April 16th~Year 6, No. 29


Ethan Schulte is honored along with his sister,

Darcy; his mother, Tanya; and his father, Bruce.


Ethan Schulte Is Awarded Eagle Scout Honor

At an impressive Boy Scout Court of Honor Ceremony last Saturday night at the Home Mercantile, Ethan Schulte, a junior at NHS, celebrated the completion of his Eagle Scout rank.  To achieve this highest rank in Boy Scouts of America, Ethan had to first complete the 6 earlier ranks: Scout Rank, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, and Life.  Ethan is the first Eagle Scout from local Scout Troop 265 since the late 1960s.

The other 11 brother scouts of Troop 265 were fully involved in conducting Ethan’s ceremony, and the 70 guests attending the evening event were very impressed by their abilities and skills.  Earlier editions of Swift Kicks reported on Ethan’s Eagle Scout Project: building and installing the signposts for a Walking Trail of Nazareth.  Ethan received many letters of congratulations that were read at the ceremony, plus a coveted Granffors-Bruk wildlife hatchet from his parents, Bruce and Tanya Schulte.

Comments from an Eagle Scout:

For many years, it was kind of neat to be a “one of a kind”.  No longer am I the only Eagle Scout in Nazareth, Texas.  On Sat, 12 April, Ethan Schulte became Nazareth’s newest Eagle Scout.  You put in many long and tiring hours of service to your fellow man to attain the rank of Eagle Scout.  I am very proud to stand with you Ethan as Nazareth’s 2 –  (very proud), Eagle Scouts.
 Robert E. (Bob) Fisher

New Superintendent of Nazareth Interviewed

Glen E. Waldo

Excitement moved across Nazareth school and community as the new NISD superintendent Mr. Glen Waldo came on board and began to visit with students and residents.  Here is our Swift Kicks Interview.

Swift Kicks: The community looks forward to getting to know you, so can you tell us about yourself and your family?

Glen: I met my wife, Toni, while working here in Nazareth ISD back in 1992. We have been married almost 22 years. We have three sons. Gage is a sophomore at Texas Tech. Trey is a junior and Jake is a freshman. I have three brothers (I’m the oldest), and Joey worked here in the past too (he was the new Mr. Waldo when he became principal).

SK: What are your degrees and from what colleges?

Glen: I got a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education in 1985 from Southwestern Oklahoma State University, a degree in Master of Science in Mid-Management in 1990 from the University of Houston at Clear Lake, and I received my Superintendant Certificate from WTAMU in 1997.

SK: You were at Nazareth (NISD) some time ago – when was that, what did you do, and what differences do you notice now from then?

Glen:  worked in Nazareth from 1990 to 1995. I started as a teacher and was fortunate to become the elementary principal. I know that it was almost 20 years ago that I left Nazareth, but it seems like just a blur. Students are now parents of students at Nazareth ISD, and there are many more homes, too.

SK: You’ve just been here off and on for a few weeks, but can you give us some of your first impressions of the community of Nazareth (especially as compared to former communities where you lived)?

Glen: Nazareth is very unique. What I remember from twenty years ago was the elementary students playing the seasonal sport on the playground. I vividly remember hearing tennis balls hitting the wall, but that has changed with the new elementary addition. The community has hard working kids.

SK: Our school is very important to us here in Nazareth, what do you foresee as you complete this year and begin planning from next year?

Glen: Nazareth has continued to achieve high student success with lower that average per pupil expenditures. Maximizing revenue would be a top goal, but that is very difficult with the current finance system.

SK: Please share a goal you’ve set for yourself in the coming year.

Glen: I have been on a very strict diet for the last seven months. Dieting has always been hard for me for years. The big challenge will be to exercise and keep the weight off long term. Since moving back to Nazareth, I’ve slipped on the exercise front (get back to a routine).

SK: Besides the Swifts and Swiftettes, what are your favorite sports and teams?

Glen: Don’t tell Jake, but I will always have a soft spot for the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones did not treat Tom Landry with respect and honor, but they are still a great team. I like the Phoenix Suns (born in Arizona) and the Texas Rangers. I was a Lady Ranger fan when Noel Johnson was playing, but I’ve become a big Red Raider fan.


Nazareth Apple Blossoms Wish You A Swift Kicks Easter Blessing

Ethel Drerup Schmucker Receives Women’s Award

Ethel Schmucker

Ethel Schmucker (left)congratulated for award by

Mary Lou Schmucker


The president of the Nazareth Christian Mothers, Mary Lou Schmucker, offered the nomination of Ethel Drerup Schmucker for the Diocesan Council Of Catholic Women’s Extraordinary Woman Award.  The honor was then presented to Ethel at the Southern Deanery Conference of the DCCW held Saturday, April 12th, in Umbarger’s St. Mary’s Church. Her nomination read: “Ethel is always ready to lend a hand wherever and whenever there is a need in the church or community of Nazareth.  She is on the Church Decorating Committee, Bereavement Committee, Adoration Group, Christian Mothers Society, Senior Citizens of Nazareth, as well as being a Eucharistic Minister at Mass and, in the past, served as an officer of the Diocesan Council of Catholic Women”.

Catholic Life Breakfast

At an April 13th membership breakfast and meeting for Nazareth Branch of Catholic Life Insurance, officers and guests gathered: (from left) Werner & Kay Halfmann; Mrs. and Mr. Tommy Hoelscher, District Director; Peggy Birkenfeld, president of the Branch 59; and Al & Pat Simnacher.

Holy Week Reflection by Fr. Jim Schmitmeyer, The High Plains Preacher:


I have a friend named Kevin who builds houses. One day, while riding in his pickup, we stopped at a traffic light. He pointed to a white cross at the side of the road and shook his head. “Why do people do that?” he asked. “Crosses like that belong in cemeteries.” The light changed to green, he put his foot on the gas and we continued down the road.

Kevin was irritated at the sight of a roadside cross and this surprised me because he’s a strong Catholic who takes his religious obligations seriously.

Myself, I don’t mind seeing crosses at the side of the road. I like seeing crosses on the grills of semi-trucks, church steeples, hospitals and necklaces. I even enjoy the cross tattoos on inmates when I offer Mass inside a Texas prison.

Of course, all these crosses are only symbols of the particular cross that the Lord asks each of us to carry. And this brings me back to my buddy, Kevin. I didn’t ask him why the roadside crosses bother him because I didn’t have to. For Kevin, religion is serious business so, in his mind it’s clear that if Jesus asks you to carry a cross, well, he’s not talking about hanging one on your wall or from your rear-view mirror. He wasn’t talking about some tattoo artist branding a cross on your skin. He meant something more than that. He meant bearing the cross like an ache in your muscle after a day of hard work.

For Kevin, the cross is about personal sacrifice, not public show.

Now, I disagree with Kevin about the value of placing a cross at the place where a loved one lost their life. Yet, I have no doubt that Kevin would be the first to rush to the rescue if he came upon an accident. He’d be the first to offer assistance to a family in need of money for a funeral. He might not like roadside crosses, but only because he knows that it’s  the cross that we ourselves carry that truly matters.

St. Paul put it best when he wrote: “I have been crucified with Christ. The life I live now is no longer my life…but the life of Christ living within me.”

So, the next time you see a cross in a bar ditch, do what I do: pray for the grieving family that placed it there. Then do what Kevin does, check the ache in your back and make sure that ache comes from carrying the Cross, the True Cross, the only cross that matters.








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