May 21st~Year 6, No 33

Frederiksen & band

Lanny Frederiksen, rear, encourages

Nazareth High/Jr. High Band

Nazareth’s Musical Talent On Display

      Thursday evening at 7 p.m. in the Nazareth School Gymnasium, under the direction of Mr. Lanny Frederiksen, our mighty 42 strong Nazareth High School and Jr. High Band will perform concert pieces for the enjoyment of the community.  Everyone is invited to the concert and to support this growing and exciting gift to Nazareth.

Furthermore, an enjoyable addition will be the performance by the 5th Grade band students of a number of musical pieces.  This is particularly Mr. Frederiksen’s joy: “These students have just been playing since November and already some great budding talent is showing.”

In contest this year, the High School Band had garnered a 2 in concert competition and a 3 in sight-reading. The Thursday night performance will highlight a number of the band’s contest pieces as well as some of the band’s favorites.

percussion band slade

Percussion section of Nazareth High/Jr. High Band

5th grade band

flutes playing in 5th Grade Naz Band

Austin Heck Mason Kleman

Mr. Austin Heck, NISD Ag teacher, congratulates Mason Kleman, new FFA Area I Secretary.


      Soon to be Nazareth Senior, Mason Kleman, son of Brad and Ashley Kleman of Nazareth, was elected last weekend at the FFA Area convention to be the 2014-2015 FFA Area I Association secretary. This honor means that he was chosen in the top 3 FFA students, out of over 1,000 Area I members. To reach this level of selection, he gave 2 speeches in front of 900 people, took a 100 question test over Ag and the FFA, and took part in the interview process. He spent countless hours studying, interviewing and preparing his speeches as he sought one of the top positions in the area organization.

Mason and his family thank the Nazareth community for their support and especially those members who helped him with the interviewing process and with knowledge preparation, especially Austin Heck, Cindy Albracht Huseman, and Taylor Bradley.



Sharon Perry

1) Teacher of the Year in San Saba ISD was our own Nazareth native, Sharon Birkenfeld Perry, daughter of Mary and the late Jerome Birkenfeld.  She coaches and teaches Algebra.

2) Benefit Steak Dinner for Max Ellison, Saturday, May 24 — 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

$15.00 per plate, in Nazareth Community Hall. Entertainment by the “Rough Riders” following.

3) Baccalaureate for High School Graduates and 8th Grade – Holy Family Church, 9:15 a.m., May 25th, Sunday – Everyone is invited to honor the graduates.

4) The City of Nazareth now has aFaceBook page – just search Nazareth, Texas.  Or follow us on Twitter@cityofnaz. Current events or info, send to Ricky Backus 647-5868, Nikki Wethington 674-7039, or Troy Ramaekers (806) 632-5299.

5) College & University GraduatesFamily member graduated from a college or university recently?  If so, please call Vera at 945-2616 with info:name, parents, university, and degree).

6) NISD School End of Year Events:

* May 21:  3:30pm – Scholarship Meeting for local organizations in the school library

* May 22:  7:00pm – 5-12 grade Band Concert

* May 23:  9:00am – Jr. High Academic Awards

*                1:30pm – Elementary Track Meet

* May 27:  6:30pm – Athletic Banquet

* May 28:  2:00pm – Elementary Awards Ceremony

* May 29:  1:30pm – Kindergarten Graduation

*                2:00pm – Early Release

*                7:00pm – High School Academic Awards Banquet

* May 30:  2:00pm – Early Release

*                7:30pm – High School Graduation at Swift Stadium


Huseman Family Honors Life of Dr. J

Dr. J

     Dr. Jeanette Lubenau-Huseman, wife of Lonny Huseman and daughter-in-law of Al and Patsy Huseman of Nazareth, died May 15, 2014 after a 20-month battle with lung cancer. Her funeral was held Monday morning, May 19th, at St. Christopher’s Church in Lubbock, with many Nazareth friends in attendance.  Jeanette was born on March 12, 1970, in Alamogordo, N.M. and lived her childhood dream when she graduated from Colorado State University in 1994 as a Dr. of Veterinary medicine. Lonny and Jeanette were married April 20, 2002, in Cloudcroft, N.M.  They had a son named Colton, who arrived March 19, 2006. They adopted two girls, Allie and KK. On Jan. 13, 2004, she opened “Above and Beyond Pet Care Hospital”, which she and her husband Lonny helped design, and that would be a place to help treat pets as if they were her own. As a puppy raiser, she laid the foundation for further training for the dogs to serve handicapped or blind individuals. She also loved the Science Spectrum in Lubbock and enjoyed participating in teddy bear repair clinics and Critterfest.

Jeanette is survived by her husband, Lonny; their three children, Colton, Allie, and Kylie from Lubbock, Texas; and her parents, Harriett and Thomas Lubenau. Memorial donations may be made in Dr. J.’s name to her children’s college fund at Platinum Bank of Lubbock

Our Nazareth Community Intern, Christena Stephens, said she met Dr. J when she had to rush her dog Houdini to an emergency clinic in Lubbock. “About a year later, I ran into her, and the first thing she asked was, ‘How’s Houdini?’” Stephens said. “To remember your dog’s name after one night of being at an emergency dog clinic, that totally impressed me.”  Later, when we had to have our dog Kymba put down, I asked if she ever made house-calls. Dr. J came all the way to Sundown. “I don’t think another vet in Lubbock would have done that … but with her, it was just that special connection that she had with both animals and people.



     Doing what Lions Clubs everywhere do best, the Nazareth Lions Club planned to raise funds for community needs, and then immediately began to share those funds with various people seeking help.

Plans were made at the community meeting on Tuesday, May 20, under the leadership of Edwin Huseman, to have an annual barn dance during the summers – usually the first full weekend in June – to help bring in much needed funds for the charities the club helps.  In other business, NISD graduation scholarships were approved to be awarded at the graduation ceremony by Jordy Rowland, treasurer. Finally, the membership approved a $300 donation to the Nazareth Community Intern for this summer, Taylor Damron, daughter of Sheryl Damron.  She will be working with school staff such as Jeanne Birkenfeld and Brenda Schulte on some areas of NISD school history, as well as helping with Swift Kicks. The meeting concluded after an excellent luncheon prepared and served by Catherine Huseman and Chunky Wilhelm in the Senior Citizens Center.

Lions Club Officers

Nazareth Lions Meeting: Edwin Huseman, Boss Lion; Mark McLarty, Secretary; and Jordy Rowland, Treasurer




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