July 22nd~Year 7, No 28

Teen Acts Retreat


   This weekend, kids from the Amarillo Diocese and all over were able to attend a weekend retreat at the Bishop DeFalco Retreat Center in Amarillo to grow in their faith.

Six of the retreats were from Nazareth including Slade Gerber, Landon Robb, Alee Christian, Faithe Huseman, Garrett Annen, and Tristan McLaurin.

“It was a great experience and I encourage all teens to attend a retreat of their own,” Faithe Huseman said in regard to the weekend.

The team members met each Sunday for 20 weeks in advance to prepare for the weekend. The team consisted of teenagers, young adults, and adults, five of which were also from Nazareth. Glenn Ramaekers was co-director, Kade Kleman was teen co-director, and Derrick Schacher, Tommy Russell, and Abby Schmucker were on team as well.

“I loved attending the retreat last summer, but being on team was even better. Being able to help 33 teens grow closer to God makes all the preparation worth it.”



Members of the Nazareth FFA pose in their official dress on day two of the state convention. These students ranged from incoming sophomores to incoming seniors.

   After driving over 1900 miles across the state last week, the  FFA students finally made it back from their trip to Corpus Christi.

In between having fun on the beach, visiting the USS Lexington Museum, and floating the river in New Braunfels, the group attended all the sessions of the convention to explore what makes up the FFA. They learned about the political side of the organization including the meetings and election processes.

Members of the group from Nazareth received a Golden Horizon award for best single teacher chapter in Texas, a Jim Bob scholarship of $10,000, and 12 lonestar degrees, in addition to having an incoming state officer candidate.



    Summer baseball has wrapped up for the year for the Nazareth Youth League T-Ball and Baseball. Nearly 90 youngsters ranging in age from pre-k to fourth grade, enjoyed competing throughout the season.

This year, the community had eight teams consisting of two boy t-ball teams, two girl t-ball teams, two girl coach pitch softball teams, and two boy coach pitch baseball teams.

The season was a complete success as always thanks to the sponsors and volunteer coaches who made it all possible, and it ended with a celebration in the ballpark. The kids and their families enjoyed the annual fireworks and the movie Angels in the Outfield.


   Nazareth was a very happening place this past weekend with three events taking place.

The first of these was the Stork reunion. The family gathered and mingled Friday and Saturday at the home of Kit and Kira Schulte.

Another beautiful event was the wedding of Chad and Tylar Acker. Family and friends came from near and far to celebrate the new couple. The wedding was followed by a lovely reception down the street with food, refreshments and a dance.

The family of Mary Lou and Joe Lynn  Birkenfeld  was also together on Saturday. Their children hosted a celebration in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary at the Home Merc building.

The Castro County Fair and Harvest Days will be September 10 – 12, 2015.  If you are interested in renting a booth for Saturday, September 12th, please contact Donna at 647-2243 (or) dsr60@windstream.net (or) The Chamber of Commerce at 647-2524.

Booth Rental is $40 per booth inside the Expo and $30 for booths inside the Quonset and outside.  Electricity is $5 extra.  Booths inside the Expo go fast and it is first come first served so contact us soon.  Hope to see you at the fair!


After a nearly 5 inch rain in Nazareth on the evening of July 20th, the Kiva in the middle of the labyrinth at Darryl & Joann’s house was filled with storm water by the next morning.

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