July 15th~Year 7, No 27

Successful Day celebrating

our German HERITAGE

   The 43rd annual Nazareth German Festival started early and ended late for many people who came from all over to enjoy the fun-filled day.

Some started the morning learning about the local playa lake and the different plants that it holds. The group of fifteen split into three teams to compete in a plant identification competition before listening to Scott Starr about life forms in the water.


Playa lake tour

Meanwhile, some shopped along the arts and crafts booths filled with items ranging from metal work to clothes and jewelry, while others visited the museum to see past memorabilia as well as a plan for the new Nazareth German Heritage Museum to be built just north of the present building.


Model of the new museum

The traditional German sausage dinner in the Community Hall attracted approximately 1,200 hungry people, and over 250 others visited the Home Merc to see the Quilt Show. The exhibit held more than 40 quilts some of which were made in the quilting classes as well as some that were quilted by hand many years ago.


Quilt made by Ms. Bischel

Another display was set up in the school cafeteria honoring the 20 state championships won by the Swiftette basketball teams. With a table for each championship, people were able to view the history that led to the public school national record for the most won championships. Nearly 80 former Swiftettes attended ranging from the first winners in 1977 to the most recent ones in 2015.


Former Swiftette state champions

While the children were enjoying the water slides and activities, many people enjoyed the music flowing from the stage at Page’s Bier Garden featuring C.R. Beedy and Friends, Steven Birkenfeld, local musicians and family groups, and the Panhandle Boys. All of the entertainment was followed by a brown bag supper with pulled pork and brisket sandwiches.



Ralph Brockman at the Bier Garden


Landon Robb and Logan Samford performing

Thanks to everyone who helped to make the 2015 festival a success!


    The Nazareth Community Ballpark was filled with a crowd of hundreds listening to Curtis Grimes as the headliner band and other live bands while dancing all night on the 2400 square foot wooden dance floor. All of the refreshments kept the celebration going and trailers and campers allowed the visitors to stay the night.

The Windy Cow Café


  By Fr. Jim Schmitmeyer

     I drive past the town of Wildorado several times a week on my way to Vega. Last week I noticed a new restaurant on the service road along I-40. For a town as small as Wildorado, a new restaurant is big news.
And so is the name: The Windy Cow Café.
windy cow? In all my life, I never described a cow as windy. Stubborn? Yes. Stupid? Yes. Growing up a dairy farm, I’ve called lots of cows much worse. But windy? Never.
So I got to wondering, is a windy cow a bovine that talks a lot? In other words, does it refer to a cow that’s full of hot air? If so, maybe the new restaurant owners are undercover environmentalists from California, infiltrating the Texas Panhandle, concerned about global warming and the effect of bovine flatulence.
But then I took a good look at the front of the restaurant itself and noticed, bolted to the brick wall, a metal cutout of an Angus cow and, next to it, and a fiberglass image of a wind turbine. Then the name suddenly made sense. Wildorado is surrounded by feedlots and turbines. Then I understood the meaning of the name, Windy Cow. Given its location, the new owners are sending out a two-fold message. Cowboys, ranchers and horse traders are welcome. And so are the turbine monkeys, those guys who climb the ladders inside those huge towers to service the gigantic generators.
Kind of like the Church, right? In the Acts of the Apostles, on the Day of Pentecost, God made it clear that His house is the house of all people. Feedlot cowboys and turbine mechanics. Or, in the words of the Bible, Jew and Gentile. Men and women. Rich and poor.  All races welcome. All languages spoken.
If the apostles Peter and Paul were to open a church in Wildorado, they might just name it The Church of the Windy Cow. “You got manure on your boots and you smell like a steer? Well, come on in! You got grease on your hands and a hard hat on your head? Grab a seat! We’re glad you’re here!”
That’s right. If you got an empty soul and you’re hungry for a helpin’ of grace, you’ve come to the right place. We don’t offer biscuits and gravy. But we got the Word of God, seven sacraments…and Holy Communion is the daily special.


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