February 10, 2016~Year 7, No. 114


This week’s honorees in the news are Allie Schulte of the Nazareth Swiftettes and Tyler Ramsey of the Swifts. In articles and photographs in the Amarillo Globe News these two players were highlighted as crucial to the winning season for both teams.

Allie Schulte, daughter of Rodney and Ramona Schulte, is a junior guard scoring game points that led the Swiftettes to victory after victory, such as 23 points in the recent win over Amherst. Coach Schilling praised her leadership on the court, saying: “The way she’s able to score a lot of different ways, and the way she involves everybody else in the game, makes defenses have to worry about others, not just her.” In commenting on the recent wins, Schulte said: “The team played really well, with solid defense and limiting the opponent’s scoring.” She also complimented NISD athletics by saying, “It builds character and discipline.”

Tyler Ramsey’s sport’s history was highlighted in the news article by Lee Passmore stating: “Few Texas Panhandle boys players have been a part of as many victories over the last four years as Nazareth point guard Tyler Ramsey. He was part of the Nazareth team that reached the state tournament two years ago as a sophomore, and he has helped the Swifts continue their tradition since taking over as a starter last season.”

The honor noted that Ramsey is the team captain averaging seven points per game but is unselfish and a great team player in setting up plays that allow other players to become high scorers.

Most of the attention in recent years has been on the super-successful Swiftettes with their 20 state championships, but due respect was given to the Swifts in developing a winning tradition of their own with six state titles. “It doesn’t really matter what our ranking is, but we know that being at Nazareth means something,” Ramsey said. “Everything we do as a team has a meaning. Tradition is a big part of what motivates us at Nazareth.” Besides noting the NISD history, Ramsey honored his grandfather, Joe Drerup, as being his personal hero.

Picture1Tyler Ramsey
Picture2.pngAllie Schulte

Last week, many Nazareth FFA students were well represented in the Fort Worth Stock Show.

Lexi Huseman placed 7th with her shorthorn, and Kaci Kleman placed 8th in the same class, putting them both in the sale. Aubrie Durbin placed 9th with her steer and made the sale.

Chandler Schulte won reserve WOPB with her Chester barrow and also made the sale. Grace Huseman placed 4th with her Duroc barrow. Sara Kleman placed 6th with her York. Briana Huseman placed 6th with her cross, and Bradyn Bullard placed 9th with his cross.

Congrats to all of the students!!

Picture3.pngKaci Kleman and her steer, Frosty.
Keep on Fishing by Father Jim Schmitmeyer

In a famous passage from the Bible, St. Paul wrote, “If God is for us, who can be against us? What can ever separate from the love of God?”
After he penned those words, Paul went on to draw up a list of things that people might be tempted to think would have the power to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus: “Neither hunger, nakedness nor persecution,” writes St. Paul, “no heights no depths, no powers in heaven, no empires or governments on earth, will ever be able to separate us from the love of God.
So, what’s at the top of your list of scary things today? If you’re a grade school student, you might be praying for protection from a bully on a playground. If you’re a soldier in combat, it might be protection from a bullet. For family struggling with finances, it might be protection from foreclosure. For a patient facing a serious illness, it might be protection from a recurrence of that illness
If something like this is what you find written at the top on your list, you need to take a closer look at St. Paul’s list because the first thing at the top of his list is LOVE. What can separate us from the Love of God? His answer: Nothing. In other words, whatever scary things you might scribble on your list of fears, God scratches them off and replace them with the word Love.
This doesn’t mean that this world of ours is not a scary place. It doesn’t mean that we will never worry or that our palms will never sweat. But it does mean that, no matter what, God’s love will rescue us. God’s love will deliver us. “You are my rock and my refuge,” says the Book of Psalms. “”My stronghold to give me safety.”
I heard a story about a boy who was invited to join his classmate and his classmate’s father on a fishing trip. They were fishing off a dam when clouds gathered and thunder echoed in the distance. The boy high-tailed it off the dam as quick as he could. But the father and the son stayed on the dam a bit longer. The boy would cast his rod, reel it in, then glance at his dad. When he heard thunder, he’d take a step toward his dad then then make another cast. The son trusted his father. And his trust outweighed his fear. When your list is long and your fear is great, step closer to the Father. And keep on fishing!

Picture5Nazareth Knights of Columbus members were hard at work at their biennial Consignment Sale last Saturday. It was a beautiful day with large crowds, and the guys working the concession stand sold over 250 lbs of sausage.
            Picture4  Words will never be able to express our gratitude for all the many ways you have shown support to our family through this journey.  From donations, gifts, cards, benefits, food, and most importantly your prayers, you have shown what a wonderful community full of amazing people you truly are!  We are beyond blessed to have each and every one of you as part of our journey.  God will never give us more than we can handle and we are glad to have you by our side. Again, we greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness….please continue to stay  #tatumtough!

The Schulte’s

Travis, Shawna,Shaylin, and Tatum


1) The Future of Nazareth Foundation will be awarding grants to qualifying charities and public entities this year. Interested in applying? For info, please come to an informal meeting at the Senior Citizens, Wednesday February 17 at 6:30pm. We will go over guidelines and deadlines in applying for the grants.

2) The American Legion Auxiliary and the 4-H are teaming up to once again make blankets for the Veteran’s Home in Amarillo. We will be making the blankets in the Legion Hall, starting at 2pm on the February 21st. All community members that would like to join us and make a blanket or two are more than welcome. We will also accept any donated fleece! Thank you.

3) Notice to all Nazareth residents: The offices of Mayor – Marlon Durbin and Councilman – Virgil Huseman will expire in May 2016. Anyone interested and eligible (must live within city limits) can file an application in the City Hall from until February 19, 2016.

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