August 6th~Year 6, No. 44

Swifts Begin Two-A-Days By: Mason Klemanphoto 2

 Two-a-days are always the hardest part of the season. Coming in and trying to get back into shape is definitely a challenge, but I really enjoy watching, especially the new guys. Everybody comes out and pushes through those practices. It shows the will the team has to win. As far as the season goes, we have very high expectations. We talked the first day of practice about how we’re done re-building this team. Coach Stanaland really hit on the fact that this is the last opportunity for us seniors to leave our mark on this program. We hope to turn things around and make a run into the playoffs. Thanks for everybody’s support, and we can’t wait to see everybody come out and watch as we have a great season!

Visit Helps Add to Naz History

Subiaco Visit

Altar at Benedictine Monastery at Subiaco, AR

Our apprentice historian, Christena Stephens, editor for the story of early Nazareth and Holy Family Parish, visited the source-places of the early Benedictines that staffed our church and school.  Stephens and her fellow-traveler, Mary Helen Flores of Dimmitt, toured both the St. Scholastica Convent in Ft. Smith Arkansas and the Benedictine Monastery at Subiaco.  Stephens reports:



Art Restoration Project Ongoingphoto artists

Third generation ecclesiastical artists, cousins Dolores Patterson and Belinda Godfrey, are restoring and refurbishing pieces at the Holy Family Catholic Church. The cousins will be working on pieces such as the approximately 75 year old “Pieta”, crucifix, Our Lady Fatima, Saint Francis, Saint Anne, and murals on the stations for three weeks. Although Belinda is also a nurse, the cousins travel all over doing artistry for churches. Dolores lives in Wylie, Texas while Belinda lives in Sarasota, Florida. Dolores also did some statuaries, alters, and stations for Holy Family Church in 1982.



Logan Sanford, Naz Alum and South Plains College Student plays and sings with Seven Miles South.

Seven Miles South – via Logan Samford

August 1 — Opened for Tracy Lawrence Band in Odessa, TX at Graham Central Station

August 2 — Finished a gig this weekend at Golden Light in Amarillo

One fan, Bradley Burt, comments: “This is the future of Texas Country!!! These guys are insanely talented.” Download their songs on iTunes!! @sevenmilessouth






With a very early Labor Day Weekend, Nazareth will be celebrating all day on Sunday, August 31, the annual Labor Day Parade, Picnic with both Lunch and Dinner, Games, and Grand Auction. The hosting committee from Holy Family Parish has decided to highlight for the coming years the history of the event decade by decade since it began back in the 1940’s.  So this year’s theme for the parade and events will be “The Forebears of the Forties”.  Fr. Norbert Wagner began the event in 1941 and it has continued ever since, honoring the work of all the people of our Nazareth on Labor Day .


Local Entrepreneur Beautifies Village

 There are not many job opportunities for a sophomore in high school, so Jake Waldo has stayed busy this summer by mowing lawns around Nazareth. He named his business Waldo Mowing. Waldo Mowing has about eleven clients, and he usually mows each lawn once a week. He usually charges about $30 depending on the size of the lawn. Waldo has mowed lawns for about three years now, and he plans to continue to mow once school starts.


Urban Renewal Happens Even In Nazareth:

photo 1

A Cleared half-block where the former home of  Vergie Gerber stood is now cleared by Joel Gerber in preparation for the coming of small homes for Senior Citizens conveniently located across the street from Senior Citizens Center in one direction and the Community Hall in the other direction.




At Nazareth School for incoming 6th down to  Kindergarteners, Aug. 11-13th (Mon.-Weds), 9 a.m—Noon, $25, Sponsored by Varsity Cheerleaders — Info: Nikki Wethington at 945-2368




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