July 6, 2016 ~ Year 8, No. 46

Picture1This summer through the months of June and July, Katherine Fulkerson has been performing Native American dances with around 40 other dancers in Amarillo. The group performs at the Kwahadi Museum of the American Indian every Saturday. Pictured is Katherine on June 5th in her new regalia for the summer shows. The picture was taken after her board of review, where she danced in front of the leaders to make sure it was correct and to get her outfit approved. Her outfit is based on the Cherokee trail of tears. The chief started a legend that whenever a mother cried, a white flower would grow. All throughout the South, where the natives travelled, there is a white rose that grows called the Cherokee Rose, which are represented of Katherine’s shawl. The tear drops are a symbol of the mother’s tears, and she chose specific colors that are sacred to the Cherokee.


On June 20-23, 14 Nazareth FFA members attended the Area 1 FFA Leadership camp held on Clarendon College Campus in Clarendon, Texas. The students spent three days attending leadership, communication and teamwork workshops to better themselves along with bettering their FFA chapter. Each evening they attended a dance and on Thursday they competed in Ag Olympics and then the FFA camp banquet. Mr. David Howell, the Agriscience teacher for 41 years, was the guest speaker and focused his speech on the idea that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow and that Area 1 can help improve the future by becoming leaders and finding ways to improve their community. Eric Heitschmidt and Garrison Kleman both won an award for outstanding camper of the year. The next trip for the Nazareth FFA will be to the Texas FFA Convention in Dallas on July 10-15. Three parent drivers as well as Mr. Heck will take the fifteen students to the convention that will host over 12,000 FFA students from across the state of Texas.

Picture2FFA members who attended the camp included: (back) Chandler Schulte, Garrett Annen, Garrison Kleman, Bryson High, Riley Durbin, Faithe Huseman, Teri Burnett, Eric Heitschmidt, teacher Austin Heck, (front) Anna Huseman, Emily Heitschmidt, Natalie Schulte, Hattie Robb, Hydie Dyer, and Kristi McAlister.


Jim Steiert, who recently spoke here in Nazareth on Playas of the Panhandle, asked Swift Kicks to let Nazareth and surrounding area know about a special event being planned for July 16th: Founders Day barbecue, auction, and concert starting at 6:30 pm at the Herford ISD administration building. It will feature the music of Let’s Hang On – a tribute to the music of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. The auction includes a $6,000 vacation package. Admission tickets for the Founders Day Barbecue are $30 each, and are available from the King’s Manor business office, 400 Ranger Drive in Hereford by calling 364-0661. This benefits the Benevolence Fund that assists those in need at the Kings Manor.


High Plains Preacher – Fr. Jim Schmitmeyer

Reflects on Snakes

When God’s people wandered through the desert with Moses, there came a time when venomous snakes invaded the camp. People died and Moses appealed to God. To remedy the situation, God instructed Moses to fashion a bronze serpent and mount it on a pole. From then on, if anyone was bit by a snake, they were to look at the bronze serpent and they would be healed. The remedy worked but it was strong medicine if you ask me. I hate snakes. I hate looking at them. I hate thinking about them. So, it came as a bit surprise when I moved to Texas and found that a lot of farmers and ranchers keep jars of rattlesnake rattles in their workshops. Some guys I know have shelves of jars full of rattles lined up one after the other like jars of pickles in a fruit cellar.

They’re proud of these snake tails and I guess I would be too if I had killed enough rattlers to make my shop look like an aisle of some grocery store. Still, I don’t like snakes and stand amazed whenever I see a jar of rattles resting next to a bucket of bolts or a box of nails. Not long ago, my friend EJ said he killed his first snake of the season on the dirt road on the way to his house. This is the same fellow who once showed me how to kill a snake with a stick. Not by beating the snake, but by getting the snake to strike at the sharp point on the broken end of the stick. Ingenious! I thought of EJ last week when the gospel reading compared Jesus to the bronze serpent once fashioned by Moses in the desert. Seeing EJ’s pride the day he killed that snake with a stick made me wonder if, someday, I might witness the same pride on the face of Christ on the day he welcomes me into His shop, lined with jars and jars of rattles cut off the deadly vipers of sin. I image the Lord taking a jar from the shelf and saying, “These come from your teenage years, Jim.” Then He’ll set the jar down and pick up another. “These are the snakes I saved you from back in your thirties. And this here jar is from the snakes that attacked you just last month.” I’ll look at all those rattlesnake rattles, then I’ll look at the Savior holding the jar. And I’ll do my best to thank Him for saving me all those times, all those years. Saving me and saving us all from the poison of sin and the sting of death.

Picture344th Annual Nazareth German Festival 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

German Sausage Dinner 11:00 – 2:00

Playa Lake Tour-9:00am

Walking Tour & Inside & Open Air Arts & Crafts – 9:30am

Children’s Games – 11:00am

Art Work Fest – Home Merc – Western Art of Gary Ward – 1-4 p.m.

Paige’s Garden – Live Music starts at 12:30 – BBQ Meal served at 5:30pm – All proceeds benefit the Future of Nazareth Foundation

Family Time – Pizza and Movie – 5:30 to 7:30—Movie Meals $5 – Movie: The Good Dinosaur

2016 Suds & Sounds

Outdoor Concert & Dance

Nazareth Ballpark

Gates open at 5:00pm

$30 per person

Headliner Band—ZANE WILLIAMS


Nazareth German Heritage Museum Raffle

Tickets available all day at the German Fest, or also at Intersection Sales & Service, Hoelting Supply, Peoples Bank, or any museum member—$20.00 per ticket and all proceeds go to the future expansion of the museum.

1st Prize: Texas Rangers Baseball Game Package

2nd: Prize: $1,000 Visa Card from Peoples Bank

3rd Prize: $500 Gift Card to United



  1. Please consider donating last year’s backpack to our Recycle for Caring, we will distribute these through the “We Care” Food Pantry in August or through the school.
  2. Also, this summer, as you shop for your kids school supplies for next year, we invite you please to “share your care” by remembering to buy an “extra” for less privileged students whose families struggle with beginning-of-school expenses. Mrs. Birkenfeld can collect these and see that they go where needed.
  3. Bring your used backpacks or “extra” school supplies to Mrs. Birkenfeld at school, or place in the Church foyer. Thanks.
  4. BTW: This year’s Sales Tax Holiday is Aug. 5th – 7th, Friday to Sunday.



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