January 13, 2016~Year 7, No. 52

Appie VanDijk watches while her daughter, Deborah, signs commitment letter joining the  Wayland Queens Basketball team and attending the University in the Fall. Appie said: “I am so proud of Deborah and all the effort she has put into her basketball. Her dedication and hard work has finally paid off. Thank you to all the coacPicture1hes that have gotten her this far we cannot say thank you enough.”

Last Tuesday, family, teammates, students, and staff  gathered to support senior Deborah VanDijk as she signed her letter of intent to play college basketball at Wayland Baptist University.

Both of her parents were present as well as her brother Nathaneal VanDijk, who is in eighth grade, and her sister Esther VanDijk, who played basketball at Clarendon College.

The Wayland Baptist coach, Alesha Robertson, came from Plainview to watch the signing and talk about her excitement about Deborah’s coming. She said that the entire team is ready for Deborah, and she knows she will be a great part of the team with her hard work and dedication.

Floyd Birkenfeld’s artwork is featured on the December page of the 2016 calendar for The Center, which is a place for individuals with physical challenges. The caption in the calendar states:  “Floyd, a Center volunteer and member, has been coming to The Center since 2Picture4005 after suffering a stroke. This ceramic wreath was colored and decorated by Floyd with his careful eye for color and detail.”

Staff, students, and parents gathered on Thursday evening to attend the induction of 10 students into the National Honor Society.

Sponsor Dana Stanfield and other officers spoke about the Nazareth chapter and what they hope to attain by being in the honor society.

New members first were required to go through the interview process and then were inducted into NHS. These members include Jake Waldo, Garrison Kleman, Shelby Espenson, Kinzi Cleavinger, Kathrine Fulkerson, Christen Damron, Faithe Huseman, Hattie Robb, Laci Backus, and Kamryn Schulte.Picture3


The community of Nazareth came together on Saturday evening to do more than support a family in need.

Tatum Schulte who is the daughter of Travis and Shawna Schulte and granddaughter of Greg and Karen Schulte was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her leg and an area on her spine.

The Nazareth Knights of Columbus held a great benefit for the family to help cover the medical expenses, and around 600 people came out to eat at the steak dinner.

The final totals are not yet known, but the live auction and silent auction brought in over $80,000.

A big thank you to the greaPicture2t Nazareth community and all those who helped make the benefit dinner possible.



The 1A Division I Golden Spread football team, honored by the Amarillo Globe News at the end of 2015, included 4 NISD Seniors who happened to be the captains of the team this year.


Spread back: Troy Gerber, Nazareth, senior: Despite missing the Swifts last four games of the year because of a traumatic head injury, Nazareth senior running back Troy Gerber was headed toward a career year. In only seven games the 6-foot-4 Gerber ran for 1,089 yards with 23 touchdowns. He also threw for 280 yards and six TDs.

Wide receiver: Logan Schulte, Nazareth, senior: The senior receiver helped give the Swifts offense balance. Schulte finished the year by pulling down a team-high 24 catches for 447 yards with 12 touchdowns. He also led the team in kickoff returns with 223 yards.


Nose guard: Lars Schilderink, Nazareth, senior: The two-way lineman had a terrific senior season for the Swifts. The 6-foot-1, 200-pound Schilderink gave the Nazareth defensive line stability, making 38.5 tackles while leading the team with seven sacks.

Defensive back: Tyler Ramsey, Nazareth, senior: Ramsey was a standout on both sides of the ball, however he shined most when shutting wide receivers down. Ramsey ended his senior year with a team-high seven interceptions and 22 tackles.


The Nazareth Knights of Columbus will be holding their biennial farm sale on Saturday Feb 6th, 2016. To consign equipment call any KC member or Alan Birkenfeld at 806-570-6328 by January 10th deadline.

Texas Department of Health has scheduled a local clinic for immunization shots if you or children need them: Jan. 13th, from 10 am to 1 pm, in Dimmitt, at the Health and Human Services Commission Office at 115 W Jones

Legion Hall Pool Tournament – Singles on Thursday, January 28th to Saturday, January 30th. Doubles Sunday on January 31st. Art Brockman 647-6681or Clyde Schulte 945-2542 for info.

The Panhandle Regional Planning Commission needs Nazareth addresses for 911 system. Please check City Hall Map to see if your address is correct.


By: Lars Schilderink

In our recent family trip to New Zealand, we got to experience the beautiful scenery and climate of the North Island. The land consisted of green mountains amidst flat, green plains. The common small towns all possessed residents with laid-back and friendly attitudes, and each town had multitudes of small shops and cafes that kept my mother happy. The winding roads were consistent in giving us car sickness, but it was worth it when we arrived at the next exciting activity such as bungee jumping or breathtaking tour such as glowworm caves or a Moari Native show. There was never a dull moment with the Schilderink family traveling in a van together around the Island, and we definitely had a wonderful time.




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