March 25th~Year 7, No 11

Youth Fund-Raiser Fishy

Fish Fry

Laci Backus serves fish while Crystal Backus and Tanya Ethridge welcome

       A really large catch of customers filled Nazareth Community Hall March 20th at the annual Fish Fry Fund Raiser for the Holy Family Youth Retreat.  Menu included not only the best Fish Fry in the County that day, but also, slaw, salad, and desserts.  Organizers also offered a vast ocean of silent auction items (many hand-made by the teens or their parents) filling two walls of the hall.  The after dinner fun was the rather unusual Rent-a-Teen auction where proud grandparents paid hundreds for a fun day with their grandchildren, unless outbid by the parents wanting their teens for house chores.  One parent was overheard saying that winning their teen in the auction was the only chance of having their teenager’s room cleaned this spring.

Tommy Carlie

Tommy Russell and Carlie Heiman “cut-up” desserts.

Candace Birkenfeld, one of the youth team members, said: “the crowd and the resulting funds raised were just about the same as last year; and I want to thank all the people who helped put this year’s Fishfest on and for the great support given by all the Nazareth residents who attended.”



Local musicians Logan Samford and Anthony Enriquez

A great tribute article appears in Texas Music Pickers about our local music group of Samford and Enriquez, now calling themselves “Shotgun Rider”.  TMP writes: “As we looked into Shotgun Rider, we discovered that they were a brand new band, putting out their debut EP, highlighting “Blue Eyed Dream”, a tale of young love nostalgia.  This is the first taste you get of Logan Samford’s smooth vocals.”  TMP adds: “We think these guys have a lot of potential and their future looks bright . . . we are really impressed with their sound and how polished it is, with lead guitarist, Anthony Enriquez and lead singer, Logan Samford.” The Shotgun Rider’s album “Alone Tonight” was released March 24. You can read the excerpted version below:



1) The “Master of Memory” Program continues each Wednesday at approximately 12:30 p.m. (after the noon meal) at the Senior Citizens Center.  The six-lesson class series will help you understand how your memory works and what may affect your memory.  Everyone is invited.  For more information, please contact Felice Acker at 647-4115.

2) David Rodriguez – Graduated from Tulsa Welding School (son of Francisco & Veronica Rodriguez) – Congratulations and best wishes from all of us in Naz!

3) Holy Family Church is putting up for bids: A John Deere Lawn Tractor with Mower Deck.  Model #425, 20 hp (motor may be bad); A Tree Sprayer Trailer with a Tecumseh Engine — Trailer is homemade; Several older models TV’s from the CCD Building. Call Harold Venhaus at (806) 369-7072 for more information or to see these items.

Baseball Update

          The Nazareth baseball team had a great start to the season when the beat Slaton JV 15-0. This was the first game the team played with the new head baseball coach, William Raphelt. Nazareth hosted a baseball team March 19-21. The Swifts lost their first game to Lubbock JV 3-10, won their second game 9-1 against Memphis, and lost to Clarendon 4-5. The baseball team will play against Kress there at 4:30.

Visitors Hold Gatherings in Nazareth


Ralph and Sharon Brockman visit with Esdras Rodriguez, a WTAMU student from Friona who is an OC community intern in 2015. (photo courtesy of Alfonso Rincon)

              Ogallala Commons (, a nonprofit organization working to revitalize communities in 7 High Plains states, held its Board of Directors & Advisory Council Meeting in Nazareth, Texas on March 20th, in the Conference Room at Holy Family Rectory.  On Thursday evening (March 19th), OC’s Board & Advisers hosted a Reception for Community Partners and Intern & Apprentice alumni living in the area.  A diverse group of 50 celebrated their collaboration on projects like youth engagement, Playa Festivals, and Community internships & Apprenticeships.  The guests enjoyed a buffet of foods and drink brought by OC Board members and prepared by Christine Acker: lamb stew, Nazareth German sausage, South Texas barbeque, Kansas breads, local green beans and salad greens, and delicious desserts.  Those present had time to get acquainted, share stories, network, and be rejuvenated for the work of serving their communities.

OC Board Member Doug Wilhelm (who grew up in Nazareth) from Littleton, Colorado, OC Staff Contractor Kade Wilcox (who lives in Lubbock, TX), plus OC Executive Director Darryl Birkenfeld, were among more than a dozen who attended the organization’s meetings.  Folks from Ogallala Commons feel welcome in Nazareth, and they enjoyed lodging at the Yellow Rose Inn, Holy Family Inn, and other places around the village.  OC’s Spring Meeting will be held in Canyon, TX in 2016.

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