March 18th~Year 7, No. 10


NISD Band, Gerber Kern

Percussionists freshman Slade Gerber and junior Dustin Kern

Before the Madness of March hits us, it is well to note that the music of March took center stage for our Nazareth School Band in the form of winning a prized “1” in the concert contest held in Panhandle two weeks ago.  A “1” indicates that the contest judges awarded a rating of excellence to the 15 member non-varsity school band under the direction of Mr. Lanny Frederiksen.  “It was a great boost to our maturing band that includes students from 5th grade through high school”, said Frederiksen.

The band includes a number of All-Region Honorees, such as Lars, Ellen, and Amy Schilderink, Dustin Kern, Katherine Fulkerson, and Rodrigo Pena. Nazareth band fans will be able to witness their quality performance in the end-of-the-year concert (TBA) and, all things being equal, next year’s music will also be well rated since most of the students will be returning and maturing in their skills.



Siblings, freshmen, Natalie and junior, Logan Schulte with racing trophies


           The Amarillo Dragway Association, at their annual January Awards Banquet in Amarillo, honored Junior Drag Racers and awarded Points Trophies to local Nazareth youth.  Logan Schulte won the Second Place in Racing Points out of field of 17 junior division racers, and the 4th place Points Trophy went to his sister Natalie Schulte.  Although not making the trophy circle, their youngest sister, Zoe, also took 6th Place. They are the children of Shelley and Stanley Schulte of Nazareth.

Racing throughout the Spring and Summer until November, the points come from both participation in the Drag Races as well as various wins in each race. Total points are accumulated for the awards and trophies.  Shelley Schulte added: “It is interesting that the First Place winner was a young man named Nate, being coached by Kevin Huseman, a guy many in Nazareth know.” Kevin is the brother of championship racer Rick Huseman (+July 9, 1973 – October 16, 2011) and a mechanic to many of the local racing champions.

Music, Dance, and Food Mark

St. Paddy’s Celebration

St. Paddy's

On an afternoon marked by beautiful weather, The Home Mercantile was the site of another high-spirited performance by the TTU Irish Set Dancers. Talented students from the School of Music and other degree programs demonstrated a dozen intricate folk dances that are still part of village and parish gatherings in the West of Ireland. Several adults and some children were able to join in a set of Caledonia Reels near the end of the event.  The 8 dancers were joined by a large collection of musicians that form the Caprock Ceili. The program presented delighted the crowd from various towns, and transported us to a world rich in tradition, perseverance, and hospitality.  We hope to have these fine ambassadors of Texas Tech University back at the Home Mercantile again in 2016.



Honoring our history is a special task taken on by citizens of the county and its communities, and it was uppermost in the minds of the nearly hundred county and Nazareth residents who gathered Sunday, March 15, 2015, for the dedication of two historical markers.

Hosted by the Castro County Historical Commission, the Church of the Holy Family Nazareth, the Board of the Home Mercantile, and the City of Nazareth, the two back-to-back dedication ceremonies took place around the newly installed metal markers – at the West entrance of Holy Family Cemetery and on the northeast corner of the Home Merc Building.

The Cemetery’s ceremony program involved Fr. Ken Keller, Monty Boozer, Joan Durbin, Melina Birkenfeld, Keith Birkenfeld, Harold Venhaus, and Ralph Brockman.  Significant words of the plaque made note of the opening of the cemetery in August of 1906, and the burial of Nazareth’s only WWII death casualty, R.T. Dirks.

The Home Mercantile Building program involved Joann Starr, Allen Dobmeier, Leta Dennis, Rita Kern, Darryl Birkenfeld, Rose Ball, Carroll Gerber, and the guest music of the Texas Tech University Irish Set Dancers and the Caprock Ceili Band.  The plaque made note of the humble beginnings of this community store begun in 1905, the construction of this historic building in 1928 by Ed Kern and Conrad Schulte, and the present usage of the building as a social and cultural events center.

Festivities closed with an exciting evening of Irish music and dancing, accompanied by Irish stews and breads, provided by the Home Merc Board and Holy Family Church.

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