September 16th~Year 7, No 36



Participants from Nazareth and Dimmitt before the calf scramble

The annual Gfeller bull riding was hosted this past Saturday in Dimmitt, and several local students participated in the calf scramble event to earn scholarship money. Fifteen Nazareth students scrambled, and seven of them were successful in catching a calf. The seven winners were Jake Waldo, Caitlin Kleman, Traytan Mclain, Sara Kleman, Tucker Huseman, Emily Heitschmidt, and Maddie Gfeller. Others who participated include Lexi Huseman, Aubrie Durbin, Roxanne Wilhelm, Alee Christian, Anna Huseman, Hattie Robb, Alli Carson, Maddi Carson, and Mike Schilderink.



Mr. Heck with Lars Schilderink, Ellen Schilderink, Lexy Ethridge, and Amanda Kleman

Four Nazareth FFA members had the change to represent not only the Nazareth chapter of FFA, but the entire state of Texas at the  national                   All-American Dairy show on Tuesday morning, and they fulfilled their task placing seventh overall as a team and third team Brown Swiss with Ellen Schilderink placing twelfth highest overall. The judging team won the district competition, placed third at the area competition, and qualified for nationals by earning third place at the state competition. The team’s hard work and long hours of practiced paid off during their trip to Pennsylvania for nationals.



Chandler Schulte, Brady Robb, Blakely Gerber, Maddie Gfeller, Hallie Kleman, Emily Heitschmidt, Bryson High, Garrison Kleman, Natalie Schulte, Hattie Robb & Kim Chavira

Last Tuesday on September 8th, the Nazareth FFA chapter took 14 kids to the Nance Ranch in canyon to participate in green hand camp. The camp is open to all students in FFA, but it mainly focuses on allowing newcomers of the FFA to experience it for the first time. The students participated in numerous workshops focusing on teamwork, leadership, and breaking out of your shell, and they rounded out the day with the          Ag-lympics. In the games activities such as tug of war, mud slide, stock tank musical chairs, and cow tongue the students were able to compete with and get to know fellow FFA members. In the end all of the new members had a great time and made many new friends at this beneficial camp.

Burger Benefit set September 20 for King’s Manor

              A community-wide hamburger and dessert dinner to benefit fire recovery at King’s Manor Methodist Retirement Home will be held Sunday, September 20 at the Hereford Community Center Banquet Room, 100 Avenue C,  from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Admittance will be by donation. The benefit dinner is being sponsored by an alliance of Hereford churches and individuals in recognition of fulfilling a need and celebration of community response to a vital local facility.

Proceeds will help to close a loss gap incurred by King’s Manor when insurance claim payment capped out, leaving substantial expenses related to the January 27, 2014 fire and subsequent water damage at the facility unrecovered.

Some 90 residents were initially displaced in the aftermath of the fire and consequential water damage. Facilities in Friona and Dimmitt helped to provide homes for displaced residents on the night of and in the immediate aftermath of the fire. While the Westgate Wing of the facility reopened in short order, the assisted living portion of King’s Manor was left closed for a year in the wake of the fire and water damage, resulting in substantial loss to King’s Manor that was not reimbursed despite insurance coverage. While operations have moved forward, King’s Manor’s full recovery from the fire aftermath is not yet complete.

No official community event was held in recognition of that outstanding response, and celebrating that fine hour for Hereford marks another reason for the September 20 observance.


      This is the beginning of a large project to revitalize our small town. We would like to see our town flourish into the future. With your help, we can do this.

It would be a shame if any part of our ancestry would be lost to history. Many things at the present museum are not presented correctly. Some are just in storage. Other families would bring things that could be displayed if we had a place to show the item’s history. A new building will help with that.

We also want to be able to change things out from time to time, to make the museum fresh for tourists to see. We have a very unique history to this town. The struggles of our ancestors in items and memorability.  We hope to bring back the people that are lost to time. Show their stories. We also have a strong academic and sports history, which is unmatched anywhere in the state. This need to be recognized.

We have some very unique articles to display. These items can never be seen anywhere else in the world. We might even put our town on the map!

So come! Relax and enjoy a fine night of food, fun and entertainment. See our dream! The dream of Nazareth!

We will brand the wooden fence at the Yellow Rose Inn for the Nazareth German Heritage Museum on Saturday, September 19, from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. If you are unable to be there at this time, please bring your branding iron to Intersection Sales & Service. We will make sure your brand gets on the fence. Please call Dale Acker @ 679-7043 or Marlene Acker @ 570-9603 for more information. Thank you and hope to see everyone there!

The Nazareth German Heritage Museum is selling Ancestry Bricks. Purchase a brink for your ancestor loved ones so they are not lost to history. We will be selling them at the Branding Iron Benefit in September, or call Dale & Marlene Acker, Chris & Twila Williams, Julius & Kathy Birkenfeld, or Allan & Stephanne Dobmeier.

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