February 18th~Year 7, No. 6


Junior, Deborah Van Dijk


Nazareth Varsity Girls’ Schedule

2/16/2015 Girls Basketball: Bi-district Bye for Nazareth
2/16/2015 VG vs Lubbock Home School
2/19/2015 Girls Basketball: Area
2/20/2015 VG vs TBA
2/23/2015 Girls Basketball: Regional quarterfinals
2/27/2015 Girls Basketball: Regional
2/28/2015 Girls Basketball: Regional playoff deadline
3/5/2015 Girls Basketball: State Tournament

Senior, Cole Kleman

Nazareth Varsity Boys’ Schedule

2/20/2015 VB vs Stratford
2/21/2015 Boys Basketball: District certification deadline
2/23/2015 Boys Basketball: Bi-district
2/26/2015 Boys Basketball: Area
3/2/2015 Boys Basketball: Regional quarterfinals
3/6/2015 Boys Basketball: Regional
3/7/2015 Boys Basketball: Regional playoff deadline
3/12/2015 Boys Basketball: State Tournament


New Intern Meets the Community

museum committee

Nazareth Museum Committee with new OC Community Intern (l-r) Julius and Cathy Birkenfeld, Beverly Hill, Julene Gerber, Fr. Ken Keller, Anna Jolley, Ethel Schmucker, Norita Hoelting, and Stephanne Dobmeier


On Feb. 16th, Anna Jolley, made her first trip up to Nazareth to get started on her internship projects.  Anna graduated from Texas Tech University in December with her Master’s degree in Museum Science and Heritage Management.  She applied to Ogallala Commons Community Internship Program last fall, and was matched up by OC with the Nazareth Museum.  Anna currently has a full-time job at the Science Spectrum in Lubbock, but she will use her weekends to conduct this 240-hour Community Internship in Nazareth, to gain more work experience and skill development for her career.  Her main project work will be developing a master plan for the Nazareth Museum, suggesting procedures for preservation of precious articles, and conducting training for volunteers with the Museum. 


Though Anna grew up in Georgia and completed a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology there, she has fallen in love with the Southern High Plains during the past two years. “I have found my passions in heritage education and interpretation,” she writes, “and I firmly believe that at least right now, I’m where I am supposed to be, doing what I should be doing, and I’m excitedly seeking opportunities to continue learning and growing on this path.”


City Election Day is Saturday, May 9th


Early Voting will be held at school April 27 through May 5. One Commissioner position will be open. Come by City Hall to sign up to place your name on the ballot now thru February 27. 


“Thanks to everyone for the support on our Super Bowl fund raiser.  Winners were:

Aaron Kern, Lakeview Gin (2 qtrs.),Landon Porsch, Ricky & Zenita Rowland, Chris & Twila Williams (2 qtrs.), andClyde & Jeanie Birkenfeld.

-The Nazareth Vol. Fire Department



Almsgiving:  to deny yourself something, estimate its monetary value, and give that amount to the poor.

 ¨ Our parish alms this Lent:

World Outreach:  Sr. Juanita Albracht’s Hospice in Peru;               Local Outreach:  hurting family and youth in Quitaque;         CCD giving:  Star Fish Project


¨ Nazareth Community Blood Drive will be held on Tuesday, February 24, from 3:00 – 7:00 p.m. in the Community Hall.  Every eligible donor who presents to donate in September will receive a free t-shirt.  Photo ID or Donor ID card required.  Must be at least 17 years old; 16 year olds may donate with signed parental consent.


Angels Among Us Highlighted Open House


Chris and Melina Birkenfeld with Ian and Ella at their Open House fundraiser for the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST).


On Sunday, February 15th, dozens and dozens of Nazareth visitors enjoyed touring the new home of the Chris Birkenfeld family and donating to the family’s favorite charity — the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST).  The beautiful home was built with designs that help in the care of their daughter, Ella, as she struggles with the challenges of Angelman Syndrome. Bright windows and colors liven up the entire house and match the attitude of Chris and Melina as they let the light of love pour over their lives and the lives of both children.  Positive and faith-filled family relatives and friends offered their support, prayers, and encouragement to this young family of Nazareth.  In thanking the community for their support, Melina wrote on FaceBook her thanks: “I just want everyone to know how proud and honored I am to live in the best little town in America. Our open house IAD fundraiser was a huge success thanks to the very generous people in our community. It warms my heart to know how much Ella is loved and by so many! Thankyou all for coming out and making this International Angelman Day awesome!”





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