August 20th~Year 6, No. 46

Football Progress 

By: Mason Kleman

scrimage in spur

Swifts at their first scrimmage of the year at Spur

While traveling to Spur last week, we anticipated that there would be some good six-man teams there. Our first team to play was Lueters Avoca. We got a slow start out of the gate and realized we had to fix a lot of things on both sides of the ball. While we watched the next teams play and waited to play Jayton, we discussed as a team what we needed to focus on improving.

Playing Jayton, we were ready for the majority of what they threw at us, and we played very well against them. Our last team to play was Guthrie. They were the biggest and most physical team we played that day, but it was also the best that we played that day. After the last varsity game, we got to watch the JV team. They played very well, but they, too, still had some areas to work on. Our main goal that day was to go to the scrimmage and improve.

We greatly improved from start to finish. We hope to keep building on that and keep improving through this week leading up to our next scrimmage. On Friday, August 22, we travel to Whitharral where we will scrimmage against Whitharral and Christ the King. We will take this opportunity to polish everything up and work out our kinks as we get ready to open up the season down in Jayton when we play Paducah on the 29th.


Nazareth Folks are “Miracle People”

 Greetings from Chimbote, Peru and Hospice for Homeless:

I could never have imagined that the generosity of Nazareth folks would continue with such fervor and zeal for two years.  My surprise, and joy, were unlimited when I received the message of the amount being sent to assist with our Hospice work here in Peru – $11,000!  That amount translates into S/.29,480 for us!  Thanks to each person who cared enough to share their resources with those in real need.

While we were asking for assistance with the care of various patients, the amount received will now help ALL of our patients – as our submergible water pump needs to be repaired or completely changed; a cost we had not anticipated.  We have been without water for several days, and had worries about how we would get this repair done.  Because of your generosity, we can move ahead with the needed repairs with confidence, knowing that this additional expense will not jeopardize our patient care.  All here call you ‘our miracle people’ and you truly are that for us!”

Sister Juanita Albracht, Hospice Staff, Patients



 This is a busy time of the year for students, parents, and faculty as they get ready for sports and school, which begins August 25. “Meet the Teachers” will begin at 5:00 at the school. This will give parents and students the opportunity to meet the teachers they will have for this school year. A “Principal’s meeting” will be held at the Hall at 6:30 where the school year will be discussed; students and parents are welcome. Also at the Hall, hamburgers will be served by People’s Bank at 7:15. Other than getting ready for the school year to begin, student athletes are also preparing to compete in sports.  Practices for football and cross country are becoming more and more intense as it is getting closer for the season to begin. “Meet the Swifts” will begin at 8:00. Junior high and high school cheerleaders will cheer, and the names of JV and varsity football players will be announced. Come support your Swifts!


teacher inservice

Nazareth Teachers Do In-Service Week


     Whether you are new or been here a few years, let’s take a moment to “feel at home” in Nazareth and get a thumbnail sketch of our history.


     Sunday, August 24th, Casual gathering 5-6 p.m.  at Holy Family Church This faith community has been nourishing Nazareth’s  families of faith since 1902 in beautiful and historic downtown Nazareth!


Helping Hurting Children

     Loving and kind Christians of the Panhandle will still not let politics get in the way of feeding a starving refuge child, as witnessed recently by the generous collection sent to Catholic Charities on the border.  Nearly $38,000 were sent to feed and clothe the hurting in response to the Gospel challenge of “what you did to the least, you did to Me”.

Fr. Ken Keller, along with Bishop Patrick Zurek of Amarillo, thanked all who helped and said: “our own contribution from Nazareth amounted to nearly $2,500 for distribution of food and medical supplies”.





Scout Ethan Schulte and Scout Leader Bruce Schulte  

The scouts of Nazareth have teamed up with church volunteers in a caring project to supplement food needs here in our area.

Only one month into this project, the new food pantry, “We Care”, continues to take applications that can be received from Bruce Schulte, Lisa Schulte at 945-2225, or the church office. The Food Pantry outreach thanks all the volunteers for their help in both obtaining the food from High Plains Food Bank in Amarillo, boxing and distributing the items every other Saturday.


Saturday, Sept. 27, at the Community Hall

5 p.m. to Close

The Nazareth Education Annual Fundraiser will hot a Steak and Chicken Dinner along with games and auction, tour of the school, and with:



Corona  by Fr. Jim Schmitmeyer

            I met a parishioner in the drugstore yesterday. I’ll call her Gina. She pushed her shopping cart next to mine. “Fr. Jim,” she said. “You have horses. Do you have any Corona?”

“Corona?” I said. “Gosh, Gina. I just train regular horses. Most of them end up working in feedlots for a living. I don’t give them the good stuff.  They drink Keystone, same as me.”

She laughed. “Little Jake has diaper rash. I wanted to know if you had any Corona salve. It’s made for horses, but works great on babies.”

“Oh, that Corona,” I said, embarrassed that my mind registered beer before horse salve.

“I don’t have any Corona salve. But let me know when Jake starts crawling and you need a lead rope.”

Sometimes, a word has two meanings and sometimes it depends where you’re from. For instance, Texas is the only place I know where Coke can mean 7-UP and a Yankee isn’t someone from New England, but anyone who’s not from Texas. And I’ve also learned that when Texans describe someone as “a mess,” it means they’re a character. In the teaching of our faith, poor means rich and last means first. The word, servant means king, the word persecution implies honor and, when we are weak, it is then that we are strong.


Death of long-time resident and loved elder of the Nazareth Community, Leroy Pohlmeier, was announced by his family today, August 19th. For funeral details check the website of Colonial Funeral Home, Dimmitt. Obituary in our next issue of Swift Kicks.











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