Member.

Support St. Valentine Radio 1360 AM There will be a Radiothon September 26th – September 30th at 8:00am – 5:3-pm. ( 806-350-1360)



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