April 2nd~Year 6, No 27

Pinewood and Parents Partner with Cub Scouts

     Pinewood Derby, a model car racing event for Cub Scouts, is “a bonding experience for the parents and scouts as they build the model wood cars and come to race them,” said local scout leader, Dr. John Fulkerson. Local winners were announced, along with the age group: Tiger Division: 1st: Reid Backus, 2nd: Michael Fulkerson; 5th: Adrian Rios. In the Wolf Division: 5th Place: Luke Hays;Webelo Division and Overall: 1st: Traven Birkenfeld; Others in Overall and Open division: 2nd: Mike Schilderink, 3rd: Katherine Fulkerson, 5th: Lily Rios,: 6th: Samantha Fulkerson.

The first pinewood derby was held on May 15, 1953 in Manhattan Beach, CA.  Racing miniature wood cars is a small ‘Soap Box Derby” used by the older Boy Scouts.   Each Cub is given a block of pine, plastic wheels, and metal axles,  and must use all nine pieces.  With basic design rules, the Scout is able to carve and decorate the car as he chooses. Cars vary from unfinished blocks to whimsical objects, to accurate replicas of actual cars.

Derby 2014

Attendees at the local Pinewood Derby: Front Row: Luke Hays, Traven Birkenfeld, Michael Fulkerson, Reid Backus, Adrian Rios Jr., Asia and Leroy Birkendfeld; 

2nd Row: Irma and Adrian Rios with Lisa, Lily Rios, Samantha Fulkerson, Ricky and Crystal Backus;

3rd Row: Bruce Schulte, John Fulkerson, Kylar Birkenfeld, Katherine Fulkerson, Mike Schilderink, Angela Fulkerson, Mr./Mrs. Hays.

naz lytes

Local 2nd-3rd Grade Nazareth kids show off Tournament Rings for 2nd Place in their bracket.   

 Some New “Champions” in Naz

     Living up to the championship environment of Nazareth, a USSSA Tournament team of 2nd-3rd Graders are the talk of the town as they competed fairly well in their first tournament of six planned games, winning Second Place Rings.  Using the moniker “Nazareth Acolytes” nodded to their young faith in God and each other, but when shirts were ordered at cost-per-letter, the team appeared happily in their ’lytes shirts!

With Vanessa Whelps as “Coach Mom” and her husband, John, along with Marcus Brockman, Alan Birkenfeld, and Heath Schulte, the team has had great support and showed real style on the field. The future is going to be filled with many more games and tournaments as the group “stays together and plays together” through Spring, Summer, and Fall in various leagues and competitions.  Good Luck ‘Lytes!

naz baseball fence

Swifts receives pre-game instructions

 Swift Baseball Has Good Effort, Tough Loses

Tuesday, April 1: Nazareth Swifts Varsity falls 16-0 to New Deal despite Hayden Gerber’s effort

Friday, March 28th: Nazareth Swifts give great effort in close game of Swifts 10 to Lockney 13.

UIL Competion:


 This past Thursday, March 27, academically achieved high schoolers from Nazareth High School competed in a “UIL Competition” and brought home First Place Awards in Computer Applications, Spelling, Newswriting, and Persuasive Speaking, along with a number of other place awards.

The following awards and placements in their various events were: Computer Applications: 1st: Rebekah VanDijk; 2nd: Mason Kleman.  In Spelling: 1st: Getruda Klassen; backed up with 1st Place Team of Paige Gerber, Roxanne Wilhelm, and Ellen Schilderink.

In Newswriting: 1st: Abby Schmucker; 2nd Lexie Rowland; and 5th: Kelsey Espenson.  In Persuasive Speaking: 1st: Lane Birkenfeld.  In Prose: 3rd: Tarah Hill; and in Informative Speaking: 2nd Treva Ramsey; 5th: Lexi Huseman.  Also, in Feature Writing: 3rd: Morgan Nelson; 4th: Payton Robb; 5th: Taylor Damron.





Coach Eric Schilling reports on the Track team results:


Very proud of all of our tracksters who competed these at the Olton meet!

The 7th and 8th grade girls each placed 4th as a team.

The JH boys placed 3rd in the 8th grade division.
The varsity girls got second overall and several received medals.

200m — Tarah Hill — 1st
400m — Shania Schacher — 1st
300m hurdles — Hannah Hill — 3rd
4×100 relay — Tarah, Allie, Shania, Lexie — 2nd
4×200 relay — Team of Tarah, Allie, Kyla, and Lexie — 3rd
4×400 relay — Team of Abby, Kyla, Allie, and Shania — 3rd
Long jump — Lexie Rowland — 2nd
Triple jump — Lexie Rowland — 2nd; Tarah Hill — 3rd


Pastor of Holy Family Church 1906-1909 Father Bonaventura Binzegger, OSB + One of ten Pastors Highlighted by Community Intern In Book and Talk


Nazareth Community Intern, Christena Stephens, will be presenting a paper on ten of the Benedictine Priests who were pastors at the Holy Family Church in Nazareth from 1906 – 1909.  The presentation will be this week at the West Texas Historical Association meeting in Odessa on Friday, April 4th.  This is part of the coming book being published by the Church.



Mr. Austin Heck, Ag Teacher at

Nazareth School reported:


WTAMU Judging contest:
Cotton judging
1st overall
Kamber Higgins high point individual
Alicia Kay Straley 3rd high overall
Dairy cattle judging
10th overall
Amanda Kleman 8th high ind.
Horse judging
3rd overall team
Brenna Braddock 3rd high ind
Zoe Bieringer 22nd high ind.
Ag communications
5th overall team
Morgan Nelson high point individual
Livestock judging
5th high overall team
Kaden Hatla 2nd high ind

Valley Judging contest:
Dairy cattle judging
Nazareth 4th overall team
Amanda Kleman 3rd high ind
Lars Schilderink 16th high
Lexy Ethridge 22nd high
Ethan Schulte 26th high
Livestock judging team
Nazareth 3rd overall
Kaden Hatla 1st high overall
Cole Kleman 21st high ind


Clarendon College Judging results:

Cotton judging:

Nazareth 4th overall
Kamber Higgins 3rd high ind
Alicia Kay Straley 9th high ind.
Ethan Schulte
Nazareth 6th overall
Luis-Miguel Franco 10th high ind
Morgan Nelson 22nd high ind
Taylor Damron
Horse judging
Nazareth 12th overall team
Livestock judging
Nazareth 12th overall team
Kaden Hatla 22nd high

HIGHLIGHTS OF HONOR: Golden Spread Class 1A Division II 

 Boys Coach of the Year

■ Nathan Branum, Nazareth

In his second season at Nazareth High, Branum led a relatively inexperienced team to the state semifinals as the Swifts hit their stride late in the year.

Boys Team

■ Hayden Gerber, Jr., Nazareth: First team 3-1A D-II selection averaged 12.2 points a game for team that reached state tournament.

Girls Player of the Year

■ Rebekah VanDijk, Nazareth

Rebekah shootingRebekah Shooting

A force in the middle for the Swifts.

Girls Coach of the Year

■ Eric Schilling, Nazareth

In his third full season coaching at his alma mater, — Nazareth High — Schilling led the balanced Swifts to a  state championship

Newcomer of the Year

■ Braden Wethington

Nazareth, Sr.  5-10, guard

Why selected: He didn’t get to play until his final year because of an ACL injury last season, but made up for it by averaging 9 points a game.

All-district Team Honors:

hayden gerber shootingHayden Gerber Shooting

■ Hayden Gerber, Jr. Nazareth;

Troy Gerber, So., Nazareth;

Cole Klemen, Jr., Nazareth;





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