December 2nd~Year 7, No 47

Nazareth FOR Club Sponsors Food Drive

Two weeks ago, students at Nazareth ISD were involved in a canned food drive competition for a great cause.

The “Friends of Rachael” Club decided to ask all students from elementary to high school to bring donated cans for the local food pantry.

Elementary students who brought at least ten cans were able to take a picture with their favorite Swift or Swiftette, but for the junior high and high school, there was a little more competition. The single class out of each division that brought the most combined total of cans received a cookie cake, and the two students out of each division that brought the most individual cans got to throw a pie in the face of any teacher of their choice.

The juniors won the High School division with Ellen Schilderink bringing in the most cans. She chose to pie Ag teacher Austin Heck in the face. The sixth grade won out of the junior high with Dayson Schacher donating the most to throw a pie at Coach Taylor Schulte.


2015 Christmas Pageant Practices Uplift Faith

Men's Choral Practice

Five member of the men choir for the pageant practice the song “When Will The Little King Come”.

Practice Sessions for the 20th Biennial Nazareth Christmas Pageant, held now for the more than 100 volunteers, make use of the Choir loft or the Sanctuary of Holy Family Church, and have become not only a time of improving the coming performances but also a time of building up the faith of the participants. Lisa Schulte, one of the organizers, shares about the excitement and the community spirit of these practices, as well as the spirituality of singing and portraying the events at the birth of Jesus. The actual 2015 Christmas Pageant will be put on twice, both at 7:00 p.m., on Sunday, December 20th, and Monday, December 21st.


Thanksgiving Truly a Giving Experience

     “We Care” Food Pantry of Nazareth helped local families to have a little more to thank God for as they distributed Thanksgiving boxes of food and frozen turkeys to their “cared for guests” on Saturday, November 21st. These food items came from a variety of sources: High Plains Food Bank of Amarillo, Hereford grocery outlets, canned goods brought by church members at Holy Family, and 1700 cans collected by Nazareth students.

Along with the food collected, all of the Thanksgiving Day collection at Holy Family Church went this year to subsidize the We Care Food Pantry. Along with Hart Lions Club, Nazareth Knights of Columbus, and a number of individuals and companies in the area, the Food Bank has a “cared for guest” list of around 75 families. The organizers of the We Care Food Bank include church and community volunteers and the Nazareth Scouts.

Also, a number of people have donated clothing items in November and these will go to Amarillo, as needed either at Veterans Hospital or Downtown Women’s Center.



First of all, I would personally like to thank all of the veterans for their service to this country; I learned a lot about our government in my week at girls’ state, and I truly believe that even though our country may not be perfect, it is definitely worth defending, so thank you.

The first day I was a little nervous because I, who had never been on a plane, was told that I   was responsible for making sure that all of my travel buddies got on the flight, including Hannah, who we were going to meet up with at our layover in Dallas because she was at a basketball tournament. We got to Dallas without any problems, and I finally relaxed a bit when I saw Hannah waiting for us at the terminal. We flew to San Antonio, and  then we waited for the bus to take us to Texas Lutheran University in Seguin. Once we checked in, we were assigned to different cities, political parties, and to either the Senate or the House of Representatives. Mine were City E (Extraterrestrials), the red National Party, and the Senate. After that we got to meet everyone in our cities and have dinner, then it was back to the gym for a short assembly where we learned about how a city is governed and where I decided to run for a city office. When we got back to our dorms, we were so tired that we pretty much just went to bed.

The next morning, we assembled to meet the staff and then went back to our cities to vote on our charter and file for election. I entered the race for city councilwoman number 5, but I wasn’t elected, missed it by a lot, in fact, and it pretty much shot my confidence as far as campaigning for myself went. But, the next day, after the newly elected officials were sworn in, I dedicated myself to helping other girls in my city by helping them make posters and write speeches so that they could get elected to some of the higher offices. Our first county meeting was that afternoon, so I got to meet people from a couple of other cities. Our first House & Senate session was not long after that and we learned how a bill is presented, passed, and turned into a law.

The next day, we discussed bills on several controversial issues such as gun control and child care and elected county officials, and then we watched the first talent show of the week, and let me tell you, all of the performances knew what they were doing.

We spent most of the next morning in the House and Senate, and then held a mock trial back at our cities. That afternoon we reviewed our trip to the state capitol for the next day, heard several speeches by the state and county candidates, and held elections. One of the other girls in my city, Natalie Pravinkumar was elected for the the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and our entire city was extremely proud of her, we screamed ourselves hoarse when she was elected and we celebrated for a pretty long time back in our city’s dorm.

The next day, we went to the state capitol in buses and actually held a house and senate session in the capitol. I was incredibly lucky- I got to sit in one of the desks that one of our state senators use when the senate is assembled. Then the Senate joined the House of Representatives in the House and our state officials were inaugurated. Then we came back to girls’ state and had county activities. Our county had a relaxed talent show that made everybody laugh, and then we had dinner and went to the second official talent show of the week. After that, my city came back to our dorms and stayed up late. I was blessed with a wonderful city with wonderful fellow citizens, and we had all kind of grown close, so we were trying to put off the next day when we would have to say good-bye. We thanked our wonderful counselors with cards,  we talked, we laughed, and some of us cried a little bit; it was a very moving night.

After we had dragged our tired bodies out of bed the next morning, we ate breakfast, had our final assembly, where there was even more crying, and then we found everyone from our travel group and got on the bus. We flew from San Antonio to Dallas and then after a four hour layover, we flew back to Amarillo where our families were waiting for us.

The entire week was an amazing gift. I have always known that our veterans fought for our country, but this trip showed me that our country isn’t just about ball games and freedom of speech. Our country stands for a system of government that honestly tries to help its people. Our country is of the people, by the people, and for the people, and it just seems right to thank those who have and are defending it.





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