March 12th~Year 6, No. 24

coach branum close-up“It was an incredible year”Says Thankful Coach.    

By Coach Nathan Branum,

~head coach for Swifts Basketball team.

To be a part of Nazareth basketball this year has been incredible and I couldn’t be more proud of the Swifts and Swiftettes for their accomplishments this year. Thank you to the Nazareth community for encouraging this team and helping push them to exceed what most people thought wasn’t possible. My family and I love this community and appreciate the support that we receive on a daily basis.

Last week’s run for State Championship didn’t happen overnight, these guys have put in countless hours beginning last spring to make this season happen. Their extra work at camps and open gym along with their selflessness towards each other led them to getting our 15th banner on the wall. It was a fun group to work with and they earned every honor and trophy they won. Thank you, Nazareth, for all of your support,  and can’t wait to see what Swifts do next year!


swifts whole team

Swifts team in Austin for semifinals.


Accolades poured in after the Swifts completed their semi-final game on Friday in front of 6,945 fans at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin in the Class 1 A Division II .  Up against Water Valley team, the Swifts lost 58-42 in this semifinals game in the state championship.  This was their 15th time in school history to make it to state games in Austin.

Dean Johnson: Great group of boys!!! Great job boys and coaches!!!

Cince Schulte: This team had an amazing year, so proud of all of this Swift team!!

Lisa Schulte: Enjoyed the ride!!! Great year!!!!

Dolores Heiman: So proud of this team. Just getting to Austin is a dream come true.

John Brooks: They had a GREAT season, and they’re a fine bunch of young MEN.

Shana Hutchins: Third in a state as big as Texas is none too shabby.  Way to go, Swifts!

Missy Brockman Kleman: So proud of you, Nazareth Swifts, and coaches!  I know you came just short of your goal, but you accomplished so much this year.



     Paddy's Day Dancers

Texas Tech

Irish Set-Dancers

On Sunday, March 16th, the public is invited to the Home Mercantile Building in Nazareth, TX from 4-6pm for our Annual St. Paddy’s Celebration featuring the Texas Tech Irish Set-Dancers.  Musicians and dancers will present a program of dances, songs, and instrumentals from southwest Ireland’s Cork/Kerry border and from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.     TTU Set-Dancers perform solo and group social dances, including polkas and slides from Cork & Kerry, waulking (women’s work) songs from Scottish Hebrides, Irish-language laments, and more.     Admission is free, though donations are appreciated. Students, families, and seniors are especially welcome.  A stew supper will be served during intermission.  The event is co-sponsored by the TTU Vernacular Music Center and the Home Mercantile, Inc.  For more information, contact Darryl at 806-945-2255.

The Texas Tech Irish Set-Dancers, a registered Student Organization, present vocational social dancing, and invite students, staff, faculty and community members to get involved in the traditional set-dances of Ireland.



Julene Gerber is one of the eight classmates of NISD to celebrate their 80th birthday. 




The Nazareth Community is learning new words, like octogenarian, and new concepts, such as “80 is the new 60”. The “matey eighty” – all looking and acting but a mere 60, were all from the Nazareth class of 1952.  They are celebrating happily their significant 80th birthday with family and friends throughout these months.   Celebrations have either already occurred or will happen in this coming year:  Here is the roster of the Class of 1952, where the first eight are around as our living legends:

Vincent Gerber

Cornelia Nellie Braddock Wilhelm,

Irene Chunky Brockman Wilhelm,

Julene Heiman Gerber,

Leola Kleman  Ramaekers,

Aurelia Acker Schoenenberger,

Mae Acker Hochstein Stein

Kathleen Hoelting Mattingly

Those deceased classmates were:

Honora Kleman Barnette (+)

Martha Burt Kirkpatrick, (+)

Clementine Aichlmayr Deiter, (+)

Juanita Hoelting Schacher (+)

The birthday celebration for Julene Gerber was one of those festivities and was held Saturday, March 8th, here in the Community Hall with hundreds of well-wishers.

The Class of 1952, mostly born in 1933-1934, had 11 girls and one boy.  The girls like to say that in regard to graduating they “got Vincent through – but it took all of them.”  The group certainly deserves the “golden elder” honorific for their leadership and service to the community and church. Many said that the example, love, and prayers of Sister DeChantal Hyland, their early teacher, coach, and spiritual guide, were hallmarks of their own growth and lives.

4-H Food Challenge Brett Ryan

Brett Young and Ryan Heitschmidt team up in 4-H Food Challenge




      4-H District Food Challenge is a contest similar to TV’s “Chopped”, where the teams are given a bag of food, 40 minutes to cook, and have to prepare a dish, along with a presentation that includes steps taken to make the dish, the nutritional content of the food using  “My Plate” food planning, safety steps involved, and a cost analysis. Castro County 4-H had 3 teams place 2nd in their category and one team place 3rd.  Together our local 5 teams represented 20 youth competing at the District level.   The youth and their category were: Seniors — Treva Ramsey, Roxanne Wilhelm, Lexi Huseman, and Sara Wall; Junior/Intermediate teams — William Wall, Brett Young, and Ryan Heitschmidt; Grady McAlister, Luke Schulte, Willem Prins, and Brett Heitschmidt;   Kristi McAlister, Leilani Cordova, Kari Schulte, Merry Gerber, and Emma Kleman;  Emily Heitschmidt, Amy Schilderink, Iris Schilderink, and Kamre Mask.

School Calendar:

Thurs: Mar 13th

1 pm – Baseball Tournament in Lockney

5 pm – Austin Stock Show Auction

Fri: Mar 14th

5 pm – Houston Barrow School (darks)

Sun: Mar 16th

5 pm – State FFA Tractor Tech Contest

5 pm – Houston Steer Show

Mon: Mar 17th


5 pm – Houston Barrow Show (lights)

Tues: Mar 18th

4:30 pm – Baseball at Valley



Tri Global Energy and BNSF Railway have joined forces to create a clearinghouse for wind energy equipment east of Plainview, Texas called the West Texas Wind Energy Logistics Center.  This project will have a large impact on the proposed Changing Winds LLC wind farm south of Nazareth.  Read more at this link:









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