March 11th~Year 7, No. 9

Nazareth Making History


Senior Swiftettes: Payton Robb & Mackenzie Gerber


Congratulations to the Nazareth Swiftettes on another state win! In the state semi-finals, the girls beat D’Hanis with ease 61-18. The record for the lowest scoring team at a Texas state game for girls’ 1A was 11 points in 1951. The Swiftettes beat Lipan 56-40 in the finals Saturday. This was the Nazareth Swiftettes 20th State win and 24th state appearance. Nazareth holds the record for the most state title wins for a public school in the country! This was the first time that state basketball was held at the Alamo Dome in San Antonio.


The Swiftettes before leaving for State.



The Swifts just fell short of the same title this year. The season ended after the Swifts lost to Texline. Last year, the Swifts beat Texline in the regional finals to advance to state. The girls’ basketball team will be losing two seniors: Mackenzie Gerber and Payton Robb. The boys’ team will be losing four seniors: Kade Kleman, Trey Waldo, Cole Kleman, and Hayden Gerber.

boys. courtesy castro county

The Swifts at regionals. Courtesy: Castro County News



Wear Green and Celebrate Spring

Come join the fun at the Home Mercantile Building from 4-6pm for our Annual St. Paddy’s Celebration this Sunday, March 15th.   The event will feature the Texas Tech University Irish Set Dancers with members of the Caprock Céilí Band and friends as the musicians.  The troupes will performing solo and group social dances set to Irish and Celtic music.

This year, our celebration will take place at the close of the Dedication of two Historical Markers in Nazareth at 3pm: at Holy Family Cemetery (located west of the church on Third Street), and at the Home Mercantile Building, located at 101 Second Street.  After the marker dedications, the public is invited inside the Home Mercantile at 4 pm for the celebration.  A light supper of lamb and beef stew, along with cornbread, cookies, and beverages will be served during intermission. There is no admission charge for this entire event, however donations will be greatly appreciated.

Master of Memory

Many people believe that memory loss and aging go hand-in-hand: as a person gets older his or her memory begins to fail. While some change may be expected as you age, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it, in the absence of a brain disease, such as Alzheimer’s Disease – you can be proactive in using some strategies and lifestyle adaptations. Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service in Castro County will begin offering Master of Memory, a six-lesson class series that will help you understand how your memory works and what may affect your memory. Master of Memory will begin Wednesday, March 18th, at approximately 12:30p (after the Wednesday Noon Meal) at the Senior Center in Nazareth. Anyone is invited to attend. If you have question please contact Felice Acker at 806-647-4115.

Fr. Jim Schmitmeyer is pastor of St. Hyacinth’s Church in Amarillo and Immaculate Conception Church in Vega, TX.  He is the author of several books, as well as The High Plains Preacher radio program.  Fr. Jim sends greetings to his many friends in Nazareth.



By: Father Jim Schmitmeyer


We all do it all the time. We complain. We get disgusted. Some days, we just want to give up. Well, you have these tendencies, relax, you’re not alone. The prophet Jonah also tended to complain, drag his feet and want to give up.

For instance, when Jonah preaches repentance in the City of Nineveh, and the whole town, including all the donkeys, horses, cows and cats…turn their lives around  and start living exemplary lives!

Amazing! You’d think Jonah would be happy? Well, he isn’t. He’s disgusted! He doesn’t think that evil city, Nineveh, deserves God’s forgiveness!

That’s how the book ends, he’s outside the city on a hill pouting. But that should come as no surprise. Of all the prophets in the Bible, Jonah  is the most pessimistic and head-strong.

When God asks him to go to Nineveh, he heads to Tarsus, instead, a city in the opposite direction. On the boat ride to Tarsus, a storm comes up. The sailors, who are pagan, start throwing cargo overboard. But then, one of them spies Jonah crouching in the corner and it’s clear that he’s not just afraid of the storm, he’s afraid of God.

So the sailors throw Jonah overboard. Suddenly, the wind stops! And those sailors up on the deck…what do they do? They realize that Jonah’s God is the True God so they convert and give praise to God!!!

Jonah is all wet! Yet, even as he thrashes around in the sea, he ends up serving God despite himself.

Reminds me of that story about a fellow who lived with his mother and never wanted to go to church. One day, his mother had enough. She pounds on his door. She threatens punishment. She insists that he get up and Go. To. Mass!

From the other side of the door comes a whiney voice: “Why, mom? Why do I have to go to church?” And she answers, “Because you are the pastor. And everyone is waiting for you!”

Friends, where we see problems, God sees possibilities. Not only that, God will somehow manage to accomplish his work though the likes of us! Even though, like Jonah, we may complain, get disgusted and want to quit.

So, don’t give up. Keep up the good effort. And keep your eyes on God.


Only in Texas!





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