May 28th~Year 6, No. 34


Last week, Greater Nazareth experienced a 180-degree shift: from horrible drought to plentiful rain!
Somehow, a “cut-off” low system crept in super-slowly from the west, causing a counter-clockwise rotation of air flows, bringing in the Gulf moisture from the south, and rolling up rainstorm after rainstorm off of the mountains in New Mexico. This resulted in every farm and homestead around our village receiving 4-6 inches of rain!  Who can remember a time when it rained six consecutive days in the middle of a terrible drought!  Things are looking much greener in Nazareth, thanks be to God!

rain puddle

“The world is mud-licious and puddle-wonderful!” (E.E.Cummings)


Hundreds Gather For Memorial Day

                  The blessing of rain on Memorial Day 2014 significantly honored the deceased Veterans of the Nazareth area as around 300 relatives and friends gathered at Holy Family Church and Cemetery for the local observance, especially since so many of the Veterans were also farmers and ranchers well aware of the dire needs of their farm families.

The rain dampened the honors at the flag-pole as it was placed at half-mast, but 20-25 American Legion members marched into the church as color-guards posted the flags honoring their deceased relatives and friends.  Fr. Ken Keller, pastor, spoke at the Memorial Mass on the honor we give our deceased Veterans this day: “what is honorable – think about this” (Eph 4).  At the prayer intentions of the service, Art Brockman prayed the list of the deceased Nazareth veterans.

The rain paused long enough for a procession to the Cemetery for prayers for the deceased, along with the American Legion’s honoring of the dead with 21-gun salute, and the playing of “Taps”.  The Legion members and family members then gathered at the Legion Hall for Memorial Day breakfast prepared by the Auxiliary. Then, the Legion honored those recently deceased Veterans with the sharing of Memorial biographs and the presentation of the Honor Cases for displaying Memorial Flags provided by the Auxiliary.

Mem day

Honor Cases for the Memorial flags of Veteran husbands were presented by Legion Auxiliary to (l – r) Imogene Drerup (Joe + 2013), Brenda Annen(Claude + 2012), Rita Kern (Walter + 2013), Bobbie Schmucker (Jim + 2012), Viola Kleman (Alphonse + 2013), and Julene Gerber (Francis + 2013) at the Memorial Day Observance at the Nazareth American Legion.


baccalaureate 2014

Siblings stand united at 2014 Baccalaureate: Terrell Heard congratulates his sister, Abby; while Briann Wethington congratulates her brother, Braden.

High Hope in High School Grads’ Baccalaureate

Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope” (1 Pt 3:15)was the theme of the 2014 Nazareth Baccalaureate held at Sunday, May 25th at Holy Family Church. Eleven seniors and twenty-nine 8th Graders joined families and community in giving thanks for this special time in their educational journey.  In the Sunday service, graduates presented at the altar chosen memorabilia of their senior year successes, and Fr. Ken asked them also to place before God their hopes for the future.  He shared a quote to encourage them: Hold onto hopes and dreams, for if they die, life is like a broken-winged bird(Langston Hughes).  Nikki Wethington introduced the Seniors and their parents, the new Superintendent, Glenn Waldo, introduced NISD staff and faculty, and Dwayne Smith offered the benediction for the graduates and their families.



BLOOD DRIVE GREAT SUCCESS. Thanks to all who showed up for the Blood Drive on Tuesday, May 20th.  A record high of 29 people gave this gift of life – real heroes in our community.


Wed. May 28th, 2 pm: Elementary Awards Ceremony

Thurs. May 29th, 1:30 pm: Kindergarten Graduation

2 pm – Early Release

7 pm High School Academic Awards Banquet

Fri. May 30th, 2 pm: Early Release

7:30 p.m. High School Graduation at Swift                                                       Stadium

BIRTHDAY BASH: All invited to honor Jr. Hochstein’s 90th Birthday, Sat. May 31, 6:30 pm at Home Merc.


Tennis: June 23-26, Coach Taylor Schulte, 681-1272, by June 6th



By Austin Heck, NISD Ag-teacher, FFA

FFA Awards

Members of the Nazareth FFA with their awards at the 2014 FFA Banquet.

To give a perspective on the success of the Nazareth FFA competitions, it is well to note that the Nazareth FFA competes in a “FFA District” that includes all schools of all sizes from Happy to Plainview. The “Area FFA” ranges across all schools from Perryton to Slaton, Childress to Farwell, and the “Texas State FFA” awards include all schools in the entire state of Texas. There are no divisions of 1a, 2a, 3a, 4a or 5a in FFA.  Nazareth competes against all sizes of schools.

    So, the Nazareth FFA awards included here are well deserved in every competition.

28 students attend State Convention at Dallas last July

23 students attend District Banquet in April

22 students attend Area Convention in May

12 students attending Leadership Camp in June

24 students attending State Convention in July @ Ft Worth

13 Students Earned their Lonestar Degree in July

(The most from any school in the Texas Panhandle)

Livestock shows were quite successful for us.

Tri State Fair, with: Reserve Grand Mini Hereford, Breed Champion Shorthorn, Breed Champion Southdown, Breed Champion White OPB, and Reserve Breed Champion Hereford Heifer, Reserve Breed Maine Heifer.

Denver Stock Show, with: 1 steer made sale, Kaden Hatla 2nd place in showmanship, Kaden Hatla Reserve Beef Exhibitor in entire show.

Ft Worth Stock Show, with: Breed Champion Shorthorn for Kade Kleman; and also, 6 steers made sale — most from any school or 4H club in the state of Texas.

