January 29th~Year 6, No 18



SK: Please tell us a little about yourself, your family, and where you are from?

Mr. Vinyard:  My wife, Judy and I live in Fort Worth. We retired in Tulia in 2001 and moved to be nearer to our children and grandchildren. I retired after 37 years in education and 23 years as a superintendant. Judy was a Junior High English teacher.

SK: How do you feel about coming to NISD?

Mr. Vinyard:  I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with the faculty and staff of Nazareth. I have long been aware of the many successes of Nazareth students and am pleased to be associated now with the school and community.

SK: What’s different here from your past experiences?

Mr. Vinyard:  I have worked in a number of small school districts, so Nazareth is not that much different. Tulia was larger than Nazareth but all schools do about the same things. The advantage of small schools is that everyone can know the students on a more personal level.

SK: What’s a personal goal you’ve set for yourself in this coming year?

Mr. Vinyard:  Stay healthy.

SK: What are your degrees and from what colleges?

Mr. Vinyard:   I have an Associate of Arts degree from South Plains College, a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Tech, and a Master of Education from the University of North Texas.

SK: Besides the Swifts and Swiftettes, what other teams are your favorites?

Mr. Vinyard:  The Red Raiders.

mr. vineyardMr. Vinyard: New NISD Superintendent

2014 Naz Stock Show

Lexi Huseman with her Reserve Grand Steer at Castro County Stock Show

    Grand Reserve Steer Lexi HJanuary 15-16th offered a great chance for participants to show off their winning animals and build toward the Castro County Stock Show that followed up.  Mr. Austin Heck, Ag teacher at Nazareth School, announced this year’s first place winners in the local show.

      In Heifers, both Class 1 and 2, First place and Supreme Champion went to Dayson Schacher, with Will Young showing the Reserve Supreme Champion;

     With Steers, English, Class 1 Light Weights was won by Kaci Kleman, while Kade Kleman won in Class 2 Heavy Weights.  For Exotic Steers, first place went to Kaden Hatla; Light Medium Weight 1st to Molly Johnson, Medium Weights to Lexi Huseman, and  Heavy Weights to Anna Huseman. Other honors in the Steers division, were: Lexi Huseman, Reserve; Kaden Hatla with Breed and Grand Champion; and Kade Kleman, Reserve Grand Champion and Sr. Showmanship.   Jr. Showmanship went to Caitlin Kleman, and Adult Showmanship to Carl Huseman.

     For Lambs, Finewood Cross, Class 1, was Bryson High; Medium Wool, Class 1, Light Weight, #1- Molly Johnson; Class 2- Medium Weight #1- Cole Kleman; Class 3- Heavy Weight, #1- Emma Kleman. The Grand Champion was shown by Cole Kleman, Reserve Grand Champion by Emma Kleman, while Jr. Showmanship was won by Molly Johnson and Sr. Showmanship by Bryson High.

     For Goats, Class 1, Light Weights, #1- Jayden High; Class 2, Medium Weights, #1- Roxanne Wilhelm; Class 3,  Heavy Weights, #1- Maddie Gfeller; Class 4, Jumbo Weights, #1- Roxanne Wilhelm, while Grand Champion was won by Maddie Gfeller, Reserve Grand Champion by Roxanne Wilhelm, along with Jr. Showmanship to Jayden High, Sr. Showmanship to Roxanne Wilhelm, and Adult Showmanship to Dianne Wilhelm.

     Barrow winners were, for Berks: Class 1, Light Weights, #1- Waylon Leavitt; Class 2, Heavy Weights, #1- Eric Heitschmidt.  For Chesters, Class 1, winner was Briana Huseman; for Duroc, Class 1, #1- Dayson Schacher; for Hamps, Class 1, Light Weights, #1- Kari Schulte; Class 2, Medium Weights, #1- Gracie Huseman; Class 3, Heavy Weights #1- Faithe Huseman.  Among Polands, Class 1, #1 place went to Chandler Schulte; for Spots, Class 1, #1- Daniel Schacher; for  Yorks, Class 1, Light Weights, #1- Abby Heard; Class 2, Heavy Weights, #1- Kari Schulte

In Cross category: Class 1, Light Weights, #1- Tucker Huseman; Class 2, Medium Weights, #1- Abby Heard; Class 3,  Heavy Weights, #1- Dayson Schacher.

    For Barrow division, the Grand Champion winner was Dayson Schacher; Reserve Grand Champion: Kari Schulte; Sr. Showmanship: Tate Schulte, and Jr. Showmanship: Kari Schulte

                                                      NAZ NEWS

2014 Super Bowl Party held in Nazareth by the Volunteer Fire Department, Sunday, February 2nd, 4:00 p.m., Legion Hall.  Games, Raffles, Prizes — $100 ticket includes Steak Dinner for 2.


