January 15th~Year 6. No 16


by Carly Wilhelm

Zoe Bieringer is an international student at Nazareth High School this semester. She’s from the village of Ballweiler in the province of Saarland in southwest Germany near the border of France.

Her hosts while staying in Nazareth are the Keith and Kim Birkenfeld family. Her father, Klemens is a trauma surgeon in Germany and her mother, Cosima, is a pharmacist.  The youngest of their four children, Zoe has two older sisters and an older brother. Her oldest sister’s name is Florence, her second oldest sister’s name is Leticia, and her brother’s name is Kristoff.  Florence has been an exchange student in the United States and Leticia has been an exchange student in Peru.

When asked why she chose Nazareth, Texas, for her study in America, she said:

“My uncle, Father Reimund, is a Catholic priest who studied with Daryl Birkenfeld in Europe and our families got to know each other. My parents have been coming back and forth to the United States for about thirty years. My father has taught me a lot about Texas.  Also, a real enjoyment of mine, that is also part of the culture here, is horseback riding.”

Adding a comment about what she most enjoys so far in her nearly two weeks in Nazareth, Zoe reflected on the openness of the Panhandle of Texas: “In Germany there isn’t really a lot of space between houses, and here it is so wide and open”.

Zoe is sixteen years old, the age of a typical sophomore, but academically she is in the junior year of High School here in Nazareth.

Zoe Bieringer 1Zoe Bieringer, new international student from Germany, enjoying horseback riding.

Senior Citizens

Beautifying and protecting, a new metal awning at Nazareth for the Senior Citizens Building. (photo courtesy of Christena Stephens)

 Senior Citizens Building Has New Look

“Best foot forward” describes the new look of hospitality at the Nazareth Senior Citizen Center as a metal awning was placed over the front of their building.

            Ethel Schmucker, president of the Senior Citizens this year, said that there were both practical and aesthetical reasons for the new covered porch.  “The members are now protected from elements of rain, snow, wind, and glaring sun as they come to the entrance of the building, and the awning also dresses up the building, blending well with the adjacent Home Mercantile’s metal awning.”

The work was done by a local craftsman, Danny Gerber, and was paid for out of savings that the non-profit organization had gathered.  When asked about further plans for the building, Ethel said that there are no pressing changes happening soon, and that their priority is continued maintenance and safety concerns for the organization’s home.

Small Village or Big City, Mayor Has Many Duties

            Even in a village of less than 350 residents, the Mayor of Nazareth has duties that are the same as leaders of larger cities, such as enforcing all city ordinances, and supervising city employees and programs.  In addition, the mayor is responsible for executing the annual budget adopted by the city council, which requires management of city funds, as well as preparing reports, presenting resources, and offering ideas that inform the council, so they can make decisions in the best interest of the community.

            As Mayor Ralph Brockman begins the final leg of his long tenure as Mayor of Nazareth, he summarized the greatest challenges facing the leader of a municipality.  “Rules and regulations that have been changed concerning water and sewer, and we must abide by the same rules as the larger cities, even though we have a limited amount of resources to pay for them,” Brockman remarked.  “We can apply for grants, but we do not qualify. We are lucky enough to get a grant to cover the water line upgrade on St. Mary’s Street.  In the future, finding funds to secure adequate water for Nazareth and keeping the city’s infrastructure in good condition are the major challenges I see.”

            Since Nazareth was incorporated in 1973, six residents have served as mayor: Greg Hoelting, Urban Ball, John Slavik, Tom Hoelting, Carroll Gerber, and Ralph Brockman, who was first elected in 1988.

Naz City Hall

Office of the Mayor in Nazareth (photo courtesy of Christena Stephens)


Nazareth American Legion offers Raffle Tickets for a whole slaughtered hog benefiting “America Supports You Texas Honor Flight.”  Tickets donations are $5 each.  Drawing will be held on Sunday, January 26, at the annual pool tournament.  Tickets may be purchased at the Legion Hall during the tournament, from any Legion member, or Bob Fisher 945-2681.


COMING EVENTS: Mark Your Calendars

1)  The  Legion will  host their annual Pool Tournament on January 23 – 26.  The Calcutta will be held on Sunday, Jan. 19.  To enter, or for more information, contact Art Brockman at 647-6681 or 945-2304.

2)  Nazareth Volunteer Fire Department hosts 2014 Super Bowl Party, Sunday, February 2nd,  4:00 p.m. in the Legion Hall.  Contact any Fire Department Member for $100 ticket that includes drinks and a Steak Dinner for 2, game with $4,200 prizes, and Texas Hold-Em Tournament. 

3)  Benefit Steak Dinner for medical expenses of Tommy Russell held by the Knights of Columbus on Saturday, February 8, 6:30 p.m. in the Community Hall.

4)  FARM AUCTION SALE by the Knights of Columbus of Nazareth will be February 15th.  For more information, contact Alan Birkenfeld 570-6328 or any K of C member.



NOTE: On Thursday, January 16, due to the County Stock Show, there will be NO School Tutorials and School will start at 8:00 a.m., with release at 1:00 p.m. No School Friday.


Wednesday, Jan. 15 – Nazareth Stock Show

Friday, Jan. 17 – Sat., Jan. 17 – County Stock Show and Sale

Friday, Jan. 17 – NO SCHOOL

Friday, Jan. 17 – JV/Vars. BB @ Happy 4:00 p.m.

Friday, Jan. 17-Sat., Jan. 18 – All-Region Band Clinic and Concert

Saturday, Jan. 18 – JH Girls Panhandle Tournament

Monday, Jan. 20 – JH BB @ Lubbock Christian @ 5:00 p.m.

Tuesday, Jan. 21 – Vars. Girls & Boys BB @ Hartley @ 6:00 p.m.

Swift and Swiftettes Sports Review by Carly Wilhelm

Last week, the girls’ basketball team dominated the Hartley Tigers and the Texline Tornadoes with scores of 84-7 and 64-8, respectively.

The boys won against Hartley with 77-23, but they lost against Texline with 59-40.


Swiftettes 97 – Adrian 16, while JV beat Holy Cross varsity 48-18

Swifts 66—Adrian 26 — giving Naz a record of 13-10, with 2-1 in district play .


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