February 11th~Year 7, No 5

Nazareth Cemetery Project Update

 By Holy Family Church Apprentice – Christena Stephens


The Holy Family Cemetery Book project has been progressing by means of adding primary and secondary research.  Coming from online databases for genealogy research, and consulting the Castro County Courthouse, the church archive now has 402 death certificates of deceased parishioners’ and community residents who are buried in the cemetery.  Death certificates are considered primary research documents that give actual dates of death, names and causes of death.

The forthcoming Cemetery Book will now have updated information regarding dates of birth and death, as well as cause of death.  Death certificates are public record up to 1989.  Currently, in order to complete this project the church is asking families of parishioners and residents who died from 2009 up to the present to check with the church office (965-2616) to be sure that we have recorded accurately birth dates and parents’ names.


Headstone honors life of serviceman killed in action, Raymond T. Dirks


Christena Stephens, the Apprentice working on both the Nazareth History as well as the Cemetery Book, said: “In researching some history of those buried here in the Holy Family Cemetery, one of the most interesting items of research I’ve come across is in regards to Raymond T. Dirks.  While it is still unclear where he was actually killed in action (KIA), the few newspaper reports I discovered said his mother was not notified until December 1944 of his death.  However, even sadder, was that his body was not returned stateside till March 1949.   It’s hard to explain that length of time passing before a beloved service man’s body is returned for proper burial.”


Funds for Ella

February 15th is FAST approaching! If you are unaware, it is a very important day in our family. February 15th is International Angelman Day and around the world angel families will be doing things to celebrate, raise awareness, and most importantly to raise the much-needed funds to cure Angelman syndrome. We are going to try to do our part in raising money and awareness by hosting an open house in our new home Sunday, February 15th from 3-5. We will be collecting donations and ALL the proceeds will go to the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics! We hope you all can come out and join us and help be part of something truly exciting. We thank you in advance, and when Ella gets her voice because of all you generous souls, she will be able to SAY thank you!

Another Win for the Swifts

Swifts and Swiftettes win again for a, so far, undefeated season. Tuesday, varsity boys beat Lazbuddie  72-22. The Swiftettes also won 70-22. Senior Payton Robb was released to play February 1. Robb tore her ACL August 5 scrimmaging at ‘Open Gym.’  Robb had surgery August 20.

Yellow Rose Inn of Nazareth Scene of Mystery Party

 By Kathy Birkenfeld


Scene of mythical murder mystery

 Our Yellow Rose Inn of Nazareth hosted a very exciting “Mystery Discovery Party” on January 31st.  It began with telling guests of the most intriguing mystery: “There was a murder here and you are all suspects!”  Participants were asked to discover the answer to the mystery. There was a gathering of suspects summoned to solve the mystery of “Hoo Hung Wu”.

Everyone was a suspect and guilty until proven otherwise.  Clues were often confusing, un-informative and tongue-twisting.  Eventually, the “murderer” was discovered and quickly sentenced.

Gladly, all the suspects were treated to an evening of suspicion, fun and food.  Hop Sing and Syng Sang Sung greeted the suspects, while Big Chu and Little Chu cooked and served a full Chinese dinner, preceded by a tasting of Saki and ending with fortune cookies.

Yellow Rose Inn is wanting to make this an annual event in the community.

Brockman Begins Service to Castro County


County Commissioner, Place 4, Ralph Brockman


As of January 2015, Precinct 4 of Castro County has a new Commissioner, while featuring the same road crew.  Ralph Brockman, the new Commissioner said: “We will continue to maintain the precinct in the same condition that Commissioner Schmucker has done in all his years of service.”  Brockman seeks residents’ input, saying: “If you have issues with the roads or Commissioner Court, or just have a question, you can e-mail me at rebbrockman@amaonline.com, or call or text me at (806) 240-1344.”






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