September 9th~Year 7, No. 35



          For the entire school from elementary to high school and from teachers to parents, last week was filled with fun activities that made up the 2015 Homecoming Week ending with a successful win for the swifts on Friday night.

With a different theme for each day, students and staff participated by dressing up in outfits including pajama day, nerd day, Hawaiian day, throwback day, and blue and gold day to show their school spirit. High school students participated in the annual painting of the streets by designing their name in different forms and fashions using spray paint in front of the school.

Thursday night began with a big crowd at the Home and School’s chili supper followed by the parade led by the Nazareth Swift Band that brought all the fans to Swift Stadium for the Homecoming Pep Rally. The exciting night consisted of many cheers and dances from high school and junior high cheerleaders as well as the younger girls who attended cheer camp in August. Former Spirit Queen Taylor Damron was home to crown the 2015 Spirit King and Queen, Lars Schilderink and Roxanne Wilhelm. The senior football and cheerleader moms had the stands on their feet for a dance competition between the seniors and the coaches leaving everyone laughing at the old dance moves against the newest ones.

Before the game on Friday the Homecoming court processed the field. Freshman Lexis Nieves, Sophomore Kamryn Schulte, Junior Lexy Ethridge were members of the court and the senior candidates were Hannah Hill, Megan Pierson, and Morgan Nelson. Voted by high school students, Morgan Nelson was announced 2015 Homecoming Queen and was crowned by former queen Payton Robb. The Swifts fought for a victory over the Southland Eagles 50-12 to bring an end to the special week.



Cookie Dough and desserts for sale by varsity cheerleaders till Sept. 11th – Nikki, 945-2231

IT’S “CHRISTMAS PAGEANT” YEAR – anyone with ideas and suggestions, please come to a gathering on Sept. 13, 10:30 a.m. in church conference room – we want to make this year’s pageant a true grace-filled outreach from the community and church to all.

PLEASE KEEP THE DATE OPEN – Sept 19th, Saturday– BRANDING IRON BENEFIT for Nazareth German Heritage Museum – fun for everyone in community.  Also, memorial ancestry bricks available.  Info: contact Dale at 679-7043

NAZARETH – “You are the greatest!”


Nazareth FFA members on their “Hand-in-Hand” float: Megan Pierson, Lexy Ethridge, Tate Schulte, Tucker Huseman, and Kiko Rodriguez.


For an epic 74 years, this little rural village has pulled together each Labor Day Weekend to host and to celebrate a “Labor of Love”, as the entire community, church, and school “Hang-in, Hold-on, Hand-in-Hand!”  — the 2015 theme.

With parade, arts-n-crafts booths, Sunday dinner, Grand Auction, games for children as well as adults, a hamburger at the end of the day, and some fun-time video horse racing, Nazareth has created not just a fund-raiser but also a fun-raiser.  The spirit of cooperation the community has all year around is symbolized by the outpouring of dedicated workers willing to make love-offerings of their time, talent and treasure as they did on Sunday, September 6, 2015.

The organizers, lead by the capable church council, and supported by well-over a hundred and fifty workers, staffed this annual bazaar-bash that traces its history back to a young priest at the time, Fr. Norbert Wagner, helpful backer of school, church, and community.”  Many of the same Nazareth families that worked back in the 1940’s have grandchildren and great-grandchildren “fun-ning” and funding here this last Sunday.

The present pastor of Holy Family offers great appreciation to all the community for caring and sharing in this labor of love. As soon as expenses are tallied up and payments of auction items are complete, the organizers think it will be noted as “just as successful as last year.”  Just before the cattle auction began a time of silence was called for by Coby Schacher, the auctioneer, to honor Olen Schulte who was one of the mainstays of past auctions.  Fr. Ken offered a short prayer thanking God for Olen’s giftedness to this community in life and in the Labor Day event of many years past.

A day filled with reminiscing, fun, hard work, and good food, the Labor Day celebration was definitely a successful day for a church fundraiser, so a big thanks goes to all who were a part of it!



              30th, 40th, 50th, 55th, and 57th year reunion groups took the opportunity of this year’s Labor Day weekend to get reacquainted with their classmates and friends back here in Nazareth as well as attend the Nazareth Homecoming 2015.  It also allowed many to participate in the 74th Annual Labor Day Picnic with all its many events and quite a few rode in the parade on various floats or vehicles.

The Saturday church service at Holy Family was packed to the walls as many ex-students came to give thanks to God for their life-journeys and their years of success based on Nazareth school and the energy of “we got our start in Naz!”

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