April 15th~Year 7, No 14


Seniors Cole Kleman and Taylor Damron win first in mixed doubles.

Nazareth Tennis Blows Away District Competition

Twenty-one high school students, including varsity and jv, travelled to Hart April 8-9 to play district tennis in 20 to 30 mph wind. The district included Amherst, Levelland, Springlake-Earth, Hart, and Kress. 13 out of a potential 16 Nazareth varsity tennis players will advance to Regional in Levelland on April 20. The top two of each category advance.



                         Boys’ Singles                                                   Girls’ Doubles

                      Slade Gerber – 1st                                                                    Allie Schulte & Deborah Van Dijk-1st

                   Dustin Kern – 3rd                               Christen Damron & Kamryn Schulte-2nd

                           Boys’ Doubles                                             Mixed Doubles

Hayden Gerber & Tyler Ramsey-1st                Taylor Damron & Cole Kleman-1st

Troy Gerber & Trey Waldo-2nd                                  Paige Gerber & Jake Waldo – 2nd

Listen to the Music
Everyone is encouraged to attend the Community Music Recital on Sunday (April 26th) at 7pm in the Home Mercantile Building.  If you are interested in playing an instrument or singing, please contact Carolyn Evers at carolyne1914@live.com

New Scholarship Needs Support
A memorial account has been opened at Peoples Bank in honor of Olen Schulte.  Scholarships will be given to Stock Show participants.  Donations can be taken to Peoples Bank, or mailed to:
Peoples Bank, P.O. Box 309, Nazareth, TX 79063

State Fair of Texas

September 29-October 3


Dayson Schacher wins Reserve White OPB Champion at the State Fair of Texas.

Reserve White OPB Champion-Dayson Schacher

Fort Worth

February 1-6


Molly Johnson-5th

Aubrie Durbin-7th

Kaden Hatla-10th


Chandler Schulte-1st Cross

Tye Schulte-5th Cross

Tucker Huseman- 5th Chester

Kari Schulte- 5th Duroc


San Antonio


Molly Johnson win 2nd in Red Angus at San Antonio.

February 16-28


Molly Johnson-2nd Red Angus

Amanda Kleman- 4th Cross steer


Dayson Schacher-Breed Champion Spot, $10,000 scholarship


Dayson Schacher wins Breed Champion Spot and a $10,000 scholarship at San Antonio.

Grace Huseman-3rd Berk

Grace Huseman- Berk

Garrison Kleman-3rd Poland

Briana Huseman- Hamp

San Angelo

February 17-24

Grace Huseman-Reserve Division Champion Cross

Houston March 11-20


Kade Kleman- 6th shorthorn

Kaden Hatla-8th AOB


 Cole Kleman-11th Medium wool


Cole Kleman wins 11th Medium Wool at Houston.


Briana Huseman-Breed Champion Poland


Briana Huseman wins Breed Champion Poland at Houston.

Chandler Schulte-1st Dark Cross

Tommy Russell-2nd Cross

Heidi Dyer-2nd Dark Cross

Tate Schulte-2nd Cross

Tye Schulte-3rd Cross

Mason Kleman-3rd Hamp

Kari Schulte-5th York

Luke Schulte-6th Cross

Landry Kleman-7th Hamp

Bradyn Bullard-8th Dark Cross

Owen Dyer-9th Hamp

Grace Huseman-9th Spot

Church completes Lenten Alms Blessing to Needy

              Since Almsgiving is one of the biblical pillars of spirituality for the givers and blessing to the recipients, Holy Family Church carried the practice through all of Lent, and now is giving the resulting funds to the needy both locally and internationally.  The adults of the parish collected $6, 566 while the students in the CCD program gathered $3,829.  Sr. Juanita Albracht’s project of love, The Hospice Santiago for homeless terminally ill patients in Chimbote, Peru, will receive most of the funds,while locally the Youth Mission in Silverton/Quitaque will have a smaller grant as well as the Star Fish Program of Food for the Poor.

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