San Angelo, with: 4 barrows made sale.

San Antonio, with: Breed Champion Berkshire for Faithe Huseman, and 2 barrows made sale. Austin Stock Show, with: 2 barrows made sale.

Houston Stock Show, with: Reserve Grand Steer for Kaden Hatla, and 2 steers made sale, 9 barrows made sale, and 3 lambs made sale.

Workshop projects were completed and Scholarships were received in our FFA chapter:

Shop Projects included a 30’ x 9’ shed, 10’ trailer, and additions to bus barn and hog barn.

Scholarships: $10,000 scholarship from San Antonio Stock show and Rodeo for Faithe Huseman; Tri State Fair Calf Scramble Scholarship ($250 each) for Lars Schilderink, Tyler Ramsey, Hayden Gerber, Cole Kleman, Ethan Schulte, Bryce Betzen, Kamber Higgins; The Nazareth Buyers Club Scholarship in the amount of $1,000 each for Braden Wethington and Abby Heard; the National FFA Scholarship in the amount of $2,000 for Bryce Betzen

In Leadership Events our teams and individuals garnered:

Public Relations:1st at District, 8th at Area, with Team Members: Treva Ramsey, Lane Birkenfeld, and Lexi Huseman.

Greenhand Quiz: 5th at District, with Team Members: Lexy Ethridge, Teri Burnett, Shania Schacher, and Tucker Huseman.

Greenhand Creed Speaking: At District Teri Burnett won 6th and Lexy Ethridge got 9th.

Senior Quiz: 3rd at District for Mason Kleman, Roxanne Wilhelm, Morgan Nelson and Amanda Kleman; 9th at District for Payton Robb, Taylor Damron, Demi Loya, and Abby Heard.

Senior Creed Speaking: Treva Ramsey took 1st at District and 9th at Area, while Luis-Miguel Franco 3rd  at District.

Senior Skills: 3rd  at District with Team members: Logan Schulte, Lars Schilderink, Troy Gerber, Tyler Ramsey, and Ethan Schulte.

Radio Broadcasting: 3rd  at District with Team Members: Roxanne Wilhelm, Kamber Higgins, Alicia Straley, and Morgan Nelson; and 9th at District with Team Members: Kaden Hatla, Cole Kleman, Luis-Miguel Franco, and Mason Kleman

Job Interview: Bryce Betzen won 2nd District and 8th Area, Alicia Straley won7th at District.

Career Development Events (Judging Results)

Livestock Team Members wereKaden Hatla, Cole Kleman, Mason Kleman, Kade Kleman, Abby Heard, Roxanne Wilhelm, Sara Kleman, and Aubrie Durbin; and at the following locations awards were given. Tri-State Fair: 2nd & 9th place team with Cole winning a 1st and Kaden, 6th

State Fair: the team won a 6th place, while at the American Royal the team placed 3rd, with Kaden gaining a 7th, and Carl Huseman, a10th.  At WTAMU the team placed 5th while Kaden gained a 2nd.  At Clarendon: they were the12th place team and at Valley the 3rd place team, with winning a 1st place.  At the TTU Invitational the team placed 2nd with Roxanne 6th and Kaden 7th In the Area TTU they placed 5th with Kaden gaining a 10th  place.  In the State TAMU a 17th place was gained.  Importantly, the team also ranked 1st in the District

Cotton Judging Team members wereKamber Higgins, Alicia Straley, Ethan Schulte, Luis-Miguel Franco, Shania Schacher, and Taylor Damron and awards were given at these locations: WTAMU:1st place team, with Kamber-1st, and Alicia- 5th; Clarendon: 4th place team with Kamber- 3rd, Alicia- 9th, and Luis- 10th; State TTU: 22nd place team, with Kamber- 18th.         The team was ranked 2nd in District and 7th in Area.

Ag Communications team members wereLexi Huseman, Roxanne Wilhelm, Morgan Nelson, and Bryce Betzen, with the following awards: WTAMU, 5th  place team with Morgan winning a 1st; State TTU: 23rd place team. The team was ranked 3rd in District and 7th in Area.

Dairy Cattle team members wereAmanda Kleman, Lars Schilderink, Luis-Miguel Franco, Lexy Ethridge and Ethan Schulte with wins at WTAMU:10th place, with Amanda- 8th; Valley: 4th place with Amanda- 3rd; Area TTU: 4th place team with Lars- 10th and Amanda- 13th; State TSU:17th place team with Lars- 18th. Ranked 2nd in District

Horse team members wereTreva Ramsey, Lane Birkenfeld, Zoe Bieringer, Brenna Braddock, Hannah Leavitt, and Payton Robb with many wins:WTAMU: 3rd place team with Brenna-3rd, Clarendon:12th place team;Area TTU: 3rd place team with Brenna- 5th; State TTU: 5th place team with Brenna- 8th.  The team was ranked 1st in District

Record Book Results — Proficiency Winners

Ag Mech and Design: Ethan Schulte -1st district and 3rd area.

Beef Cattle Entrepreneurship: Kaden Hatla – 1st district and 2nd   Area

Beef Cattle Placement: Aubrie Durbin- 1st district and 3rd area

Dairy Cattle Placement: Lars Schilderink – 1st district, 1st area, and competes at state in July

Extemp Speaking: Treva Ramsey – 1st District, 4th at Area, and Luis-Miguel Franco – 3rd District

Equine Science Placement: Brenna Braddock – 1st District, 1st Area and competes at State in July

STAR Chapter Lonestar Placement: Brenna Braddock, with a 1st in District and 2nd in Area.








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