September 30th~Year 7, No 38

New Staff at Nazareth ISD





Please tell us a little about yourself, your family, and where you are from.

I am from McLean, Texas. My dad is a teacher and a pastor, and my mom is a teacher’s aid. I have two younger brothers. One is in college, and the other is still in high school.


What classes will you be teaching?

Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Cal, College Readiness, Algebra Reasoning, and 7th grade Math


How do you feel about coming to NISD?

I am very excited to be here. It’s a great school and town, and everyone has been very nice to me.

What’s different here from your past experiences?

The atmosphere of success is very refreshing. It’s not the same at other places.


What are your degrees and from what college?

I have a B.S. in SES with an emphasis in Math Education from West Texas A&M University.

What are your personal goals that you have set for yourself this coming year?

I just hope to live up to the culture of success here and be the best teacher that I can be.

Besides the Swifts and Swiftettes, what other teams are your favorite?

I am a Dallas Cowboys fan, even though that can be torturous at times.



Students preparing for the calf scramble on Saturday.

Last week, many Nazareth students participated in the events at the 2015 Tri-State Fair and Rodeo.

emma kleman

The Mark Kleman family with the lamb.

The show started on September 19 with the lamb show where Emma Kleman won Reserve Grand lamb and Hallie Kleman won first in medium wool. The 4H and FFA livestock judging contests also took place, and the 4H judging team placed 3rd while the FFA team placed 4th overall.

In the barrow show, Dayson Schacher won first with his duroc and cross, Tye Schulte placed fifth with his cross, and Chandler Schulte was awarded second for her cross.     Roxanne Wilhelm and Boston Jones showed their goats, and Roxanne earned sixth while Boston was fourth.

In the steer show, thirteen Nazareth students participated and placed including Shelby Annen, Maddie Smith, Lexi Huseman, Kaci Kleman, Sara Kleman, Aubrie Durbin, Roxanne Wilhelm, Molly Johnson, Riley Durbin, Caitlin Kleman, Payton Durbin, Anna Huseman, and Dayson Schacher. All did very well, as Lexi Huseman won first with her shorthorn, and Caitlin Kleman and Molly Johnson placed third with their crosses.

On Thursday and Saturday evenings, students competed in the calf scramble. The first night, Garrison Kleman, Brady Robb, and Emily Heitschmidt caught a calf and won a $250 scholarship. Then, on Saturday after the steer show, twelve Nazareth students participated in the second calf scramble. Five students including Roxanne Wilhelm, Jake Waldo, Madi Carson, Mike Schilderink, and Lexy Ethridge won the same scholarship. Tristan McLaurin, Rigo Pena, Dustin Kern, Alli Carson, Sara Kleman, Caitlin Kleman, and Anna Huseman were also participants.

Congratulations to all of these students on a great job!


              By: Lars Schilderink


Lars Schilderink connecting the drip system

The process of completing my Eagle Scout Project began by getting an idea of what I was going to do for the project. I set up a meeting with Father Ken and Darryl to discuss their suggestions. They had a few ideas that would contribute to the goal of Greater Naz 2020. The plan that we agreed on included taking down the three old garden beds located behind the Home Mercantile and building a new, longer garden bed.


The base of the garden being built

Before starting the project, I had to create a proposal to send to the South Plains Boy Scouts Council to get my project approved. For the proposal, it was necessary to list the materials, tools, and supplies needed, provide an estimate of the total cost of the materials, plan who was going to help me during the project, explain the steps that I would need to take to complete the project, and predict the difficulties that I would face in my project.

Once the plan was approved, I started by taking down the old beds and keeping the cinder blocks that could still be used. I then cleared the area and leveled the dirt for the foundation. I slowly and tenuously laid the new cinder blocks to make sure the bed was square. After building the bed, which was 34’ long, 5’4” wide, and 2’ high, I filled it halfway with a garden bed filler and halfway with a rich mulch. I also built a rain harvest system that collects water off the roof of the Home Merc and stores it in four recycled chemical totes. For the rain harvest system, I spray painted four chemical totes black, donated by Wilbur Ellis, to prevent algae growth. I built two 2’ high stands for the storage totes stacked two high on either corner of the building. I removed the old rain gutters and replaced them with flexible hose that collected the rainfall from the roof and ran it into the storage totes. I connected the top totes to the bottom totes, and I ran hose from both pairs of totes to the raised garden bed. I then connected a battery operated timer and a filter before attaching 100’ of drip line that emits water every 12” in the raised garden bed. The raised garden bed grows vegetables for the Holy Family Food Pantry.


The produce of the garden growing for harvest

While working on the project, I also had to complete a final plan that was a lot more specific than the proposal. After completing the project, I had to complete a Service Project Report, which explains how everything went and what changed during the project.

I am very proud of how the project turned out. It is currently working well, and the plants really like the drip line. I learned quite a bit about landscaping when laying the bricks, and I learned that personally, I prefer the labor part of a project rather than the planning and approval. I am looking forward to becoming an Eagle Scout. I am getting really close, and I am glad that I finally completed the project.


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