May 27th~Year 7, No 20



On Pentecost Sunday, May 24th, at Holy Family Church, the 2015 Nazareth High School Graduating Seniors and families joined in Baccalaureate Services, along with the 8th Grade who will be entering High School in August.  The fifteen graduates entered the church processing with various recognitions of their “footprints” during their Senior Year and all were welcomed by Kamber Higgins. Kaden Hatla and Payton Robb proclaimed the scriptures of Pentecost’s Spirit of Wisdom, Deacon Bob Birkenfeld read the Gospel, and Fr. Ken Keller shared the homily challenging the graduates to continue to leave positive and faith-filled footprints each day of their lives.  Gifts were presented by Taylor Damron, Trey Waldo, Ethan Schulte, Brenna Braddock , and Luis-Miguel Franco. Communion Ministers were Mackenzie Gerber, Cole Kleman, Amanda Kleman, Kade Kleman, Hayden Gerber, and Tommy Russell.  Mason Kleman shared the 2015 Seniors’ Baccalaureate message, while Lexi Huseman responded with the Juniors’ Thanksgiving.

Jennie Birkenfeld, principal, introduced the Seniors and parents, as well as the faculty and staff of the school. The Parents’ Prayer was offered by the Glenn Waldo, both a parent and the NISD Superintendent.

Athletic and FFA Banquet


FFA Accomplishment display


Senior class at Athletic Banquet

The end of school is nearing and that means that high school students’ weeks are filled with banquets. Athletics and FFA hosted their banquets last week, May 18 & 19. During the athletic banquet, coaches of every sport gave their speech about the success this year. Athletes qualified for state in over half of the sports offered: cross country, basketball, track, and tennis. Many awards were given, but ultimately Cole Kleman won the Swift Award and Mackenzie Gerber and Payton Robb won the Swiftette Award. The FFA banquet consisted of a meal followed by speakings from FFA officers. Four of the eight officers hung up their FFA jacket as their journey in the FFA came to an end. Over thirty banners from CDE and LDE contests along with numerous photos of stock show winners and Lone Star Degree recipients were on display. The new officers are Faithe Huseman, Garrison Kleman, Riley Durbin, Lexy Ethridge, Morgan Nelson, Roxanne Wilhelm, and Lexi Huseman. The academic banquet will be May 28.


American Legion Veterans: Bob Fisher and Post Commander Bob Schulte Right: 1 of 3 Nazareth WWII Veterans: Wm. Hochstein


Two hundred people joined in the Memorial Day ceremonies in Nazareth at Holy Family Church and Cemetery on Monday May 25th. Flag Ceremonies began at 7 am, then Mass and praying the Nazareth Veterans Necrology, followed by processing with Color Guard into the Cemetery for Honoring the departed Veterans.  Francis Wilhelm American Legion Post hosted a breakfast afterwards honoring 2014-2015 deceased Leroy Pohlmeier and Pat Braddock

Youth Retreat in the Village

              On the weekend of May 2nd, 16 sixth grade students from St. Anthony’s School in Hereford, TX (and 3 sponsors) traveled to Nazareth for a retreat. Before arriving in Nazareth on that Saturday afternoon, the group hiked at Buffalo Lake NWR, and went to the WTAMU campus for short talk on making good decisions and how our decisions effect others. The retreat also included a visit to the Rock & Roll Soda Shop in Canyon where the kids had some free time on the Square. In between each destination were questions or games that were relevant to reflection.


St. Anthony’s students receive instructions from Darryl Birkenfeld before walking the labyrinth.


Retreat Students walking the labyrinth

The first stop in Nazareth was at the labyrinth and gardens at Casa La Entereza (home of Darryl Birkenfeld & Joann Starr) for a different experience of walking meditation and prayer. The next venue was at the Holy Family Inn, where the students were sent on a scavenger hunt in the cemetery. after receiving instructions on cemetery etiquette.  Following supper, three former students from St. Anthony School who are in Jr. High and High School gave a short talk on preparing for the public school. Next, the kids were taken on a blindfold dynamic trust walk, followed by a talk on forgiveness. The evening ended with prayer and a movie.  On Sunday morning the group attended Mass at Holy Family Church and had a brunch and affirmation circle. The purpose of the retreat was to introduce them to retreats and opportunities to experience affirmation, discernment, forgiveness, and whatever additional gifts the   Holy Spirit has in store.

2015 Nazareth High School Graduates


                      (daughter of Tom Braddock and Marcie Braddock)


                      (daughter of Shayne Damron and Sheryl Damron)


(son of Joe & Norma Franco)

HAYDEN GERBER  (son of Norman & Stacy Gerber)


(daughter of Gregg & Cynthia Gerber)

Kaden hatla  (son of Todd & Kim Hatla)


(daughter of Daniel & Sheila Higgins and Kathleen McLain)

AMANDA Kleman 

    (daughter of Mark & Judy Kleman)

Cole Kleman  (son of Mark & Missy Kleman)

KADE KLEMAN  (son of Joe & Dana Kleman)

MASON KLEMAN  (son of Brad & Ashley Kleman)

PAYTON ROBB  (daughter of Lonnie & Traci Robb)

RAYMOND RUSSELL  (son of Matt & Debbie King)

ETHAN SCHULTE  (son of Bruce & Tanya Schulte)

TREY WALDO  (son of Glen & Toni Waldo)

8th Graders promoted to High School

Kimberly Chavira (daughter of Benjamin & Lourdes Chavira)

Kyler Clark (son of Dennis & Kayla Birkenfeld)

Leilanni Cordova (daughter of Luz Burciaga and Mauricio Cordova)

Alexsandra Cornett (daughter of Mike & Jackie Cornett)

Blakely Gerber (daughter of Marty & Tisha Gerber)

Jake Gerber (son of Gregg & Cynthia Gerber)

Madeline Gfellar (daughter of Matt & Mandy Gfeller)

Emily Heitschmidt (daughter of Roy & Diane Heitschmidt)

Bryson High (son of Brandon & Brandi Burks)

Hallie Kleman (daughter of Mark & Missy Kleman)

Kristi McAlister (daughter of Blake & Amber McAlister)

Jacob Moroney (son of Jerrett & Tanya Moroney)

Tristan Nelson (son of Robert & Krystal Nelson)

Lexis Nieves-Rodriguez (daughter of Felipe & Maria Guerrero)

Tobie Peterson (daughter of Trevor & Traci Peterson)

Kennedy Raphelt (daughter of William & Jennie Raphelt)

Brady Robb (son of Larry & Cyrilla Robb)

Francisco Rodriguez (son of Francisco & Veronica Rodriguez)

Chandler Schulte (daughter of Leroy & Jennifer Schulte)

Congratulations to our 2015 Graduating Seniors Graduation ceremonies are to be held at the football field on Friday, May 29th, at 7:30 p.m. with everyone in the community invited to attend and offer their congratulations to the Class of 2015.

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