August 12th~Year 7, No 31



    Deaf Smith Electric Cooperative, Inc. took six students from our area on a ten day trip to Washington D.C. on a Youth Tour, one of which was Megan Pierson who moved to Nazareth last year.

“The Youth Tour trip to DC was such an awesome experience,” incoming senior Megan Pierson said. “Getting to tour our nation’s capital was humbling, interesting, exciting, and it made me thankful to call America home!”

There were teenagers from 44 states on the tour making a total of 1,737 students, and 125 of them were from Texas.

“I am not only proud to be an American, but I am proud to be a Texan too. I learned a lot about our American history but I also learned how important Texas Agriculture is to this great nation,” Megan Pierson said.

The ten days were spent exploring D.C. and learning all about our nation. The students visited the Smithsonian’s, the Lincoln and Washington memorials, war memorials, Arlington national cemetery, Mount Vernon, the national cathedral, the holocaust museum, and the national capital.

“I would recommend this trip to all high school students because everyone needs to learn and experience all the things D.C. has to offer!”

               SUCCESSFUL CAMP FOR FUTURE                



Waiting for the other girls to arrive, the cheerleaders start a game of ‘Little Swifty Fox’ to pass time.

This week, the Nazareth High School cheerleaders hosted a three day camp in the mornings to teach younger girls cheers and dances.

Each of the two divisions, big girls and little girls, mastered a dance, cheer, and chant, but they also had fun playing different games during their breaks.

The future swift cheerleaders will show off their new skills during their performance at the Homecoming pep rally.

Life of Sonny Waggoner Encourages Continuing Education


   Known to many Nazareth folks because some of his grandchildren attended school here, Sonny Waggoner left a legacy of hard work and his love of study.  After 31 years of operating a Dimmitt dairy, at the age of 55, he went back to get his teaching degree in ESL and Spanish from West Texas A & M. He then turned his later life to teaching.

At the age of 77, Winston Coy Waggoner died August 3rd and was buried in Castro Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Dimmitt with many locals in attendance at the graveside.

Sonny attended Dimmitt High School, and served in the U. S. Army in active duty and then in reserves, being decorated for his marksmanship. Sonny married Judy Herington in 1962 in Farwell, Texas.

In his early career, he attended Abilene Christian University and Texas Tech University with a degree in Dairy Science that helped him as he operated a dairy in Dimmitt for more than 31 years.

He is survived by his wife, Judy; one son, Quint Waggoner of Dimmitt and two daughters, Holly Stone and Molly; two brothers and four sisters; eight grandchildren; and one great-grandchild.

Memorial donations can be made to Building Fund, Lubbock Christian Schools, 2604 Dover, Lubbock, Texas 79407.

midnight madness

After a successful annual midnight madness practice, the senior swifts lead the team in their ending jumping jacks. The swifts had a great first practice with pads and are continuing to improve and prepare for their first scrimmage against Jayton and Spur at home on August 15.


 Recently, many people were excited about the increase in the speed limit on FM 168 from 70 miles per hour to 75 miles per hour. But now, everyone must be aware of the sudden decrease in speed along the road. When driving north towards Amarillo, the speed limit drops to 65 miles per hour at the Randall County line, and later decreases even more to 55 miles per hour. All small highways in Randall County were changed to a slower speed to prevent probable safety hazards. The first month served as a warning to drivers, but speeding through that area now could result in a ticket.

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