November 18th~Year 7, 45


At the District FFA LDE contests in Abernathy on Thursday, Nazareth FFA was very well represented with six teams consisting of twenty students qualifying for the area competitions.

In Senior creed, Garrison Kleman placed 2nd and Teri Burnett placed 13th. In Greenhand creed, Emily Heitchmidt in 2nd was followed by Brady Robb in 3rd. The Greenhand quiz teams finished1st and 5th, and the Greenhand skills team, comsisting of Jacob Moroney, Dylan Howell, Kristi McAlister, and Kim Chavira, placed 2nd. In the job interview contest, Hydie Dyer came in 4th, and Garrett Annen placed 7th. The two radio teams won 2nd and 3rd. The first team consisted of Hannah Leavitt, Megan Pierson, Lexy Ethridge, and Alee Christian, and the second team included Cailtlin Kleman, Madi Carson, Lexi Huseman, and Chandler Schulte. Lastly, the public relations team which consisted of Morgan Nelson, Lexy Ethridge, Lexi Huseman, Hattie Robb, and Caitlin Kleman placed fourth.

The students qualifying for area will compete next Saturday at WT. Congrats to all who competed and good luck to those at area!

November is “Lest We Forget” month


Starting out on the feasts of All Saints and All Souls, Nov. 1 & 2, Holy Family Church remembered with love and prayers all those in the past year who have been embraced in eternity with the Lord Jesus.  A photograph and a candle were placed on the Sacred Heart of Jesus Altar for:

Father John Hickey – Nov 8, 2014

Bea Hoelting – Dec 1, 2014

Dora Pohlmeier – Dec 6, 2014

Bernice Helting – Jan 9, 2015

Gilbert Schulte –  March 28, 2015

Olen Schulte –  April 4, 2015

Charlotte Acker Middleton -April 23,2015

Margaret Brockman – April 25, 2015

Paul Gerber – May 11, 2015

Monica Mote-June 10, 2015

Viola Pohlmeier – July 26, 2015

James Wilhelm –  August 28, 2015

Carmen Wethington – Oct 12, 2015

Florene Schulte –  Oct 19, 2015

and James Acker – Oct 22, 2015

Internship Harvesting Ceremony


Community Intern Anna Jolley, second from right, conducted her Harvesting Ceremony at Holy Family Church Conference Room on Nov. 15th.  Representatives from the Parish Council, Finance Council, and Nazareth Museum, main partners supporting the internship projects, posed for this photo.  Anna currently lives in Lubbock and works full time at the Science Spectrum.




     I first would like to thank the American Legion for giving me the opportunity to attend Girls State. I was definitely an experience starting with the fact I have never flown on a plane before. With all my anxiety built up, I scared Carly when she found me sitting in the terminal by myself. We boarded the plane and I had a small panic attack right after my dad had texted me and told me not to. Sorry Dad. All was well when we arrived to Seguin. During registration I was assigned to City A-Azaleas and the Federalist Party. We attended seminars, talent shows, and got the privilege to sit in on a mock house and senate parliamentarian. I even got to meet the first lady, Cecilia Abbot. Girls State was a great learning experience of how the Texas government works and how other types of governments worked. I highly suggest this year’s junior girls to look into attending Girls State this upcoming summer. They definitely would not regret it!


The senior captains perform their last coin toss before the playoff game last Thursday against the Valley Patriots.

The swifts ended their great season with an extremely hard fought battle on both ends of the field. Unfortunately, the Patriots defense was hard to break, and their offense was quick and strong. The Swifts came up short to lose the bi-district game, but they gained new experience and acquired many new skills for next year.



Nazareth FFA has started cooking the hams from their annual meat sale. The organization sold  865 hams already, and they have more to be sold. Pictured are students putting hams on the fire during the 5:30 a.m. shift.

lamb show

The 7th annual Nazareth Lamb jackpot and clinic was a success, with 77 lambs showed. Robert Scott was the judge of the show. Thank you to Mark Kleman and Lori Johnson for helping with the show, and thanks to Cole Kleman and Garrison Kleman for being ring help.


Nazareth Christian Mothers Turkey Dinner

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Turkey Dinner & trimmings

in Nazareth Community Hall

11 a.m.—2 p.m.

Adults $10

10 yrs. & younger $5.00

Holiday Arts & Crafts

In School Cafeteria

9:30 a.m.—3:00 p.m.

Sponsored by Nazareth Art Club

Thanksgiving Dinner Raffle: If you have any items you would like to donate for the raffle, please call Lenora Braddock @ 945-2209 or Marlene Acker @ 570-9603.






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