June 24th~Year 7, No 24

Beauty in our midst

Have you noticed those gorgeous yellow flowers covering several of the playa lake basins around Nazareth!  The plant is called Plains coreopsis, and with its bright yellow petals around maroon centers, they are real attention grabbers!  The species is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant for wildlife gardens and natural landscaping throughout the U.S.  In our region, playas soils contain millions of the plants’ tiny seeds, so when we have a wet spring, Plains coreopsis germinates in April, and produces the beautiful color palette we see right now.  The last time it happened was 2007, so savor the sight while it lasts.

Courtesy: Darryl Birkenfeld

Reading to achieve


Dimmitt students learn from helper Abby Schmucker about vegetables after reading a book about gardening. The children planted their own lima bean to grow at home and enjoyed a tasty vegetable snack.

     Throughout the summer months of  June and July, the libraries in both Nazareth and Dimmitt are offering summer reading programs.

The Nazareth Home and School is opening the library on Mondays and Wednesdays mornings to encourage students to be lifelong readers. The program includes a guest reader and a craft, as well as extra time to check out and read books. Each child is given a reading log, and once they read 20 books, they will receive a free book.


Dayson Schacher adds ten drops of food coloring to his bubbly creation. Amanda Kleman helped the Nazareth readers create their own lava lamp with vegetable oil, water, food coloring, and an alka-seltzer.

At the Rhoads Memorial Library in Dimmitt, the   Agri-Life Extension Service hosts a program with the theme “Every Hero has a Story” on Tuesday afternoons. The group listens to a book first, and then they get the chance to participate in a craft or activity involving the book followed by a tasty snack. The children can win prizes each week by keeping track of the books they read.

Since children should read at least 20 minutes each day, these two programs provide them with the perfect opportunity to do so.

City-Wide Garage Sale

   This Saturday, June 27, Nazareth will be having the annual city wide garage sale from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Anyone who would like their garage sale to be on the list can call City Hall (945-2285).

The Legion Auxiliary will also be hosing the annual garage sale in the Legion Hall on Saturday. Contact Lisa Schulte (945-2542) or Kathy Birkenfeld (945-2298) if you would like to donate an item; all proceeds will benefit the organization.




Two members of the Nazareth Museum committee Kathy Birkenfeld (left) and Stephanne Dobmier (right), meet with intern Anna Jolley in composing a master plan of growth for the museum.

         “Excited about our past means caring for it in the future” – an echoing theme carried forth by the Nazareth Museum Committee moving ahead with great plans for the care and preservation of historical items, photographs, and treasures.  In meetings during the past few months, Museum members have stepped up their campaign to place our Nazareth Museum on the maps of cultural and heritage tourism.  This includes a change in the name – now to be known as “The Nazareth German Heritage Museum” – as well as announcing plans for the kick-off of a new building project for Museum Square in beautiful downtown Nazareth, across from Holy Family Church.

“We’ve got to have some more room for all our displays, if we really are going to care for and exhibit our historic and cultural treasures”, said Kathy Birkenfeld, recently meeting with the Public History Community Intern, Anna Jolley.  Anna is working with the group to do a Master Plan for future growth of the museum.  With a new energy vision inspired by Dale and Marlene Acker, of the Yellow Rose Inn, the Museum Volunteers have moved ahead with planning for building a new exhibition house, just  north of the old school house museum.  The old home at the corner of St. Mary’s and St. Joseph Streets is deteriorating slowly and has to be replaced.

The new structure, equipped as a modern museum space that will also house an antique gun collection, will be designed like an “old farm house”, said Dale Acker.  He also indicated that this will be a great addition to our village and encourage the use of the old square of Nazareth for village-strolling, as well compliment the new church addition with similar street lighting.

The fund-raising efforts begin with the fence branding at Yellow Rose Inn on Sept. 19th, Saturday – an all day festival that invites everyone to bring old and new branding irons for display and gathering the history of each family’s brands for the museum.

Annual July 3 Fandango

Everyone is invited to join the Castro County Nursing and Rehab at 1621 Butler Blvd Dimmitt, Texas, from 4:00 – 10:00 p.m. The fun will include waterslides, a dunk tank, a bouncy house, fireworks, watermelon, ice cream, food and drink, all for free!

4th of July Fireworks

Remember to stop by the Gerber’s Firework Stand to buy a variety of fireworks just south of the intersection of Highway 86 & 168.

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