May 13th~Year 7, No 18

71 –Number of Years Tradition Continues

Amanda Kleman

Amanda Kleman

Nazareth youth are raised in a unique culture of caring service from church and school, from FFA and 4-H, and from families dedicated to reaching out to those in need.  That is the underlying theme of the May Crowning Ceremony held now for 71 years in Nazareth at Holy Family Church.  Loving service was the hallmark of “Mary of the Bible” as she visited the elder Elizabeth, as she noted a wedding running short of supplies, as she took loving care of her Son and then, upon his death, took into her care his disciple, John.

Yearly in Nazareth the youth and their families have, for over seven decades, honored both the prayerful service of Mary as example to our own children, as well as gathering to honor their own service in faith.  Amanda Kleman, daughter of Mark and Judy, was selected by her peers as one of our many youth leaders that stand out in service – she then chose other friends to join in a pageantry of honoring “Faith and Service”.  The presentation of flowers and crowning laurels have always been culturally symbolic ways of honoring outstanding service – so on Sunday, May 3rd, more than a hundred youth marched with “May Queen” Amanda to make the 71st annual presentation and crowning. The church filled with parents and catechists who also presented to the students perfect attendance awards for participation in Christian Formation evenings.

Baseball Plays in Playoffs

Naz baseball

Tommy Russell King, Hayden Gerber, Kade Kleman, and Ethan Schulte.

                  The Swifts played their final baseball game of the season Friday, May 8. The players lost 1-6 to Stinnett. “We played really good defense at the beginning of the game,” senior Kade Kleman said, “but we had a couple errors and bad throws that put them on base and gave them runs. We struggled at the beginning of the game to put together some hits and get players on base, but we played a lot better towards the end of the game. It was just too late to make a comeback.” Due to the weather, the game was resecheduled. Because the designated field in Amarillo was flooded along with other surrounding fields, the boys played in Stinnett at 8 pm. Nazareth traveled two and a half hours to play, and they did not get home until 1:30 am due to thick fog. “It wasn’t the way we wanted to end our senior year,” Kleman said, “but we accomplished our goal of making it to the playoffs.”

Mystery Masquerade 


                  Prom, held on April 11, was a night filled with memories for seniors and juniors. The junior class was in charge of planning and decorating, and the class agreed on the theme Mystery Masquerade. After multiple class meetings and phone calls, the juniors had prom planned. The class spent Thursday after school and all day Friday decorating for the big night. The prom began with the juniors making an entrance in a vehicle of their choice. The seniors chose to make their grand entrance on a trailer pulled by a tractor driven by Dennis Gerber. Principal Jeanie Birkenfeld announced each student and their date as they made their way into prom, held in the cafeteria. After everyone was seated, Mason Kleman and Kaden Hatla joked about the class history followed by the senior slide show. The freshmen class served a salad, steak along with sides prepared by Curtis Durbin. For dessert, the high school students visited the candy table and the cheesecake bar. The students also visited the photo booth which had many options in props. They then danced until the night was over.


1) Blood Drive Nazareth Successful – On Tuesday, May  9th, around 23 people gave this gift of life.

2) The End of the Year Band Concert for 5th to 12th Grade Performance will be on Thursday, May 1th, 6:30 p.m. in school gym and everyone from the community is invited to attend and support this growing musical event. 

3) Flower Sale – May 15th, Friday, at 2:30 p.m. under the Naz Community Hall Awning – Geraniums and petunias for $20; all proceeds go to the Naz Jr. Hi. Cheerleaders.

Hoelting siblings at Norbert Hoelting funeral  on May 5, 2015- (Back row l-r) Floyd, Galen, Daryl, Neal, Leona, Henry (Front row l-r)Joyce, Donna, Elsie, Viola, Mary Beth (courtesy: Gary Herron)

Hoelting siblings at Norbert Hoelting funeral on May 5, 2015- (Back row l-r) Floyd, Galen, Daryl, Neal, Leona, Henry (Front row l-r)Joyce, Donna, Elsie, Viola, Mary Beth (courtesy: Gary Herron)

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