November 5th~Year 6, No. 56

Natural Resource Conservation

natural resource conservation
On Oct. 24th, Ogallala Commons ( conducted a Fall Playa Management Day for landowners and agency personnel at the outdoor Playa Classroom south of Nazareth.  Manuel DeLeon of the Natural Resources Conservation Service spoke to the group of 18, demonstrating how excellent summer rainfall and a long flooding period produced multiple benefits of amphibian populations, wetland plants, livestock forage, and recharge of the aquifer.  Scott Starr, a doctoral student in aquatic macro invertebrates, also presented detailed information about what happens to a wet place during months of surface water coverage.

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Rex Johnson (left) joins Fr. Ken Keller and Deacon Bob Birkenfeld (right) at Sunday afternoon

Unusual Seminar on the Inevitable Attracts Many

     November 2nd, All Souls Commemoration Day, or Day of the Dead, was the appropriate time for 60 participants to attend an afternoon Seminar on The Inevitable, subtitled “Understanding and Planning Funerals”.  Hosted by Holy Family Church and Colonial Funeral Home of Dimmitt, four speakers – two clergy, one lawyer, and one funeral director – lead the group through materials and issues that families face in coordinating a funeral.  “What a gift of love of your family for you to make decisions now, instead of forcing your grieving family to contend with all the funeral arrangements after your death,” said Rex Johnson, a former funeral director and representative for pre-need funeral policies.  He echoed the same message offered by Fr. Ken Keller and Deacon Bob Birkenfeld as they shared necessary planning for funerals and burials from Holy Family Church.  Mr. Robert Hands, an Amarillo Attorney, also shared on the necessities of legal documents such as wills and emergency medical and financial powers of attorney.  The group’s discussion also surfaced the need for more understanding in our community of processes for body and organ donor status.  The Senior Citizens Center of Nazareth, under the coordination of Ethel Schmucker, generously offered the comfortable location for this seminar that packed the house.  Participants were encouraged by the facilitators to do their homework as soon as possible after this seminar and share the documents of their decisions with family members.

Online: 806 High School Sports Connection Predicts that Nazareth Swiftettes are top contenders in basketball this year.  “Nazareth is ranked number one in the state in the 1A division for 2014, and should stay there all the way until the State Tournament”.  Go team!

 Naz Note: Veteran’s Day Social, Saturday, November 8  — 6:30 p.m. in the Legion Hall. Steaks will be served! All Veterans and their spouses are welcome!

Cross Country girls will run at state in Round Rock this Saturday at 1:30.




On the Weekend of Nov. 1st and 2nd, All Saints and All Souls Days, families joined in honoring through prayer and ritual the deceased residents and relatives of Nazareth.  A representative family member came forward to the Altar of the Savior to present a portrait picture of the deceased and to light a memorial candle that will burn throughout November.  At the end of the service, the clergy joined families in the cemetery for special prayers and blessings at the gravesites.

Our Deceased Loved Ones from Nazareth

(since October 31, 2013)


* Marian Durbin — December 2, 2013  (mother of Glenn Ehly)

* Francis (Fritz) Gerber — December 4, 2013  (husband of Julene Gerber)

* Joe Drerup — December 15, 2013  (husband of Imogene Drerup)

* Leona Maurer — April 4, 2014  (wife of deceased Deacon Alfons Maurer)

* Urban Ball — July 17, 2014  (brother of Fred Ball, Mary Kleman)

* Gin Huseman — August 7, 2014  (wife of Louis Huseman)

* LeRoy Pohlmeier — August 19, 2014  (father of J. C. Pohlmeier, Monette Schilling, Karen Schulte, Jolene Schulte)

* Our Deceased Veterans


Our “Out-of-Town” Deceased Loved Ones


* Renee Weinheimer — November 14, 2013  (daughter of Leola Ramaekers)

* Christopher Wethington — December 2, 2013  (brother-in-law of Gladys Fortenberry)

* Art Albracht — January 20, 2014  (brother of Ralph Albracht)

* Valeria Ball Griffin — February 9, 2014  (sister of Darryl Ball, Twila Williams, Kyle Ball)

* Blake Weinheimer — February 23, 2014  (grandson of Leola Ramaekers)

* Walter Acker — May 5, 2014  (brother of Don Acker and Luke Acker)

* Jeanette Huseman — May 15, 2014  (daughter-in-law of Al & Patsy Huseman)

* Rosemary Steffens — May 27, 2014 (niece of Jerome Brockman, Cyril Brockman, and Chunky Wilhelm)

* Gary Book — June 3, 2014  (brother of Peggy Birkenfeld, Nicky Book, and Chris Book)

* Luke Michael Hittson — June 13, 2014  (grandson of Dwayne & Anne Acker, son of Michael & Lacee Hittson)

* Greg Anderle – September 4, 2014 (brother of Stephen Anderle, son of late Alvin & Matilda Anderle)

* Gary Keller — September 29, 2014  (brother of Fr. Ken Keller)

* Pat Braddock — October 19, 2014  (father of Hubert Braddock)

* Tom Cameron — October 21, 2014  (son-in-law of Jimmie Schulte)

* George Fence – October 29, 2014   (father of Ashley Fence Schilling)




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