June 22, 2016 ~ Year 8, No. 44


At Cave Quest VBS, 105 kids explored the rock-solid foundation of Jesus’ love! Thank you so much to all who helped make it a huge success! Whether it was through your help in preparation, technical support, donations or actually being there every evening to make it all happen, we appreciate you all & couldn’t have done it without each one of you!

We, also, want to thank all of the parents for sending your kids to VBS! We hope they had a great time & were able to dig deeper into their relationship with God!

Last, but certainly not least, we want to send out a HUGE thank you to Holy Family Church for giving us the opportunity and support to lead the kids on this incredible adventure! We can’t wait to see what VBS 2017 has in store for all of us!! May God bless you all,

Lynsey Fuller & Cassy Birkenfeld




“But God proves his love for us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

More than 50 Naz teens left Thursday, June 23rd for a five day retreat near Denver sponsored by the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio, and the US Bishops’ Office of Youth Ministry. Attending one of the many summer retreats around the country more than 50,000 teens celebrate their faith using the theme of Romans 5:8. From Nazareth these teens and their sponsors are: Blakely Gerber, Chandler Schulte, Emily Heitschmidt, Hallie Kleman, Lelanni Cordova, Kimberly Chavira, Lexis Nieves, Brady Robb, Cross Tijerina, Kiko Rodriguez, Jacob Moroney, Jake Gerber, Anna Huseman, Hydie Dyer, Caitlin Kleman, Valeria Ramos, Faithe Huseman, Laci Backus, Garrett Annen, Katherine Fulkerson, Landon Robb, Mike Schilderink, Tristan McLaurin, Slade Gerber, Tate Schulte, Abby Schmucker, Carlie Heiman, Ellen Schilderink, Lexy Ethridge, Paige Gerber, Shania Schacher, Alee Christian, Allie Schulte, Tucker Huseman, Aubrie Durbin, Desiree Juarez, Carly Wilhelm, Madison Samford, Jayline Rodriguez, Roxanne Wilhelm, Lexi Huseman, Troy Gerber, Dustin Kern, Tyler Ramsey, Lars Schilderink. Sponsors: Allison Kleman, Alyssa Barton, Lisa Braddock, Susan Kern, Hugh Wilhelm, Marlin Durbin, Ricky Backus, Mark Birkenfeld, Deacon Bob Birkenfeld.




Three Nazareth Swiftette teams competed at the West Texas A&M team camp in Canyon on June 17-19 and played a total of 19 games combined during the weekend. The Varsity Swiftettes, coached by Hannah Leavitt and Deborah VanDijk, went 7-0 through pool play and the tournament and defeated Amarillo High to win the championship of the large school division. The JV team played tough competition in the small school varsity division beating River Road and losing to Olton in the tournament. They were coached by Mackenzie Gerber and went 4-3 on the weekend. The JH Swiftettes, with coaches Missy Kleman and Cindy Huseman, lost their first game of the tourney to Spearman making their weekend record 2-3. Congratulations to all of the teams for a great weekend of Swiftette Basketball!


2016 NISD VALEDICTORY ADDRESS — By Kelsey Espenson


We stand here today ready to face our future. It’s not a distant fantasy anymore. It begins today. We’ve completed the basic education that will be the foundation as we enter college and the work force, and now finally, it’s our time to enter the real world.

After high school each of us will take our own paths. Some will go on to major in bio chemistry, sociology, or ag business. Some will end up being stay home moms, some will become politicians who change the government, and some may even become a navy officer who serves for our country. But whatever path you take make sure it’s a path that fills you with joy and it is a path that you chose. So many people will judge you because you don’t fit into their world or you’re not doing what they think you should be so don’t be afraid to disappoint people to find your own happiness because at the end of the day we are all just trying to do the best we can and not everyone is always going to approve. But while you are on this journey do everything to the best of your ability, do more than what is expected of you, reach your full potential and help others reach their full potential. Be the person who changes other people’s lives for the better. I believe that as a single individual we can influence the people around us with our attitude and mindsets. The world is what we make it and the future is truly in our hands, and it’s our job to make the most of it.

In every valedictorian speech a famous quote is used so I decided to use one from our famous English teacher Brenda Schulte. Almost every day we were told “You will fail unless you put forth a little effort,” and although that I hate to say any teacher is

ever right, this saying actually does hold a lot of truth. Throughout high school we did have a lot of success including qualifying for the boys state basketball tournament our sophomore year, qualifying for the girls state basketball tournament the last three years, qualifying for state the last three years in Ag com and livestock judging and the dairy cattle team has qualified for nationals the past two years. In addition we also had four seniors advance to state in UIL.

And although our high school careers were filled with success they were also filled with failure. And sometimes it felt like the failures outweighed the success. However through our perseverance and determination we were able to overcome these disappointments. And I believe that throughout college and the rest of our life we will experience much success. However, as Schulte so kindly reminded us every day you are going to fail. But it’s the failures that lead to our successes and it’s the failures that force use to either decide whether to quit and give up or to push harder to accomplish our goals. So I believe if we exhibit the same kind of persistence and fortitude that we did in high school in the rest of our lives we will be able to accomplish anything. Because excellence is not a coincidence. It is the result of hard work. So go forward, persevere and reach greatness.

As my high school career comes to an end, it has given me the opportunity to reflect on the last thirteen years. And I think about all the times I couldn’t wait to move onto the next chapter in my life. In elementary, I couldn’t wait to be a sixth grader, in junior high I couldn’t wait to enter high school, and now that all of these chapters are ending I find myself wishing I could almost go back and appreciate those times in my life more. So my advice to you is to enjoy where you are in life and enjoy the people you share your time with and don’t be in such a hurry to grow up. Because life isn’t always about the destination but also the journey.

Finally I would like to thank all of the people who have helped us get to this day. A special thank you to the parents who endured our nervous break downs and mood swings. You believed in us when we doubted ourselves, and it is to you that we owe all of our success. Thank you for traveling to countless, football, basketball, and baseball games or in my case rodeos. Thank you for all the free advice you have given us and most importantly thank you for always being there for us. Teachers, thank you for always caring and always being patient with us. Thank you for pushing us to do our best, and thank you for working so hard and dedicating so much time to ensure that all of us made it to this day.

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