April 6, 2016 ~ Year 7, No 122


Valley contest:


Team Blue 3rd overall
Garrison Kleman 5th high
Caitlin Kleman 7th high
Blakely Gerber
Tate Schulte

Team Gold 7th overall
Daniil Sirinko
Hallie Kleman
Maddie Gfeller
Kiko Rodriguez

Livestock contest

Team Blue 2nd overall
Roxanne Wilhelm 4th high
Sara Kleman 5th high
Hydie Dyer
Chandler Schulte

Grady McAlister 14th high

Dairy cattle

FFA 6th overall
Ellen Schilderink 15th high
Lexy Ethridge 19th high
Lars Schilderink
Mike Schilderink
Emily Heitschmidt
Brady Robb

4H 13th overall
Amy Schilderink
Iris Schilderink
Nathanael Vandijk

Clarendon college contest:

Cotton judging 
Team Blue placed 7th overall
Garrison Kleman 10th high
Caitlin Kleman
Tate Schulte
Blakely Gerber

Livestock judging 
Team Blue placed 13th overall
Riley Durbin
Sara Kleman
Bryson High
Dylan Howell

Team Gold placed 17th overall
Roxanne Wilhelm
Chandler Schulte
Hydie Dyer
Aubrie Durbin

Castro 4H team placed 5th overall
Molly Johnson 9th high
Dayson Schacher 17th high
Tye Schulte



The track team participated in their second meet of the year on March 24 & 25 at the Amarillo Relays. The meet was filled with the bigger schools of the area including 5A and 6A competitors.

The prelims took place on Thursday. The mile relay team as well as Shania Schacher in the 400m and Caitlin Kleman in the 800m advanced to the finals on Friday.

Shania won first in the 400m, and the mile relay team got on the medal stand after placing 3rd. Ellen Schilderink also won 1st in the discus competition.

The area track meet will take place next Thursday, April 14, in Tulia.

Picture1 Mile Relay team: Abby Schmucker, Allie Schulte, Shania Schacher, and Laci Backus



Junior Tucker Huseman works to complete the wheel portion of a trailer in his 6th period Ag Shop class with teacher Austin Heck.

“We usually try to build trailers to auction off at the FFA banquet for money to fund the FFA,” Huseman said. “Although it takes a lot of time and work, I learn skills of welding as well as hard word.”



Number Sense

1st Place Team

Leilanni Cordova- 2nd

Logan Schulte- 3rd

Lars Schilderlink- 5th

Bryson High

Current Issues

1st Place Team

Laci Backus- 1st

Carlie Heiman- 2nd

Madi Samford- 3rd

Natalie Schulte- 4th


Bree Cornett- 1st

Tobie Peterson- 2nd


Teri Burnett- 1st

Tarah Hill- 2nd

Kinzi Cleavinger- 3rd

Ready Writing

Carly Wilhelm- 1st

Calculator Apps

Lars Schilderink- 2nd

Computer Apps

Deborah Van Dijk- 1st

News Writing

Kelsey Espenson- 1st

Abby Schmucker- 2nd

Allie Schulte- 3rd


1st Place Team

Katherine Fulkerson- 1st

Hannah Hill- 2nd

Kristi McAlister- 3rd

Roxanne Wilhelm- 4th

Literary Criticism

1st Place Team

Kennedy Raphelt- 1st

Faithe Huseman- 3rd

Kamryn Schulte- 6th

Lexis Nieves


1st Place Team

Jake Waldo- 2nd

Carly Wilhelm- 3rd

Hunter Corrales- 6th

Alee Christian

Tate Schulte

Paige Gerber

Feature Writing

Emily Dyer- 2nd

Christen Damron- 3rd

Morgan Nelson- 4th

Editorial Writing

Morgan Nelson- 4th

Abby Schmucker- 5th

Hattie Robb- 6th

Social Studies

1st Place Team

Carly Wilhelm- 1st

Kennedy Raphelt- 2nd

Headline Writing

Allie Schulte- 1st

Carlie Heiman- 2nd

Paige Gerber- 3rd


1st Place Team

Logan Schulte- 1st

Lars Schilderink- 4th

Roxanne Wilhelm- 6th

Informative Speaking

Lexi Huseman- 1st

Brady Robb- 5th

Persuasive Speaking

Dylan Howell- 4th

Emily Heitschmidt- 5th


Garrett Annen- 4th

Picture3 Bree Cornett rehearses her poetry pieces.


From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to give our deepest thanks to the community of Nazareth. You have left your marks on our hearts. There truly aren’t words to express how much all of your love and support has touched us.

So many of you offered your condolences and reminded us often that Joe would never be forgotten. The thoughtfulness of this town is truly amazing. There are far too many of you to offer our appreciation individually! We are so grateful for your cards, flowers, dinners made for our family, every generous gift and every thoughtful deed. Your love and support have been our strength.

We will never forget the outpouring of love we have received here in Nazareth.

Love and thanks to all of you,

The Van Dijk Family



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