1)    Home Mercantile Gala Raffle: One night’s lodging at Yellow Rose Inn, won by Dwayne Acker; $100 cash to Rose Ball; collage of solar lights to Jimmy Schulte;$50 cash to Scott Huseman; and the Wine & Cheese Basket to Sharon Brockman.

2)    American Legion’s Hog Raffle — The winner of this raffle benefiting “America Support You Texas – The Honor Flight” was chosen during the Pool Tournament, January 26, Sunday – Curtis Durbin of Dimmitt.  Felix Mote, Post Commander of Nazareth American Legion, thanks all who supported this worthy cause, and reminds veterans who have not gone on a Honor Flight to contact for an application: americasupportsyoutexas.org

3)    American Legion Pool Tournament: With 32 entries in the Singles division and 16 teams playing in the Doubles division, this event benefitted the Nazareth Legion’s outreach such as supporting attendees in Boys State Convention. In Singles: 1st place – Wayne Wilhelm; 2nd – Dwayne Acker; 3rd — Barry Hoelting; 4th—Clyde Schulte.  In the Doubles: 1st place – Kit Schulte and Leroy Schulte; 2nd – Nathan Hoelting and Aaron Kern; 3rd – Dan Gerber and Bryan Charanza. Thanks go out to all who participated and to those who helped make this happen.


Swiftettes News Article, “Just How Good”, by Lee Passmore of Amarillo Globe News: http://amarillo.com/sports/high-school-sports/2014-01-27/swiftettes-back-among-elite



Fri., Jan. 31 – JV Boys & Vars. Girls & Boys BB vs Texline @ 5:00 p.m. – GRANDPARENTS NIGHT

Saturday, Feb. 1 – Tulia JH Tournament – Boys

Monday, Feb. 3 – JH BB @ Happy 7th

Tuesday, Feb. 4 – 5th

Tuesday, Feb. 4 – JV/V BB vs Happy @ 4:00 – PARENTS NIGHT

Tuesday, Feb. 4 – Soph. Class Supper Fundraiser

“One day closer to a rain” —

Almanac Calls For Above Average Rainfall

By Jim Steiert


            Old timers on the Plains will tell you, in seemingly constant times of grinding drought, that with each sunrise and sunset, “we’re one day closer to a rain”. Conversely, in the rare wet times, the Plains is simply between droughts.

            Prognostications in the 2014 edition of the Farmer’s Almanac, edited by Lucas McFadden and distributed by Capital Farm Credit, sprinkle a few drops of hope for wetter weather for Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico for the upcoming growing season.

            The Almanac lists Texas and Oklahoma as Zone 8 and New Mexico and Arizona as Zone 4 in its Weather Zone Map. For March through June, the Almanac foretells “wetter weather in June” for Zone 8 (Texas and Oklahoma), and “above average rainfall” for Zone 4 (New Mexico) in March and April. Also, projections start with above normal temperatures that drop to below normal by March. “Normal” conditions are predicted for spring and early summer.

            Rainfall for the summer and early fall period of July through October is projected by the Almanac as below normal for July “except in the West and Zones 4 and 8,” with those zones also expected to dodge below-normal precipitation in August. Below normal rainfall is foreseen for Zones 4 and 8 for November and December of this year.

            “We expect a dry January for this zone, followed by a relatively wet February. After a dryer than usual March, we anticipate above normal levels of rainfall through September. Dryer conditions are predicted for October through December to finish out the forecast year,” the Almanac proclaims.

            Month by month for Texas and Oklahoma Zone 8, March moisture is anticipated to be below normal, with April and May above normal. June moisture is seen as “above normal overall” with July moisture above normal in southeast Texas and “near-normal elsewhere.” Above normal moisture is foreseen for August, except for eastern Oklahoma, and above normal precipitation is also anticipated by the Almanac for September, before falling into another all-too-familiar below-normal pattern from October through December.

            Prognostications for 2013, and historically, prove fairly accurate, and the outlook for 2014 is pegged as better than last year. Good growing season rainfall could ease the tremendous pressure exerted on the Ogallala aquifer the past several dry years, and could also help playa basins rejuvenate moist soil plant growth and launch a recovery for wildlife, particular the drought-decimated quail and pheasant population.

            Yes, the Almanac agrees, “we’re one day closer to a rain”. 

                              Louis and Gin Huseman

Congratulations to Louis and Gin Huseman celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary, January 12th.

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